Can You Ride Clipless Pedals With Normal Shoes

Can You Ride Clipless Pedals With Normal Shoes?

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If you are new to cycling, you probably don’t know what a clipless pedal is. However, we will talk about that later. But if you are already into cycling and know what clipless pedals, you will understand what I am talking about. 

Newbies using clipless pedals often ask, on various cycling forums, if they can ride on their bike that has clipless pedals using their normal shoes. If you are the same as those newbies, you have to stay because I will answer the question now! So, can you ride clipless pedals with normal shoes? Here is the answer:

Yes! You can ride clipless pedals with your normal shoes. However, keep in mind that this will not be very comfortable, especially if your shoes have thin, flexible soles. When you do this, there is a risk of your foot slipping off the clipless pedals, particularly in the wet. 

Today, we will talk about clipless pedals and how they work. Also, I will tell you what kind of shoe you should buy if you have clipless pedals to have a wonderful and comfortable cycling ride. If you are ready, let us move on!

What Are Clipless Pedals?

First, what is a clipless pedal? Here, let me explain to you. 

Clipless pedals are a system comprised of special pedals and cleats. It means that you need to select pedals and shoes to upgrade your pedals into clipless pedals. When you buy clipless pedals, specialized shoes are sometimes included. 

The specialized shoes that I am talking about have cleats. The specialized shoes are also called clipless shoes. A clipless shoe uses a cleat attached to the sole so that the shoes may be clipped into the clipless pedals. 

Yes! Using clipless pedals and shoes may take a bit of getting used to, but they offer many advantages. You can check my article to know if cycling cleats are dangerous here

How To Properly Use Clipless Pedals?

First, you have to clip your feet into the pedals by sliding the front of the cleat under the catch on the pedal and pressing down hard with your heel. Once you clip your shoes into the clipless pedals, you should hear a slight click. 

If it is traffic or you want to stop, you have to release your foot from the pedals. When releasing your foot from the clipless pedals, you have to twist your heels out to the side. You have to practice this, and once you successfully master this, you will be able to do this consistently. 

The best way to practice your clipless pedals is to start leaning against the wall. Clip in and out your shoes out of the pedals until you get the hang out. After that, try to ride your bike on a quiet road or smooth, grassy area. 

Never wear your clipless pedals on a busy road if you are not yet used to it. You might fall from your bike if you fail to unclip your shoes from the pedals, and vehicles might hit you. That is why I suggest you try it on a quiet road first or grassy area to ensure your safety. 

Are Clipless Pedals More Efficient? 

Yes! Clipless pedals are more efficient compared to flat pedals. However, for mountain bike users that love to trail and for beginners, it is not great. 

If you compete in a road cycling race, clipless pedals will help you win. Why? Because clipless pedals allow you to exert more power. However, if it is a mountain bike trailing competition, clipless pedals will not help you so much. 

Do You Need Special Shoes For Clipless Pedals?

Yes! Clipless pedals and shoes should be bought together to have a better experience riding your bike with clipless pedals. There are lots of specialized shoes in the market. You must choose the famous and credible brand that sells special shoes for clipless pedals. 

Can You Use Clipless Shoes On Flat Pedals?

Yes! You can use clipless shoes on flat pedals. However, it may not feel comfortable. If you use clipless shoes on flat pedals, they probably won’t offer you the powerful grip that you need on the road. Look for the best clipless shoes from the market to make your ride comfortable and easy. Like I have said above, you must choose the most credible brand that sells special shoes for clipless pedals. 

Final Verdict

Yes! A cyclist can ride their bicycle with clipless pedals with normal shoes. However, this may not be comfortable, and there is a risk of a cyclist’s foot slipping off the clipless pedals. If you have no money yet to buy clipless pedals and shoes, never get clipless pedals. It is much better to wear special shoes if you have clipless pedals.