Are BMX bikes good for long distances? Exclusive answer!

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Have you ever asked yourself or a friend if BMX bikes are good for long distances or if you can even commute on a BMX? Well, you are in the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

BMX bikes are not like your average bike. They are shorter. They have slightly different tires, and many don’t have brakes. They have designed for a specific purpose.

Are BMX bikes good for long distances? No. BMX bikes are not designed for long distances. BMX bikes are not as good for long distances. Because of the lower tires and the lower overall height and length of the bike.

Of course, this has led to many people wondering if BMX bikes are good for long distances. That’s the question we’ll try to answer on this page.

Can BMX bikes work on long-distance trips?

BMX bikes do not work well for long distances or commuting, but there may be some exceptions. Its frame, lower tires, and length. Generally contribute to its inability to ride long distances.

Are BMX bikes good for long distances?

They can often compared to skateboards due to their tricks and stunts. Yet many BMX riders still use their bikes for commuting. Although they are not impossible to use. It is still challenging to ride BMX bikes in technical terrain.

So if you want to know more about BMX bikes and their capabilities, you’ve come to the right place. In the following article, I will discuss everything you need to know about BMX bikes. Whether they are good.

Do BMXs work for long distances?

Well, no. BMX bikes are not designed for long distances. Most riders prefer them for fast off-road trips or tricks. But they can still used if needed; it would be annoying.

Because of this, many people may still use them for commuting purposes. Even though that is not their intended purpose.

As many may know, you need to stretch your legs to the max when riding long distances. So one of the main reasons BMXs fail over long distances is their limitations in this regard. For long distances or not.

Are BMX bikes suitable for long distances?

BMX bikes have designed for short-distance off-road racing and stunts. They are not intended for long-distance driving or commuting at all.

As you may well know, when you ride a bike, you must be able to extend your legs fully.

If you can’t do this, you will have to put more effort into pedaling, which means it will tire much faster.

BMX bikes have designed to be ridden standing up. Someone using a BMX bike properly will rarely sit in the seat for more than a few minutes at a time. We’re sure you probably don’t want to ride a stationary bike for hours, right?

Which bikes are suitable for long distances?

Which bikes are suitable for long distances? Here are the 3 best long-distance bikes:

1) Mountain bike with front suspension

2) Touring bike or cyclocross

3) Hybrid bicycle

Where do BMX bikes fare on long-distance rides?

Not bad for a long-distance BMX bike. There are times when they will thrive.

Not as much as a “normal” bike. But we don’t want you to come away thinking that BMX bikes are completely horrible because they’re not.

Are BMX bikes good for long distances?

BMX bikes work especially well if you do a lot of off-road travel. After all, that’s what they have built for.

While a BMX bike wouldn’t be ideal if you’re commuting on the road. It could be if you do a lot of off-road riding, provided you have the right set of tires installed on it.

The reason BMX bikes are so great for off-road riding is the lightweight nature of the bike. Excellent handling when faced with bumpy terrain.

Again, we can’t stress enough that we don’t recommend riding it for long periods. But if there’s a big off-road section on your route, we can probably let it slide.

Can you convert BMX bikes to long distances?

As mentioned earlier, making BMX bikes compatible with long distances is possible. However, this is only possible if you don’t have much choice. The riding experience would still not be as ideal as on a mountain bike. But if you’re still interested. Here are a few ways you could make your BMX bike more suitable for technical terrain:


Seats should come first when attempting to transition. On a long ride, your comfort has expressed by how comfortable your saddle is. And if your seat is not comfortable, you can try to raise or change the seat. Likewise, it would help if you considered investing in higher seats. In doing so, I recommend choosing seats that reach waist height. Higher seats are more likely to absorb bumps from bumps on technical rides.

Investing in your bike:

Maybe consider a padded seat or a longer frame? If you’re looking for real comfort, it’s worth spending a little. As already said, these bikes are not intended for technical terrain. So you have to adapt them somehow.


Often BMX bikes would be found with road tires. They are great options for rocky landscapes but tend to stick a little less to the ground. Instead, if your terrain is mostly mud or sand, I recommend choosing off-road tires.


Lastly, adding a U-brake to the rear wheel would be a commendable installation. Since you’re expecting a dirt road, stock brakes just won’t cut it. U-brakes are better because they have two arms that go over each other and make contact with the tire. These arms have attached to cables that have controlled from the handlebars.

That said, U-brakes aren’t that hard to install. You can get the job done with just a few simple cycling tools.


BMX bikes are not suitable for long rides. These bikes have designed for fast travel over shorter distances or for a bit of stunt jumping. While you can convert a BMX bike for long distances, it’s not recommended. You’d still be better off investing in a decent touring bike.