Can You Skate Dr. Scholl’s Insoles

Can You Skate Dr. Scholl’s Insoles? Honest Review

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My friend has told me before that he tried a bunch of skateboarding insoles. He tested lots of skateboarding insoles to identify which is the best and improve his performance. My friend told me that choosing the right insoles is essential to avoid injuries and pain. 

There are lots of insoles for skateboarding but if you are new to skateboarding, you probably don’t know what is the best insole to buy. You can get scammed if you have no idea what are the best insoles for skateboarding. 

There is one cheap insole, which my friend tried. Dr. Scholl’s insoles are what I am talking about. Some skateboarders use this because they have no enough money to buy expensive insoles. But let me tell you something. Dr. Scholl’s insoles are not that good for skateboarding. Let me tell you in this whole article the reason why. 

Can You Use Dr. Scholl’s Insoles For Skateboarding?

To be honest with you guys, I do not recommend Dr. Scholl’s insoles for skateboarding. 

The cushion these insoles provide is not enough to handle the impacts of executing skateboarding tricks while you skate. The material used to create this insole is cheap and just flat so that it is not fitted in any way. There is no arch support or built-in heel. If this is the case, the insole should be at least shock absorbent. However, Dr. Scholl’s insoles don’t have that shock absorber. 

The designs of Dr. Scholl’s insoles are not that good. There are no options you can choose from. The price of the insole is $10 to $20 per pair, which is cheap. 

I recommend you find an insole that will help you avoid injuries because of the impact of skateboarding. Buy an insole from a reputable skateboarding insole company like Footprint, Remind, or Shred. Yes! These brands are expensive but they will surely make a huge difference in your skateboarding experience. 

Is It Comfortable?

The comfortability of these insoles is not anything special and I think many skateboarders said that they don’t feel any real change in the cushion while they skate. If you are walking and using this insole, you might not notice it. However, if you use it for skateboarding, you will feel that there is no cushion at all. 

Yes! These insoles fit so well into your shoe and are thin enough to avoid the tightness feeling on your foot. That is the only good thing about these insoles. 

Is It Expensive?

Like I have mentioned above, Dr. Scholl’s insoles are very cheap. You can purchase these insoles online for $10 and $20. This is the cheapest insole available on the market that is used by some skateboarders. You can purchase these insoles anywhere outside because these insoles are generic.  

Yes, these insoles are very cheap but it does not mean that it is good. It is better not to have an insole while skateboarding than to buy these cheap insoles and waste your money. 

Does It Fit?

These insoles are shown to be available in sizes 8 until 13. I don’t know if they have a size 14 but you can ask them if you are interested in their website and online retailers. This is true that they have different sizes. However, Dr. Scholl’s also has one standard insole size that they deliver for all sizes and you are the one who will trim it off to fit your size. 

This is not unusual since most insole companies encourage their customers to trim their insoles to make them fit on their feet better. Dr. Scholl’s insoles fit well on my shoes and they are pretty thin, which is why I don’t feel the tightness while wearing them. However, even though it fits, the insoles have no arch support, no built-in heel, and are not fitted or molded in any way to match your foot. 

How About The Design?

If you expect the design of Dr. Scholl’s insoles are good, you are wrong. The top of the insole is an innocuous grey that blends into your skateboarding shoe, and you will most likely not notice it’s there. The bottom of the sole is the green-blue gel that is a decent color combination. 

The insole comes in this color combination, and you have no other options to choose from. It is quite a bummer. Other companies provide good design and you can choose from their multiple designs like Footprint, Remind, and Shred. 

Can You Use Non-Skateboarding Insoles To Skate?

No. You should not use non-skateboarding insoles to skate and stick with skateboarding-specific insoles when it comes to skateboarding. Normal insoles companies don’t design and create their insoles to be as heavy-duty as skateboarding insoles. Not all people execute kickflips and jump down the stairs. 

It is better if you find a skateboarding insole that is durable and can withstand the repeated impacts that you can get from skateboarding. 

Final Verdict 

Yes! Dr. Scholl’s may be cheap and it might be tempting for you to buy it. However, try your best to stay away from it. This insole is low-quality and there are other better options. Look on Google for the best companies that sell robust insoles. I highly suggest you go on specific skateboarding insoles.