Can You Skateboard With AirPods

Can You Skateboard With AirPods?

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Anyone interested in sports would know how amazing it is to have a good earpiece while doing their practice session or warm-up. For so many people, it is like a gaming ritual to have their wireless earphones. It is as important as their other important sports gear like a helmet or a skateboard!

Skateboarders will listen to their favorite songs while skating around, which will help them get pumped up and try out new exciting tricks. You will feel thrilled and more energetic. Your practice sessions will feel light and easy while listening to music. It will help in overcoming any challenges and mastering difficult moves.

Pros Of Skateboarding With AirPods

Skateboarding is not as simple as it seems, and every player is stressed before trying out tricks. From professional-level to beginner-level players, they all need to be relieved from stress. That is why it is super important for them to listen to their favorite songs while skating. Not only will it improve their mood, but it will also enhance their focus, eventually resulting in better sportsman spirit. You may be stressed due to personal or professional reasons. Try skateboarding while listening to some music and watch how your mood will change.

Now that jamming to music is becoming popular while skateboarding, there are multiple different genres closely paired with skateboarding, such as rock music and hip hop. It has been claimed by many skateboarders that they love skating while listening to songs, and it has so many benefits for them. Skateboarders enjoy music, and this new sports trend helps to pump up your adrenaline while skating. Since music has officially embraced the sport, it is really important to have a good earpiece like AirPods.

All pro players would have their AirPods on. They highly recommend using AirPods while skating and other sports as it will improve your focus. Using cheap quality earbuds and wired headphones was a great hassle. You have to keep on fixing the earbuds, or the wiring keeps on getting tangled, which makes it difficult to pay attention, making the practice session tougher rather than adventurous.

Other Bluetooth sport earbuds introduced to the market made so many players hopeful that it would help them perform tricks. However, those earpieces were too bulky, and they felt like a burden while doing skateboarding. You also have to take off the helmet to put on or remove the earbuds.

Because of that, many people just gave up on listening to any music during my sessions. But after AirPods entered the market, they became a game-changer for many players. Their tiny shape is the best, and it makes them the perfect candidate. All you need to do is slip them into your ears while skateboarding without removing any other gear, unlike other earphones. And because of their lengthy Bluetooth range, you can put your iPhone away like on the bench and do your practice without worrying about losing your connection. If you are skating somewhere without your iPhone, you can load music on your Apple Watch.

For most people, wearing AirPods shouldn’t be a problem. AirPods have a very practical design. They might appear ordinary earpieces because there is hardly any change in the basic earpiece design.

AirPods will always stay intact, so whether you are running here and there or skateboarding, you will face no problem. The cord in typical earpieces acts as a supporting element for the earpieces. But ultimately, if you are skateboarding or working out, the wiring tends to sway to and fro.

AirPods by Apple are $160 and are a great investment as you can skateboard without getting to worry about losing your AirPods. They have an excellent battery life, so these AirPods will last a very long time before you need to charge them again. They are seamless and come with an excellent UX design. AirPods Pro are one of the best Bluetooth earphones that even offer a sound-canceling feature.

Cons Of Skateboarding With AirPods

For some people, wearing AirPods can be distracting too. For a sport like skateboarding, you need to have complete focus in order to improve the coordination of every body part. While skateboarding, your hands, feet, and eyes must work together, or you could end up getting injured. Often, the music is so captivating that it gets you carried away. Other than that, Apple’s AirPods are not that great for your ears. Because of the noise isolation feature, you will have to crank up your music to hear it over other surrounding sounds, and that is harmful to your ears.

AirPods can easily withstand normal levels of moisture from working out or skating. However, both generations of AirPods are not completely water-resistant. So all of a sudden, if there is an accidental moisture or heavy sweat, it could cause a lot of irreversible damage to your AirPods. Their resistance to sweat and moisture will degrade with time and more exposure. The water-resistant protection coating can also get broken. This will be very costly for you as Apple does not cover any water damage, and you will have to pay an additional $60-70 for replacements.

Can You Figure Skate With AirPods?

Some people say it is okay to wear AirPods while figure skating, and there is no harm in it. However, some people highly discourage the use of AirPods or headphones. Since figure skating is done on ice, you should be more careful as you can slip. This is more important for beginners or if you are trying out new tricks, so be extra vigilant. It is very important to hear your surroundings, so you should not get distracted because of the music being played in your ears. Therefore, earphones like AirPods have been a source of many accidents in the past.

Why Do Olympic Skateboarders Have AirPods?

Since the AirPods have been designed to fit comfortably, they stay fixed in your ears. And because of their Bluetooth compatibility, they get connected immediately. This allows you to start listening to your favorite songs from the very moment you put them on.

In an interview with one of the bronze medal champions from the Olympics called Jagger Eaton, he claimed that “having a balance between a super impulsive playlist and a selection of tricks is what earned him this medal.” Eaton was seen wearing the original AirPods by Apple.

Final Verdict

Even though it depends on the ear and varies from person to person, but for the vast majority, AirPods have never been close to falling out of the ear. Many people are super impressed by how AirPods stay fixed in your ears. Even if you purposefully try to bang your head so that they fall out, they remain completely stuck and fixed in their places.

Actually, this is what makes AirPods different from any other earphones because when normal earphones fall out, it is usually due to the wires pulling on the pods. Also, many other cheap quality earphones fall out because they stay loose and they are not great. If you are moving around, AirPods will always stay in place. For most skateboarders, it seems like very few people have an issue with AirPods falling out.