Can You Skateboard In A Skirt

Can You Skateboard In A Skirt?

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Skateboarding is a very fun activity for all types of people.

This wonderful activity has various benefits (and drawbacks), with one of its main pluses being that it makes you physically strong and active.

Can You Skateboard In A Skirt? Skateboarding in a skirt is undeniably possible. However, it may vary according to the circumstances, types of the skirt, etc. You must also be aware of your surroundings.

Pros Of Skateboarding In A Skirt

There are health benefits, such as skateboarding making girls physically strong and active. There are also many other benefits:

If girls are comfortable and can do all the moves while wearing a skirt, it is a very impressive thing for them. It shows how bold and brave they are. Such girls overcome their fears, and it is very empowering for every woman out there.

This makes girls fearless and strengthens “girl power.” They are no longer afraid of the male gaze, and they learn to fight for themselves. Skateboarding makes them confident and strong. It teaches girls to accept failure and never give up on their dreams which brings a true sense of freedom after participating in this sport.

Cons Of Skateboarding In A Skirt

People’s Reaction

A common problem reported by many girls is that people make them uncomfortable. Whenever they skateboard in a dress they like, even if they feel comfortable and can easily skateboard in it, that applies. Their confidence is shattered, and they are made to feel uncomfortable by the men around them.

The boys around them falsely assume that skateboarding is an activity limited to their gender only. Surprisingly, it is not normalized yet that it is an activity that both genders can enjoy. And other affirmative action, such as specifically saying “girls-only,” makes them a special case. All this leads to heightened visibility of girls and women. Therefore, such girls feel they are not entitled to such places because of these specifications of setting a particular time or space for them to practice skateboarding.

Girls often open up about a feeling of being objectified and at the center of public spaces. They can’t be what they want to be, such as enjoying their favorite sport while wearing a skirt. When they are skateboarding while wearing a body-fitted skirt, they constantly feel self-conscious. They are also aware of being judged by the male gaze. Even when men are not around, they get a strange feeling that they are doing something they should not do as they are not legitimately entitled to be a part of it.

This leads to a lot of frustration as it limits their opportunity to practice their passion for skateboarding. While all men skateboard in public spaces, their presence goes unmarked and is considered normal. Unlike this privilege, women are often blamed for being in the wrong place at the wrong timing. Many girls give up skateboarding, and some have to restrict their style because of the hyper-visibility as they feel like hundreds of piercing eyes are on them.

The Fit Of The Dress

The fit of the dress matters too. If the skirt makes you comfortable and you can easily manage all the moves, it is perfectly fine. However, your lower half must be very comfortable, allowing all kinds of movement. Certain dresses like skirts and baggy jeans can restrict your movement.

You need to jump, spin, and whatnot, so make sure that you wear something that doesn’t distract. Skirts do make girls look fabulous and can be empowering to them. But you don’t want to fix it now and then because it will hinder your performance.

So whatever you wear, make sure that you can bend your knees freely. You mustn’t have to worry about where your dress is going; you only have to focus on the next move. Often long skirts can get caught in your skates, so you can topple over and badly injure yourself too. That is another reason you should be mindful before choosing a dress, as none of your dresses should touch the ground.

Should You Skateboard In A Skirt?

Always remember to try out several outfits before you begin skateboarding. If you love wearing skirts so much, you can obviously try it out, but only wear a skirt if you practice. Skateboarding is a proper sport that requires a proper get-up. You will look super chic if you can pull off every move while wearing a skirt. But remember, that isn’t the case mostly. Wearing a skirt can also deter your confidence level if you are being gazed at by men. And if it is too fitted, then you might not be able to jump and spin.

Does Skateboarding In A Skirt Improve Your Skateboarding Skills?

Comfortability is something that matters the most when you are skateboarding. It does not matter what you are wearing. If you feel comfortable skateboarding while wearing a skirt, it is the right thing and will also enhance your skills. If a skirt is providing you comfort and flexibility, it will work for you.

Can Girls Skateboard?

Yes, women can do anything. They skateboard like a pro if they want to. Girls can participate in skateboarding competitions too. Luckily, the rate of women in skateboarding is increasing day by day and soon it will become normalized. In the beginning, skateboarding might be an intimidating place for a lot of girls. Mostly girls feel like it is a boy’s club, where women are not allowed. That is the reason why so many girls never skate in public.

However, it is true that mainly 76.1% skaters are boys. Still, that doesn’t place a restriction on girls. If you love skateboarding, you should never be ashamed of it and always follow your heart bravely. So many people would stop you from following your passion of skateboarding. While you are skateboarding, a lot of guys will stare at you and what not.

What you need to do is to show some consistency. Do not give up on your passion for skateboarding. If you don’t like people staring at you then you can choose a different timing such as early morning. But don’t worry about what the people think and what the culture tells you.

So, Can You Skateboard In A Skirt?

The general rule for skateboarding suggests that the dressing must be light, airy, and comfortable. This means it must not be too fitted nor too loose. Many people wear shorts, and many of them like wearing a baggy shirt with skin-tight jeans. So it entirely depends on you; if a skirt is comfortable enough for you to jump and freely bend your knees, it is perfectly fine.

First, in your practice sessions, wear a skirt and practice multiple times. If you feel easy and you can pull off every trick, then it is great news. But if your skirt is touching the floor or if the skirt is too tight, then it can be dangerous and can result in serious injuries.