Bmx vs dirt jump: All you need to know!

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There is a fine, blurred line between a BMX bike and a dirt jumper. These 2 racers perform similar aerial stunts, high jumps and many other bike tricks. Also, both bikes have undergone several upgrades. And evolutions have become increasing similar.

And why would a cyclist choose one over the other?

Understand each unit and help you choose the one that best suits your riding style. We’ve written a BMX bike vs dirt jumper outlining. The main differences between these racers. Here you will understand the distinctive features of each bicycle. And choose your preferred choice.

Bmx vs dirt jump

If you’re new to dirt jumping or BMX, it’s easy to think that both bikes look the same. But, they look similar, dirt jumpers. BMX bikes have distinct differences that give them advantages in their sports.

They can certain used interchangeable. If you’re at a skatepark, you might see clay jumper guys practising certain tricks on the ramps. When they can’t get out on the bigger clay jumps.

Likewise, it is normal to see BMX bikes on jumps as they are better suited for some types of tricks. Specific stings and riding styles sometimes determine which style of bike is better.

But, they are not the same. As a result, some people have a hard time deciding whether to buy a BMX or a dirt jumper. They may love the idea of ​​high jumps but also want a smaller bike to help them perform more complex tricks. Which should you choose?

Let’s look at the difference between dirt jumpers and BMX bikes to help you make the right decision.

What are Dirt Jumpers?

Dirt jumpers are more robust mountain bikes designed. For challenging trails and harsher environments. Their unique geometry allows you to go smooth and safe from the ground to the air and back again.

Bmx vs dirt jump

These racers are slight larger than BMX bikes and have a front shock and a sturdy frame. The stand height is slight lower than a BMX. Which prevents the seat from wobbling as you perform your tricks and tricks. You’ll appreciate the bike’s frame and wheels as they come in handy for shock absorption.

What are BMX bikes?

Bicycle MotoCross (BMX) is an off-road sports racer. Which is suitable for stunt riding and jumping over obstacles. They are most found on running tracks and in urban environments. Where riders needed to perform manoeuvres and fun tricks on the bike.

Unlike dirt jumpers, BMX bikes are more suitable for track racing. And perform better aerial acrobatics and high jumps. They tend to be lighter and stronger thanks. To reliable aluminium or Chromo steel construction.

What is the difference between BMX and Dirt Jumpers?

If you line up a BMX bike and a dirt jumper, you’ll find that the dirt jumper looks a bit like a mountain bike. But, their frames are strong and sturdy. They also have a low height their standover.

It will prevent the seat or frame from getting in the way of aerial tricks. Dirt jumpers are also designed with enough strength to absorb the hard landings. They must go through on the course.

But, BMX bikes built with taller handlebars, smaller frames and lower seats. They usually have fatter tires and can be more easy modified with pegs. And other accessories that fit on obstacles.

Differences in geometry:

You don’t need to be an expert to understand the main differences between dirt jumpers and BMX bikes. Below are the main structural and geometric. Differences between the 2 races to help you distinguish one from the other.

Bmx vs dirt jump

1. Handlebars and steering

BMX bikes have shorter and flatter handlebars for better control. Most riders prefer 28″ wide handlebars, but larger riders choose 30″. The design of these handlebars provides better control. And faster turns when performing your stunts and tricks. They also help balance landings and jumps during a race.

2) Equestrian terrain

As mentioned earlier, BMX bikes are better suited for hard but compacted dirt roads. Skateparks are a good example. These racers may not be ideal for long-distance rides. They designed to travel faster over shorter distances. Other than that, these bikes are good on the streets but may not be as good on the trails. Their low seats and gearless functionality make the ride less comfortable. It is better on the roads thanks to the design of the handlebars and seats.

3) Driving style

If you’re the type who likes tricks on a mountain bike, a BMX bike would be a better companion. As you know. Mountain bikes work best on uneven terrains like mountains and hills. If you’ve mastered the tricks of using a mountain bike. You can perform better stunts on a BMX bike due to its smaller size. Lightweight construction, handlebars and steering capabilities. In other words. Buying a BMX bike is a good idea if you like high-octane, fast-paced racing on dirt roads full of obstacles.

4) Length of the top tube

BMX bikes come with shorter tubes on frames around 18″ – 21.25″ in length. This length can help determine the size of the bike frame. Kids and smaller riders can choose units with an 18”-20” top tube length, while pro riders can consider 20.5″ – 21.25″ units. Besides to fitness level. The tube length you choose should always determined by your height.

5) Construction and design

BMX bikes boast an alloy construction that makes them strong and durable. These gears remain lightweight with this robustness. And can handle all the rigours of BMX racing. The inherent simplistic design makes it difficult for riders to use. The bike for other riding styles than intended.

6) Brake system

BMX bikes have a single brake, which is sometimes considered unnecessary. It is because doing tailwhips and barspins. Many times doesn’t always must the brakes to used. Most BMXs will have V or U brakes to apply friction to the rims via brake pads. So, whether your bike has brakes or not, it won’t make any significant difference. But if you do, you can choose a high-quality U brake system.

Which one should you go for?

The answer to this question is somewhat subjective. Each bike has a unique construction, design, riding style and customization. Based on the above differences. You can easy differentiate between a BMX bike and a dirt jump bike and know which one suits your needs.


MX bike and dirt jumping are similar. But very different if you can understand their distinguishing features. It’s not a bad idea to have many bikes for different locations. In general, dirt jumpers are more expensive than BMX bikes. Because they are high specialized and take up less bike space.