Are BMX bikes faster than mountain bikes? The truth!

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Although BMX bikes look small, never underestimate what they can do. If you’ve ever watched BMX compete, you’ll know that they are one of the fastest bikes in the world. On average, a standard BMX bike can reach a speed of up to 35 mph, while a mountain bike can reach a speed of 30 mph, which is less than the average speed of a BMX bike.

However, various factors affect the speed of a BMX bike. For example, you need to consider the type of terrain it is going through, the bike’s condition, the rider’s style, and the BMX model.

Are BMX bikes faster than mountain bikes

Let’s take a closer look at BMX bike speeds, including tips on how to make it faster.

Are BMX bikes faster than mountain bikes?

As mentioned above, a BMX bike is faster than a mountain bike, but it also depends on where you ride it. You don’t expect a BMX bike to thrive more than a mountain on unpaved surfaces and rough terrain because mountain bikes were design for those purposes, while BMX bikes were making for smooth and dirt trails.

Another factor to consider when determining their speed is the design of the wheel. A mountain bike is design to provide maximum safety for riders on uneven terrain, while a BMX bike provides flexibility and allows riders to perform tricks.

It plays a role in the bike’s speed, as a mountain bike is equipped with features such as suspension, wider tires and many gears to achieve this, which also increases the bike’s weight, thus limiting its speed. Whereas a BMX bike lacks these features, making it light and capable of moving faster under normal circumstances.

What are the factors affecting the speed of a BMX bike?

Even though BMX bikes are naturally fast, some factors still determine how fast they can go. Some of these include:

Type of BMX bike:

As we can see in the graph, a freestyle BMX bike can only travel 6-9 mph, while a racing BMX bike can travel more than 30 mph. That’s because racing bikes were making for sprinting. So they are always light and allow riders to engage the pedals to reach maximum speed quickly. On the other hand, freestyle bikes are only use for tricks and jumps. So they are heavier, so they are slower than racing bikes.


As fast as BMX bikes can go, they can only reach that speed in places like bike parks, smooth surfaces, and dirt roads. So if you want your BMX bike to move fast, try riding it in these places.


Are BMX bikes faster than mountain bikes

A BMX bike can only cover short distances. It is because it was designing for tricks and jumps that are doing over a short distance. So it cannot reach maximum speed over long distances. That is why mountain and road bikes are much better than BMX bikes because they can work well for long and short distances.


Mastering the art of cycling takes a lot of practice and failure. As a result, only experienced riders can reach a top speed of 35 miles per hour, as you must be able to control your bike before reaching that speed. So if you are a newbie, don’t rush to try it. Start by learning small tricks and building your confidence before increasing your speed.

What components make BMX bikes fast?

The characteristics of a wheel are one of the main things that determine its speed, weight, and productivity. So let’s discuss some of the components that make BMX bikes fast.


They are one of the elements that determine the weight of the bike. The bigger the frame, the heavier the bike. However, BMX bikes always come with smaller frames, making them light and able to move faster than most.


While larger wheels allow bikers to cover more ground, they also have disadvantages. For example, due to their large dimensions, much effort is needed to engage the pedals. And get the bike up to speed. However, with smaller wheels, you can quickly accelerate your bike because it engages the pedals more efficiently. It is one of the reasons why BMX bikes can travel faster over short distances.


BMX bikes always come with two handlebars: a two-piece bar and a four-piece bar. These handlebars allow you to stay upright, which can increase your speed.


BMX bikes are designed with sealed bearings, making them durable. It’s easier to go faster on a durable bike because its components can handle the impact of anything that might disrupt your speed.

How can I make my BMX bike faster?

Unlike other bikes, BMX bikes are only for stunts and tricks. So it may encounter some problems if exceeded. But that doesn’t mean you can’t modify it to increase speed and productivity. You can achieve this goal by:

Adjust your seat post:

If you want to go faster, you should ensure your sear posts are not too short, making it more challenging to engage the pedals. Generally, BMX bikes have a shorter saddle that allows riders to perform tricks and stunts. It can limit your riding speed as you have to stand up to get into the pedaling action, which can be uncomfortable for long periods. However, adjusting the seat post makes it easier to engage the pedals and ride faster.

Lubricate your chains:

Chains are as crucial as any other part of the bike. However, they are always subject to friction and prone to premature damage or jamming. However, you can prevent this by lubricating them. It ensures that they move smoothly, which promotes a faster and better ride.

Check tire pressure:

Bicycle tires are prone to premature damage, especially if they are under-inflated. It will not only damage your BMX bike but also slow you down as it will make the bike harder to control. That’s why you need to check your tire pressure every two weeks to ensure you’re using the right one.


BMX bikes are fun. They can give you the feeling of combining speed with tricks and jumps, making you a happy rider. BMX bikes have been designing for fast riding over short distances, so you can be sure that they can offer you speed and a comfortable ride.