4 perfect BMX shoes for professional riders: check them out!

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Motocross, or BMX for short, is probably the most intense form of cycling. If death-defying jumps, monstrous breaths and brain-bending stunts don’t feel “cheeky” enough, maybe consider base jumping from a crane to quell your adrenaline rush. With all that said, BMX riders need shoes that are durable and sufficient to handle the conditions, and that’s where our list of the best BMX shoes comes in.

Note: many of the shoes listed are “skate shoes” – often made for ankle support and reinforced with suede to prevent skateboarders from rubbing against their grip tape, which would destroy regular shoes within hours. They are, therefore, perfect candidates for BMX riders too!

Van old school sneakers:

A slightly redesigned step up from Vans’ original hits – the Old Skool, the Old Skool Pro features many of the same features as the original (because if it isn’t broken, why fix it?) with a few minor tweaks and improvements.

If you can imagine a layer of melted pro skin between the foot and the sole, that’s the most accurate analogy we can give. It provides maximum comfort and wears while delivering the highest shock absorption necessary for all the hard landings on the pedals in BMX that can effectively bruise or even break your legs if not adequately cushioned.

BMX shoes

The bottom of the sole features the timeless original Vans waffle pattern, known by extreme athletes for its excellent grip and control.

The Old Skool Pro also features reinforced Duracap rubber pads in high-wear areas for unmatched durability, which means more jumping and sliding on gravel for the rider. They are excellent BMX shoes, and many skaters and BMX riders swear by them.

For men’s BMX mountain bike shoes:

Next is a cycling shoe from a company with a foot wedged in the door of technology-based cycling shoe design.

These shoes were designed to conquer the mountains and slay the trails, so it stands to reason that they are a solid choice as a candidate for the best BMX shoes.

Finally, the S1’s signature dot pattern sole is engineered to grip the pedals with unmatched grip and durability compared to other flat riding shoes.

These shoes are a great choice if you’re the type who likes high-quality cycling-specific products.

Men’s skate shoes anvil xe:

Next up, we have DC Anvil Xe. These are low-cut mid-profile skate shoes that will delight any rider or skateboarder. This Vulc construction provides great sole flexibility and an exceptional pedal feel. These shoes look stylish and attractive, so you are covered if you have a BMX ride at five and dinner at 6.

The only gripe we’ve noticed with these shoes seems to be that they tend to be quite comfortable, so if you’re considering buying them, maybe go a half or even a full size up from the shoes you usually wear. A solid BMX shoe option that won’t break the bank.

Joslin Vulc Men’s Low Skate Shoes:

The hottest is the all-purpose skate/BMX shoe from skate shoe giant Etnies. The Joslin Vulc Shoe is a vulcanized version of their best-selling shoe, the Jameson 2, meaning a tried and tested BMX shoe with an all-new re-engineered power, comfort, and pedal feel. They’re made from premium canvas and suede, and we already know that this classic combination of materials makes for an excellent upper construction for a BMX shoe.

This toe box is lower than previous shoes and provides much better control and feel over the pedals when riding, as no one likes the feeling of a mattress between the foot and the pedal.

Regarding pedal control, it’s worth mentioning that when it comes to grip, Etnies have incorporated the same geo-hex pattern found on the RCT, a winning design and rubber compound to ensure you never slip off the pedals when it counts. A fantastic choice for a simple, stylish BMX shoe that is casual and comfortable enough to wear!

Things to consider:

Now that you have our list of the best BMX shoes on the market today, here are a few things to consider when shopping for BMX shoes:

BMX shoes


As you’ve probably noticed throughout the article and reviews, many of the shoes listed are either purebred skate shoes, imitate skate shoes, or were designed for use on BMX and skating, etc.

This “skate” style is very in right now, and most of the shoes worn by non-skaters/BMX riders also mimic the same type (look at every teenager wearing Old Skools these days). You may want to look for a pair stylish enough to wear when you’re not riding. But primarily, base your decision on low tops vs high tops (better ankle protection in high tops, better movement in low tops). Small cut/profile vs (a large will have better suspension, and a small will have better pedal and control feel) etc.

It depends on what aesthetically and functionally best suits your style and needs!


As I mentioned before, due to the skate-centric design that both skate shoes and BMX shoes share, the fit will be nothing like a road or MTB clip-on shoe etc.

They all have flat soles for the most part, and you should look for a pair with a good insole as you will be wearing these shoes for a long time, and they need to be comfortable! While the exact size varies from company to company (a size ten from one company may fit perfectly into the size ten you’re used to from another), you should be sized similarly to other riding boots or use discretion when purchasing.


On most cycling shoes, you will notice that the sole is almost always made of a complex and dense plastic material. It is specifically designed to give the best pedalling efficiency for extended periods; however, due to the nature of BMX, you will need three main things: Firstly, grip (coming from the tread and mainly from how the shoe bends and adapts to the pedal).

Second, Shock Absorption (soft rubber soles absorb huge impact from jumps and have no cushioning) and finally, pedal feel and control (based on the density of the soles). So a softer, more flexible shoe is ideal, but it can’t be loose to yield or not absorb impact.


While many shoes have their proprietary tread and sole pattern, such as the Old Skool waffle pattern, etc., and although this is very important for grip and traction, as we mentioned, the best BMX shoes should always be flexible.

Flexibility is the main factor that affects both grip and shock absorption. Good grip and feel from the sole to the pedal are vital; you don’t want to slip on big jumps and tricks.


If you are looking for BMX shoes, this article is perfect for you. It will help you choose shoes for your BMX. We are glad you read this article. We assure you that this article will continue to be helpful to you.