22-inch penny board vs 27-inch: Which one is better?

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22-inch penny board vs 27-inch

Much more often, I meet young people on the streets of my city with shiny plastic skates. I notice the penny boards. Riding it is becoming more and more popular. When buying, you need to consider different size charts, characteristics, and material quality. But, they differ the most in their design. The colours of all models impress with their variety. You may also know skates that have illuminated wheels. Everyone will be able to choose their colour, size, and design. But, every novice should determine what penny board 22 vs 27 inches is better for apprentices.

Penny Board 22 vs 27: Different Strengths:

22-inch penny boards are better for some things. While longer 27-inch nickel boards are better for others. The best penny board for you will depend on what you will be using it for. Here are some of the important differences you need to know first:

22-inch penny board vs 27-inch

1. Portability and storage

2. Commuting around town

3. Drive at high speed

4. Doing tricks

5. Smoother rides

6. Better for beginners

7. Availability

1- Portability and storage :

22 original penny board can carry everywhere because it is so small. The size and weight mean it won’t be a problem to carry under your arm. If you don’t want to carry it, you can squeeze the penny board into your backpack.

Once you arrive at your destination, it’s easy to store the 22-penny board anywhere. Here’s a quick example of places to keep your board when you want to put it away:

1. Locker for the gym

2. Workstation

3. School desk

It’s important to note that the nickel plate 27 isn’t much bigger, so it’s still easy to transport and store. You’ll be able to carry it in your backpack. But you’ll have no trouble throwing it under your desk at school or work.

2- Commuting Around Town

– One of the main reasons people choose cruiser boards. Like the 22-inch penny board is. Because they want to commute around town. This might involve whizzing in and out of the crowd if you live somewhere busy. Trying not to hit anyone along the way.

The 22-inch penny board has exceptional manoeuvrability. Because it is so small, meaning very sharp turns. Although it may take you a while to become highly proficient on a penny board. The 22-inch models will always be more helpful in large crowds. But the 27-inch penny boards excel:

1- In hilly conditions

2- Over long distances

If you’re commuting to hilly areas and covering long distances. It might be worth upgrading to a 27-inch penny nickel plate. It will be a more comfortable ride, making more of a difference than how sharp you can turn.

3- Going at high speed:

It’s not easy to stand on a 22-penny board since it’s only 22 inches long and 5 inches wide. Bigger riders with bigger feet will find it more difficult. When you add speed to the equation, things worsen because keeping your balance is hard.

22-inch penny board vs 27-inch

Things aren’t so difficult on a 27-inch penny nickel plate. Because those extra inches make a big difference. It is why you can go much faster on a 27 nickel plate. When you’re riding at higher speeds, it’s easy to feel confident when you don’t feel like you’re going to fall.

22-inch penny boards still can go fast thanks to great wheels and ABEC bearings. It’s easier to lose your balance, so if you choose a genuine penny board, be extra careful when riding fast.

4- Tricks

Are penny boards good for tricks? No, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to do them. There is a large selection of tricks that you will be able to do on any penny board. Here are some examples that show what is possible with durable plastic:

1- Ollie

2- Hippie jump

3- Manual

4- Stapler

We could go on for ages, but remember that tricks are possible. Plus, penny board tricks on a 27-inch penny board are much easier due to the size. You should be able to keep yourself busy for a long time. Before going out and buying a traditional skateboard.

22-inch penny board vs 27-inch

Penny board tricks on a 22-inch board are on a whole other level. The board is too small to do almost any trick. It may be a bonus for those who like a big challenge. But the 27 nickel plate is number one for the average person in the trick department.

5- Smoother Rides:

You’ll be able to manoeuvre things faster on a 22-inch penny board. While skating, but what about the obstacles you must overcome? Here are a few things you’re sure to come across during your adventures:

1-Small stones

2- Cracks in the ground

I know both penny boards have the same wheels. But you will feel everything much more on the original 22-penny board. When you’re skating on a nickel 27-inch board. You’ll slide over things much easier, resulting in a smoother ride.

It’s important to note that these boards will only take you so far. Neither can match the best longboard for beginners about smooth riding. But the nickel plate still holds a slight advantage.

6- Affordability:

Original penny boards will cost slightly less than nickel boards. Because they are smaller. All things being equal except size, a board that uses more materials will cost more money to make. Is the difference huge? Not because they are very similar.


Everyone has their way of driving. The tools made in different sizes according to the style. So you should learn about the types and formats of boards before buying. After all, nickel is great for big feet, unlike a 22-inch board, which is light and narrower. Smaller penny boards are only suitable for short distances. But simple tricks can performed. I recommend you ask for the advice of a specialist, an experienced seller.

So both boards have advantages and disadvantages. But still, if you are burning with desire, think carefully about the choice, and compare the tools. So I hope the information was helpful. What size penny board should I get? I prefer a 27″ nickel tool. It is more durable and faster. When I started skateboarding, I bought one. This model made for beginners. And besides, people with a lot of weight can stand firm on it.