Are Skateboarders Considered Pedestrians

Are Skateboarders Considered Pedestrians? Yes Or No?

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There are lots of skateboarders in every country in this world, skating and cruising on the roads. Skateboarding has been so well-known, which is why the number of fans and skateboarders is rapidly increasing. Aside from that, the reason why skateboarding is getting popular is because of the style of skateboarders. 

The skateboarding community has many problems to be resolved because the very first skateboarders did something against the law, which is why the skateboarding community has a bad reputation right now. That is why some people don’t consider them pedestrians. However, are skateboarders considered pedestrians? Let’s find out. 

Are skateboarders considered pedestrians? Yes! Skateboarders are considered pedestrians. When we think of pedestrians, we only think of people walking on the road. However, a pedestrian is a person on foot or using a conveyance propelled by human power like cycling and skateboarding. It just means that skateboarders are considered pedestrians. 

So, to be clear, skateboarders are considered as pedestrians because they can carry their skateboard and just walk, and even though they ride their skateboard, skateboarders are still considered as pedestrians because they use a conveyance propelled by human power. Let us take a look at what is considered pedestrian. 

What Is Considered As Pedestrian?

So, for you to understand this clearly, you have to identify who are the people who are considered as pedestrians. So, who are the people considered as pedestrians? Let us find out! 

A pedestrian is a person who uses foot or who uses a conveyance such as roller skates, skateboard, bike, etc. Also, a pedestrian can be a disabled person that uses a tricycle, quadricycle, or wheelchair for transportation. 

This is the main reason why skateboarders are considered pedestrians. Skateboarders can carry their skateboards and walk, and even though they ride on their skateboards, they are still considered pedestrians because they use a conveyance. 

So, if you ride a car and you hit a skateboarder that is crossing a pedestrian lane, even though he/she rides his/her skateboard or carrying it, you will be fined. 

Is It Legal To Skateboard On The Road?

If skateboarders are considered pedestrians, does it mean that skateboarders can skate on the road? Yes or no? Let us find out!

In general, no. Skateboarding in the street is not legal. On busy streets, it is legal and it is a very very bad idea. Some countries recommend skateboarders to skate on the bike lane if they want to skate along the road. 

It is a very bad idea to skate on busy streets. The reason why is because skateboarding on busy streets can kill you! You can get hit by a motorcycle, car, or truck! That is why I also recommend skateboarders to ride their skateboards in the skatepark or place that has not many vehicles passing. 

So, if you are a skateboarder that wants to ride on the road, think twice. However, if you are a hard-headed person, then I suggest you stay on the bike lane if you want to cruise along the busy road. 

Do Skateboarders Have To Stop At Stop Signs?

Yes! Skateboarders have to stop at stop signs. However, different countries have different sets of rules. But the majority of the country requires skateboarders to stop when the traffic light is color red or if the traffic enforcer told them to do so. So, if you are a skateboarder, make sure that you know the rules of the road before cruising. 

Can You Skateboard On Footpaths?

Yes! Scooters, skateboarders, and rollerblades may be ridden on footpaths unless there are signs that say not to do so. However, skateboarders must still keep to the left and give way to other pedestrians. Powered skateboards cannot be registered and can only be used or ridden on private land. 

Final Verdict 

To conclude, skateboarders are considered pedestrians. Even though they ride on their skateboards or carry their skateboard with them, skateboarders are still considered pedestrians. So, if you ride a car and you see a skateboarder crossing the pedestrian lane, make sure not to hit him/her, or else, you can get fined.