Bmx tricks to learn in order: Beginners should try to learn!

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Welcome aboard! Here you will find a list of instructions for your first BMX tricks that I tried to put together. It is the first part of a trilogy that continues with advanced and advanced tricks.

Bmx tricks to learn in order

Before you jump into the list, a few disclaimers:

We all have different skills. So the exact difficulty level assigned to each trick will most likely be different. What I choose for them. But, to be as realistic as possible. I’ve made this rating based on some of my experience. But most of the general opinion/consensus of how difficult each trick. It seems to the average BMX rider.

Omit the order, I avoided mixing ground tricks with air tricks. I put ground tricks first and air tricks last. Because it makes more sense to get complete control of your movements and balance on the ground. Before taking the more considerable risk of trying them from 10 feet in the air.

Also, there are some specific cases like Bunny Hop. Here’s #4, you can find other tricks down the list that you think are much easier than the Bunny Hop. But #4 seems to be the one because it’s the fundamental trick you’ll need to get familiar with. Be able to squeeze in a lot of other tricks.

Bmx tricks to learn in order

If you are a BMX bike enthusiast and want to know how to do simple tricks on BMX bikes, then this blog post is for you! We show you the 11 most popular and accessible BMX tricks that are easy and fun.

But first, follow the basic steps below to become an expert in no time.

Step 1 – Start the bike slowly.

The very first step is to start slowly with the bike. It is not the time to go all out and jerk the handlebars wildly!

What if we told you that it is possible to do a cartwheel without too much energy? We’re not talking about being able to lift the front tire at some point.

Step 2 – Make sure your path is clear.

Always make sure your path is clear before riding your bike. If there are cars or anything else in the way, it’s not time to start speeding.

Bmx tricks to learn in order

Various and easy BMX tricks:

Trick 1 – Popping Technique

Try to get some practice first by moving the bike up and down. You can try doing it on a hill, so gravity works for you. This one is pretty simple and will set you up for more complex tricks later.

Trick 2 – Pull technique

The pulling technique is like the popping technique. But this time we pull the front handbrake while pushing down with the back foot. It will create some serious momentum. And should get your bike right into the perfect wheel position!

Trick 3 – Aces Up trick

If all else fails, use the ace-up trick by extending both arms horizontal or upward. While simultaneous throwing the handlebars forward as you perform a cartwheel. After that, lean back until things collapse and go back to pop.

Trick 4 – The ax trick

If you’re dealing with a hill, the axle trick is perfect for getting your bike into wheel position! Step on the rear brake and take the weight off the front tire while moving the back foot down. It creates intense momentum that lifts the rear tire off the ground and into the wheel position.

Trick 5 – The Backwards Trick

To do this trick, you must lean as far back as possible. While doing your cartwheel and simultaneous push on the rear brake. Pull on the front brake before re-releasing them. It should get both wheels into the ideal rotation for jumping that sweet ride right into the wheel!

Trick 6 – Bike Flip Trick

If you’re up for some big tricks up those stairs or hills with no luck. Try flipping your bike with the flip bike trick – hop. On one of the handlebars and spin it forward until things collapse. After that, ensure you’re in an excellent position to ensure your bike doesn’t land on top of you, and – voila!

Trick 7 – Aussie Wheelie Trick

This trick is perfect for those less-than-professional riders. It looking for something more than an old bike. To do this, lean back as much as possible and simultaneous depress. The front brake with one foot and pull the rear brake with the other before re-releasing them. It may take some practice, but it will be worth it once you master this tricky move!

Trick 8 – Hucker’s trick

The Hucker trick is an advanced trick that requires more than. The average amount of practiced skill to pull off. To do this, you will need a lot of momentum and speed. Before making a move by leaning back as much as possible. While simultaneous applying both brakes to slow the bike’s forward motion. You’ll know when you’ve done it right. Because your handlebars will start spinning like crazy!

Bmx tricks to learn in order

Trick 9 – Whip trick

The whip trick is for those slight less experienced. The bikers looking for something cool (and easy!) to add to their wheelie repertoire. The trick is to lean back with some tension as if you were going to do a handstand. At this point, you have to push off the back wheel to start the spin.

Trick 10 – Superman’s trick

It is a more advanced trick and requires serious balance. As it involves raising and extending both arms. While making your best Superman impression. Once in place, pull on one arm until the rear tire on that side is off the ground. Then push down with both brakes for stability!

Remember: it can take a while to learn, so don’t discouraged if it takes time to get things right. Like anything worth learning, practice makes perfect!

Final words:

Now you can ride a bike on a bike. How awesome is that? Please let us know if you have any questions about our blog post on easy BMX tricks, and we’ll be happy to answer them! We hope this article gave you new ideas or a new perspective on performing these tricks.

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