Can You Ollie On A Cruiser Board

Can You Ollie On A Cruiser Board? The Truth!

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Many people love to skate just to cruise around and get cruiser boards as a result. However, these people that bought cruiser boards often soon desire to do an ollie on their cruiser boards. But, can you ollie on a cruiser board? Here, let me tell you the truth. 

Can you ollie on a cruiser board? If your cruiser board has a grip tape and a kicktail, then you can perform an ollie on your cruiser board. However, it can be harder because cruiser boards are often much heavier than skateboards, have a higher center of gravity, and have softer wheels. These factors will make it hard for you to do an ollie on a cruiser board. 

It depends mostly on if the board has a kicktail and if the board has a grip tape. There are a few cruiser models out there that don’t have grip tape so this might be a sticking point for some of you. Today, we will discuss cruiser boards. You will learn more about cruiser boards and let me explain to you broader why it can be hard to perform an ollie on your cruiser board. 

Can You Perform An Ollie On All Cruiser Boards?

Nope. You cannot perform an ollie on all cruiser boards. The reason why is because cruiser boards are not built the same. This is usually not a bad thing. However, there are two key features needed on a board to do an Ollie. Let’s take a look at each of them. 


A kicktail is the raised and angled end of your skateboard. This is on the tail or back of your skateboard and can be used to help steer your board and lift your board from the ground. 

To get a proper pop on Ollie, you have to flick down the kicktail of your skateboard so that it pops against the ground and brings the front of your board up. 

Grip Tape

Griptape is the rough or sandpaper that is glued or stitched on the top of your skateboard. It allows skateboarders to have a better grip and better control of his or her board. Typically, grip tape on skateboards looks like black sandpaper but other grip tape colors and grip tape with designs exist. 

Some skateboards are throwbacks to classic cruisers from the 60 and early 70s and feature no grip tape whatsoever. This is an issue if you want to perform an Ollie as you will be unable to catch your board with your foot. This is essential to raise your skateboard from the ground. 

Why Performing An Ollie On A Cruiser Board Is Hard?

Cruisers come in all shapes and sizes. That is why there can be different reasons for each cruiser why it is difficult to Ollie with. The truth is, for the most part, cruisers are not designed for skateboard tricks or Ollie. 

Let us check out the few reasons why doing an Ollie on a cruiser board is harder than you think:

  • Cruiser boards are too long
  • Cruiser boards are too short
  • Cruiser boards are too heavy
  • Cruiser boards’ wheels are risers that raise the center of gravity 
  • The front of the board does not have a kicktail unlike skateboards
  • The grip tape isn’t grippy enough

Some people think that soft wheels make performing an ollie more difficult. However, this is not usually true. Many people have soft longboard wheels on an otherwise normal skateboard set-up and pop Ollies just fine. 

Usually, you need to have a large bulky cruiser that is too heavy to easily ollie and your center of gravity will be raised by large wheels and risers. The higher the center of gravity makes it so you must flick your board down harder for the same pop. 

How Can You Perform An Ollie Successfully On A Cruiser Board?

Get Small Wheels

This is something I see people mention and I agree with them. If you can lower the center of your gravity then it will be easier for you to pop your board. 

Just keep in mind that smaller wheels typically mean harder wheels and this can ruin your cruise. Hard and small wheels are much more likely to make your ride uncomfortable or get caught on small debris. I recommend you buy a wheel hardness no higher than 80a for your smaller wheels. 

Buy Medium-Sized Cruiser

The cruiser size you want to perform an Ollie properly should be something you imagine the Bones Brigade riding in the late 70s while popping Ollies out of pools and innovating the sport. Or maybe Mike Vallely in Public Domain. 

You need to buy something roughly similar in size to a normal popsicle skateboard. A board that is too big will be heavy and might be hard for you to control. A miniature cruiser will have no space to slide your foot up the board. You must find a cruiser board that is between 8 and 11 inches wide and between 28 and 33 inches long. 

Final Words

So, that’s the tip I have for you if you want to ollie on a cruiser board. Cruisers are not designed and built for tricks. However, if you get a board with a grip tape and kicktail, you should be able to get some sort of Ollie. You must follow the tips I have for you above to be successful in performing an ollie on your cruiser board.