Can Girls Skateboard

Can Girls Skateboard?- Yes, And This Is Why!

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Girls are becoming more well-known in every sport, not just in skateboarding. Thanks to the feminists before that fought for the rights of women. However, it is still hard to find girls or women in the skatepark. But that does not mean that no girls or women are trying to ride a skateboard. 

Skateboarding is still a male-dominated world since it is still hard to find girls or women skateboarding. They are very rare. However, it is not because men told women not to skate. But because for most women, skateboarding is not their preference, and there are many reasons why women don’t like skateboarding. 

There is one question most women ask in forums and social media. What is that question? The question is, can girls or women skateboard? I will answer that right now!

Can girls skateboard? 
Yes! Women can skateboard. Girls or women can do whatever they want today, as long as it is not against the rule of the government. Women can participate in sports competitions, including skateboarding competitions. In fact, the percentage of women in skateboarding is increasing rapidly! Nonprofits such as SkateLikeAGirl are empowering and supporting female skateboarders. 

If you have a daughter or little sister that wants to skate, you should teach them. It will teach them to become consistent in what they do. If you are a woman and you are reading this, you don’t have to be afraid to skate! Do it if you really want it! Skateboarders are friendlier and accommodating than most people think. The only thing that stops you is you!

Can Girls Skateboard?

Like I have said, I have found this question in every skateboarding forum and on social media. And I think that this question is dumb. 

Yes! Girls or women can skateboard! Even though skateboarding is a dangerous sport, it does not mean that women are not allowed to skateboard. There is no physical limitation that are keeping girls or women from skateboarding. The main reason why most women are afraid of skateboarding is that they think that skateboarding is a male-dominated sport. 

However, it actually is. Skateboarding is somehow a male-dominated sport, just to be honest with you. According to the Tony Hawk Foundation, 76.1% of skateboarders are men. If you don’t believe them, you can go to any skatepark to check it for yourself. It is very rare to see women skateboarding in the skatepark. 

Although this percentage has no study to back it up, in my personal and friends’ experiences that are skateboarders, I would agree with the percentage. Also, I have asked my female friends if there are any chances they would skate, and their answer is no because they find it scary to ride on the skateboard. 

However, the percentage is changing. Some many girls or women are getting addicted to skateboarding. Thanks to the people that work to help girls and women enter the skateboarding world. 

Skate Like A Girl is a non-profit that was created to help women skateboard. They make great videos and encourage all people to try to step on the board. There are other lists of skate brands that are owned and operated by women. The list is:

  • Autonomy Skateboards
  • Brujas
  • Cheers Skateboards
  • Doyenne 
  • Gnarhunters
  • Housewife Skateboards
  • KateBoards
  • Meow Skateboards
  • Original Skateboards
  • Proper Gnar
  • Quell
  • Salon
  • Strangr.
  • Street Plant
  • The Skate Witches Zine

However, I think there are more on this list that I should not know yet. I have another fact for you! The crazy fact that I have read is that skateboarding is now the widespread female sport in Afghanistan. Amazing! Right?

Since the percentage of girls or women skateboarding is increasing, it just means that these organizations are on the right track. However, even though these organizations are not yet alive, since the beginning of skateboarding in the seventies, there are already women that have been skateboarding. So it means that girls or women can skateboard.  

There are many stories I have heard about skateboarders treating girl skateboarders differently and harassing them. However, I haven’t seen one yet, and my friends who are frenetic skateboarders did not witness scenarios like that yet. Even though this might be true and there are few assholes out there, it does not mean that you should stop skateboarding. 

So for the girls or women reading this, if you badly want to learn skateboarding, just go for it! Don’t get worried that something might happen to you. If you have a daughter, little sister, or girlfriend that wants to learn to skateboard, support them. Help them and make them feel comfortable. There is a big space for women or girls in the world of skateboarding. 

What Is The Best Skateboard For Girls?

If girls can skateboard, does it mean that any skateboards are intended for girls or women? 

No. No skateboard is better or more suited for women or girls. The skateboards you see in malls or skateboard shops are unisex. You should choose a board based on your personal preference, height, weight, and how you want to use it. If you desire to do tricks, then you should buy a traditional popsicle board. If you just want to cruise, then any cruiser board or longboard is good for you. 

