Are Skateboards Allowed In Malls

Are Skateboards Allowed In Malls? Yes Or No?

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Skateboarding is an addictive hobby. Skateboarders that are addicted to it might skate through public places and streets. You will see lots of addicted skateboarders that are holding their skateboards wherever they go. 

I often see this question on lots of skateboarding forums. That is why I have researched this topic and decided to tell you the truth regarding bringing your skateboard to malls. So, are skateboards allowed in malls? 

Are skateboards allowed in malls? It depends. It depends on the establishment. All malls have their own rules and regulations. So it means that you can bring your skateboard with you to mall A and not in mall B. It is better to ask authorities first before entering the mall to avoid any problems. 

There are other things you might want to know first before bringing your skateboard inside the mall. I will tell you different reasons why you should not ride your skateboard in malls. Those things that you need to know are all here inside this article! So keep reading! 

Are Skateboards Allowed In Malls

Can You Ride Your Skateboard In A Mall?

Like I have mentioned, many skateboarders are very addicted to skateboarding. Some of them are violating various rules to ride their skateboard. You will see lots of addicted skateboarders riding their skateboards on streets and public places, like malls. If skateboards are allowed inside the malls, is it legal to mount them inside the mall?

Can you ride your skateboard in a mall? It also depends on the rules of the mall. Most malls allow skateboarders to carry their skateboards but do not allow them to ride on them. If the shopping center does not have security patrols, then give it a try. However, if they caught you, you may be thrown out of the mall. 

Some skateboarders do this, get scolded and answer impolitely, and get thrown out of the shopping center. It is also one of the reasons why skateboarders have a negative reputation for people. 

There is no harm to try skateboarding inside a mall. But if an authority asked you to stop skateboarding, then carry your skateboard. Respect the rules and regulations of a mall and remain polite and humble. Give the skateboard community a good reputation!

I will give you different reasons later why you can’t ride your skateboard in a mall. So keep reading.  

Can You Bring Skateboard In Stores?

Stores and malls are different. Malls are units made up of one or multiple buildings that house various shops, while a store is retail of many kinds of merchandise situated in one area only. If skateboards can be carried in some malls, how about in stores?

Can you bring your skateboard to stores? Stores will never care as long as you are not riding it. Remember, stores are small establishments. There is no way you can ride a skateboard inside without hitting some people. 

Stores may kick you out if you ride on your skateboards. Riding it in malls is, somehow, acceptable because there is lots of space and some malls will allow it. But in stores, it is not permitted since the area is not broad. Store workers prevent skateboarders from hitting their other customers. 

Now that you know that you can bring your skateboard inside a mall or store but can’t ride it, let us now check the reasons why you can’t ride your skateboard in a mall or store. Let us go!

Reasons Why You Can’t Ride Your Skateboard In Malls And Stores

Below are the different reasons why you can’t ride your skateboard in malls and stores. Let us check them out! 

You Might Hit People

The first reason why you can’t ride your skateboard in malls and stores is that you might hit other people. 

Malls and stores have many customers inside them. If you do some tricks, like ollie, you might hit other people once you landed on the ground or if you don’t know how to control your board. Also, if you are too fast, you might hit other people that are walking by. You need to be aware that a loose skateboard can bruise or injure other people’s ankles, especially kids and elders. 

In stores, riding on your skateboard is highly not acceptable because the space in a store is not broad as in the mall. Hitting other people is one reason why establishments never permit skateboarders to ride on their skateboards. 

You Might Get The Mall’s Floor Dirty

The second reason why establishments never permit skateboarders to ride on their skateboards is that their floor might get dirty. 

You use your skateboard on streets where dirt and germ are abundant. Your skateboard’s tires are full of germs and dirt, and they might stain the floors of the malls or stores. Establishments always want their floor clean because some customers are germaphobic. They are fans of cleanliness! 

You Might Break Something At The Mall

The third reason why malls and stores never permit skateboarders to ride on their skateboards is that skateboarders might break something. 

The equipment used inside a mall or store is expensive. They will not allow skateboarders to destroy it. Skateboarding requires proper control. If the skateboarder does not know how to control their board properly, the properties of malls or stores might get damaged. 

Beginners that intend to skate inside a mall, I suggest you not execute it. Beginners should be practicing in an isolated place before they venture into public places, like the malls. If you break the mall’s or store’s property, you may get a monetary fine. 

Are Skateboards Allowed In Malls

Can The Authorities In Malls Get Your Skateboard?

No! Authorities in malls are not allowed to get your skateboard. It’s a theft. However, malls and stores can report skateboarders to the police for trespassing and ban them on the property, but they cannot seize something from you. 

Can Police Take Your Skateboard?

The answer to this question is no too! Police, authorities in a property, and other people are not allowed to seize your skateboard. It is an act of stealing, and it’s illegal. However, as I have mentioned, they can give you fines or ban you from entering the property. 

Can You Carry Your Skateboard In Public Transportations? 

Yes! You can bring your skateboard to public transportations, like a bus or train, as long as it won’t hit other passengers. You can even bring your electric skateboard! As long as your skateboard is not gasoline-powered, you can bring it inside public transportation. 


Skateboards are allowed inside the mall or store. However, it is not allowed to ride on your skateboard because you might hit other customers inside the establishment or break the property of the store and mall. 

If there are no authorities around, it does not mean you can ride your skateboard. Respect the public places and skate in a proper place. Give the skateboard community a good reputation! 

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