BMX bikes for children from 10 years old: BMX riders!

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BMX is becoming more and more popular. Mat Hoffman’s Pro BMX Playstation Game was released in 2001, became an official Olympic sport in Beijing in 2008, and now ten-year-olds are desperate to land their first barspin 180 on local dirt roads and skateparks worldwide.

Of course, parents are usually less enthusiastic. Especially when it’s their youngest who wants to get involved in something that could be dangerous. But if you can’t resist their pleas, then there are a few things you need to know beforehand.

It is where we can help. This article will give you a simple overview of all the points you need to consider, followed by our top 3 picks for the best BMX bikes for ten-year-olds.

What to look for when buying a BMX bike for your ten-year-old:

The biggest question is what kind of BMX your child wants to do. Is it freestyle or dirt track/racing? Here’s a quick overview of the differences:

BMX bikes for children from 10 years old


These BMX bikes are designed for riding in skateparks, built for practice and performing stunts and tricks. Rigid frames are valued over lightweight frames. They have the thickest tires for hitting the steel and concrete of the parks. They often come with pegs so the rider can stand on them and do tricks.

Field track and races:

On the other hand, BMX bikes made for dirt roads and racing tend to have much lighter frames and parts. Bikes are built for speed and agility rather than strength and drag. They will have thinner tires with deeper treads for better dirt grip. They mostly only have a rear brake.

Freestyle BMX is most likely the type of BMX your youngsters will see and want to do, so we’re going to take a more serious look at that in this article.

Wheel size:

Of course, 10-year-olds come in all shapes and sizes, meaning their BMX should fit them just right. However, as a general rule, the average 10-year-old is about 54″, you will want a maximum wheel size of about 18″.


Remember, if your 10-year-old is doing freestyle BMX, he’ll want thicker tires to suit the purpose. Dirt tires are lighter, thinner, and bumpier. Racing tires are similar.

For dirt BMX, you want to ensure the tires have low rolling resistance and a lot of grip in the treads to maintain traction when digging in the dirt. It is essential for your child’s safety.


Again, it depends on the type of BMX. Most BMXs are equipped with a gyro or rotor that allows the brake cables that run from the wheels to the handlebars to untangle and allow the rider to turn the handlebars. Most BMX bikes have at least a rear brake, but you may want to fit both brakes to give your child the best stopping power they can get.

You may also prefer the BMX bike you choose to have a linear brake rather than a U-brake, as they are more powerful when slowing the bike down.

Best # BMX Bikes for Kids 10+:

BMX bikes for children from 10 years old

Haro Downtown 18″ 2019 BMX Stunt Bike (Freestyle)

• The trusted brand Haro launched this beautiful 18″ bike a couple of years ago, but it remains top-notch. It is the bike your child has been dreaming of. It has a gyro for tricks and comes in 2 different colors.

• Might be heavy for a kid due to its hi-ten steel frame giving the bike a total weight of 24 pounds, but that’s the price for a tough, quality freestyle BMX.

• Due to their age, the price has now dropped to around $249.99. Shop and negotiate.

• You can often find this kid’s BMX bike for ten-year-olds on Amazon

Jet BMX Yoof 16″ BMX bike (freestyle):

• For smaller 10-year-olds, this 16″ wheeled Jet BMX is perfect. It only weighs 21 pounds, so your child won’t struggle to maneuver it or pick it up after a fall.

• It has a well-made steel frame and strong Innova tires.

• Available for $229.99 online only.

Slater Gateway (Dirt Track):

• For the little guy who wants to tear up dirt roads and race jumps with his buddies, the Slater Gateway is the best. It comes with 16″ and 18″ wheel sizes and customizable shifters and forks.

• Fully specced, it comes at a hefty $950.00 for 16″ wheels, but you can opt for a cheaper build for less.

Dynacraft Tony Hawk Park Series 720 Boys Freestyle BMX Bike:

You might like this Dynacraft Tony Hawk Park Series bike, especially for your child, especially if you want a BMX bike that will last for years of use. Despite being grouped in the top 10 BMX bikes for ten years, the bike is also perfectly suitable for children and youth. Since these kids grow up quite quickly, this Dynacraft bike could be your solution to not buying another BMX after buying one for your 10-year-old.

BMX bikes for children from 10 years old

Weighing in at 31.1 pounds, the bike can handle up to 275 pounds. It comes in several colors, and your child can choose from the range offered at your preferred retailer. The 20/24-inch wheel comes with multiple U-brakes that can be perfect for keeping your kids safe on the streets. You might like that the bike is quite customizable, which makes the bike even cooler for your child.

What you might like:

• A steel wheel has a long service life

• Great for wallride and box jump tricks

• Easy assembly

What you might like not:

• A wider seat may be required for a comfortable ride

Mongoose Legion freestyle BMX bike:

Another great BMX bike from Mongoose is their Legion Freestyle BMX bike. Great for kids with intermediate cycling skills, you may have less to worry about with the bike’s quality and great performance. While some people may find a 16/20 inch wheel quite heavy (34.4 pounds), it remains one of the most optimal wheels for your BMX riding needs.

The bike proves to be strong and quite durable thanks to the steel frame. Like most of the bikes in the Mongoose fleet, the Legion Freestyle BMX needs less modification and is ready to ride almost immediately after purchase.

What you might like:

• Its U-brakes are effective in stopping

• Optimizes costs and quality

• Offers a great frame

What you might like not:

A deep socket and extension may be required to tighten the stud retaining nuts.


Getting the best BMX bike for your child can be quite daunting, especially when the market offers a wide variety of bikes. However, the guide above offers a perfect overview of BMX bikes for ten-year-olds to choose from.

With all the bikes reviewed offering value for your money, the choice comes down to personal preference and the budget you plan to use for your child’s BMX bike needs.