The most essential thing you should keep in mind is the board size and width is comfortable for you. You can ask the shop owner for assistance to check what is the right skateboard for you. Also, you can try a few boards at the skate shop and see what is comfortable for you. Comfortability is the key to success in skateboarding. If you are not comfortable on your board, you will have a hard time skateboarding.

How Many Skateboarders Are Girls?

According to the study made by GrandView Research, 23.9% of all skateboarders are female. Of all people that ride their skateboard at least 52 times a year, only 16.6% are girls or women. 

So it means that more men or boys are getting addicted to skateboarding. However, there are still women that enter street skating competitions but they don’t receive the same press as men’s street skateboarding competitions. Try searching famous skateboarders of all time on Google. You will find only boys or men are on the list. 

It just means that this is the natural consequence of boys or men skateboarding more than women. In my personal opinion, the reason why there are fewer women that skate is because of personal preferences. Other sports have been dominated by women and only a small percentage of men are playing them. 

However, the world is changing right now. There is an increase in the percentage of women playing different sports, including skateboarding. That is because of the non-profits and skateboard companies that support female skateboarders. You might not have a spot in the skateboarding mainstream, but it does not mean you can’t skate because you are a woman. 

Is Skateboarding A Male-Dominated Sport?

Like I have mentioned above, when you go to the skatepark, you will see more guys than women. Skateboarding is pulling more men than women. 

More males skate than women. The skateboarding companies and culture mostly support male skateboarders only. However, as I have said, the world is changing and there is a rapid growth in the percentage of females that get addicted to skateboarding. Many organizations empower girls or women to skate!

So the answer to the question is yes. Skateboarding is somehow a male-dominated sport. However, it does not mean that you should not try or stop skateboarding because you are a girl or a woman. Do it if you feel like doing it! Go for it girl! 

List Of Skateboarders That Are Girls

Leo (Lacey) Baker

Leo Baker was a skateboarder that stood out as a child and teen. She started skateboarding at five years old and won gold in women’s street skateboarding at the X-games in Austin last 2014. She is very serious about skateboarding and adept at skateboarding. 

Lizzie Armanto

Lizzie Armanto is considered the monster of skateboarding. She is an American/Finnish skateboarder who won multiple women’s category X-games events. 

She did an awesome fall in October 2020, where she flew 30 feet over a jump into a wall and then fell 20 feet to the ground. She is very brave! This fall required surgery, but she is recovering well. Good for her! 

Misugu Okamoto

Misugu Okamoto is also a beast. She was born in 2006 and will just be 15 years old when she competes in the 2021 Olympics. Misugu Okamoto was the first woman to perform a kickflip indy in a competition in 2019, and she always performs an amazing 540 spin in her competition runs. 

Pamela Rosa

Pamela Rosa is a Brazillian skateboarder. She has a relaxed and amazing sense of style. She is an attractive woman, but her skateboarding skill is a beast. She is still young. Pamela Rose is still 22 years old. I definitely love her to be my girlfriend since she is fun to be with. 

Who Is The Best Female Skateboarder?

Many female skateboarders are very amazing that you should be following. That is why it is hard to decide who is the best female skateboarder. It is a matter of opinion rather than fact. So for me, I will just state my opinion here. 

For me, the best female skateboarder is Misugu Okamoto. She is just 15 years old, but she is already winning some titles. She has a great career in skateboarding! I bet that she will be greater and more amazing in the next few years.

Can You Skateboard While On Your Period?

There is another question that I often see in skateboarding forums and social media. Can girls or women skate while they are on their period? Let me answer that. 

Can you skateboard while on your period? Yes! You can skateboard while on your period. However, if you feel tired or have pain in your lower abdomen, it is best to rest and wait until your period is done or if the pain or tiredness goes away. I know some female skateboarders who are friends of mine that still skate while they are on their period. 

It actually depends on you if you will skate on your period since I am a boy and do not know how it feels to have a period. So if you feel like you can skate while having a period, then go do it. Just make sure not to tire yourself or push yourself to the limit that will give you a free ticket to the hospital. Stay safe girls! 

Final Verdict

To conclude, yes! Girls can skateboard. Even though skateboarding is somehow a male-dominated sport, it does not mean that girls cannot skate. Many girls or women skateboarders are very keen on skateboarding. If you really want to skate, just go for it girl!