Can You Teach Yourself To Longboard

Can You Teach Yourself To Longboard? Yes! And This Is How!

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Longboarding is different from skateboarding. That is why some skateboarders are strangers when it comes to longboarding. I have tried to ride a longboard before when my friend, who is a longboard, told me to try his longboard. 

However, success did not come since I am not into longboarding during that time. But my friend that offers me to try his longboard is very adept at riding a longboard. My friend uses his longboard for transportation and sometimes to have fun. 

There is one question most people ask that wants to learn to ride a longboard. I have seen this around the internet, and I obliged myself to answer this question. So, can you teach yourself to longboard? Here, let me give you an honest answer. 

Can you teach yourself to longboard? Yes! You can learn to ride a longboard just by yourself. You can learn from Youtube videos and other sources. However, when you are learning to ride a longboard alone, you need to be aware of your safety. At first, you must learn the basics, such as stopping, turning left or right, and how to move your longboard. 

Practicing how to ride a longboard alone can be a little bit dangerous. An accident might occur! You should wear proper gear. Even though it is possible to teach yourself how to longboard, it is still best to call a friend. 

The internet has lots of sources for you to learn everything you desire to learn. It makes learning anything fairly easy and straightforward. So, if you desire to learn to ride a longboard by yourself, you can go to Youtube or other sources that you know might help you. 

Can You Teach Yourself To Longboard?

Like I have mentioned above, it is possible to teach yourself to longboard. However, you have to make sure to be careful and never forget your safety. First, you have to wear some safety gear to prevent severe injuries that you might get from teaching yourself to longboard. 

In longboarding, the essential equipment that you need is a helmet, wrist guards, and knee pads. However, once you learn how to fall properly from your longboard and stop properly, kneepads and elbow pads are not necessary. Knee pads and elbow pads are only for those who are complete beginners in longboarding. 

To be successful in teaching yourself to longboard, you must find resources and video tutorials that will help you learn to longboard. The internet is full of tutorials about longboarding! You only have to find the right video for you. Some teachers are hard to understand, while some have an awesome way for you to get it effortlessly. 

What Are The Problems I Might Face When Teaching Myself How To Longboard? 

There isn’t stopping you from progressing on your own with longboarding, You just have to be really careful and never neglect your safety. If you fall from your longboard and no one else is around to help you, you might get a fatal injury. That is why it is better to learn longboarding alone around the public. 

Also, when teaching yourself how to longboard, you might miss out on the fun with other fellow longboarders. Happiness is better shared with other people. Yes! You can still learn how to longboard alone, but it is better if you have friends with you for a better experience. 

If you have a friend with you, you can identify what are things you are doing wrong because there is an audience. It will make your progress in longboarding faster. However, if you still decide to learn longboarding by yourself, you have to listen to different Youtube videos carefully to know what things you do wrong. 

The other problem you might face when teaching yourself to longboard is the Youtube videos. You don’t know what is reliable and not on the internet today. Also, it is hard to find the right Youtube teacher. Some teachers are hard to understand, while some are easy to understand. The key here is to find the best Youtube channel that will teach you properly about longboarding. 

How To Teach Myself To Longboard?

There are three things you should remember when teaching yourself to longboard. Let me tell you those things. 

The first thing is safety. You must ensure that you are safe when you practice alone. Wear some protective gear and practice alone in a place where there are people so that once you fall on your longboard, there are people to help you up. 

The second is finding the best Youtube channel. There are tons of Youtube channels on the internet that will teach you how to longboard properly. You only have to find the right teacher, but you must also be ready to learn. Have you heard the saying: if the student is ready, the teacher will show immediately?

The third is being consistent in what you do. If you practice alone, you must be consistent on your schedule. Never expect to have some results if you are not consistent in practicing longboarding. You have to be consistent! 

How Long Does It Take To Learn Longboarding?

It can take about two weeks, with about 15 to 30 minutes of practice every day or every other day. Of course, this is only learning the basics. Basics such as controlling your longboard, stopping your longboard, and balancing on your longboard. 

However, it still depends on how many hours you put in a day. If you invest two or more hours per day, you can learn the basics of longboarding in one week. Some people who are very motivated invest six to seven hours a day! That is why they learn the basics of longboarding in just three to four days. 

However, I still suggest that you practice longboarding for 30 minutes to one hour a day so that you will not lose interest and get demotivated. Sometimes, doing something for a very long time in a day constantly can burn you out. That is why 30 minutes of practice a day is enough, as long as you are consistent. 

What Longboard Tricks Should I Learn First As A Beginner?

At first, you should not learn longboarding tricks. You should learn the basics first before moving to the hard part. Below are the first things you need to learn with riding your longboard. 

Standing On Your Longboard

Learning how to stand on your longboard is very essential. Standing on your longboard is a personal choice. However, most of the longboarders do is their non-dominant foot is placed so their toes are above the front axle. Your dominant foot that is placed in the back will push off and come onto the board above the back axle. 

Your front foot should be positioned to face forward or at a 45-degree angle while you push but will transition to being perpendicular to the board’s direction once both of your legs and feet are on the board. 

How To Push Off

Learning how to push off is the only way to start moving with your longboard. Of course, you want to move. What is the point of riding a longboard if you don’t want to move? 

Your front non-dominant foot should be placed above the front axle then you will use your dominant foot to push off of the concrete. 

It can be tricky and hard. Why? Because if you lean too far to the right or left, you will begin to turn. Your foot must be centered on the board. 


Stopping is essential in longboarding, especially if you will use your longboard as your transportation. 

The easiest way to stop your longboard is by putting your dominant foot on the ground. It is tricky and hard to learn when compared to stopping on a skateboard. 

You must have enough contact to slow down but never catch your foot and stop abruptly and suddenly. You should not put your foot down to stop because at high speeds stopping suddenly can cause injuries. 

Turning Direction

Learning how to turn direction while riding on your longboard is essential. After learning the three other basics above, the next thing you should learn is turning your longboard left and right. It is easy to learn but hard to control. 

Turning your longboard comes down to shifting your body weight in the direction you want to turn and then recentering yourself again after you turn. If you can’t turn, you can’t ride a longboard. 

Shifting your weight can be difficult for some people. You need to shift your center of gravity just enough for you to turn and then go back to the center of the board. 

Is Longboarding Very Hard?

Longboarding requires a good balance, body control, and confidence. Longboarding is a safe sport, but in the early stages, you can get injured easily. However, don’t get discouraged about this. You should still try to learn longboarding even if there are risks. 

The basics of longboarding are easy and quick to learn. However, it may take some time to get comfortable on a longboard. If your goal is just to use your longboard as your transportation going to school or work, then you can learn to longboard quickly. However, if you desire to learn tricks, it takes some skill and time to learn. Practice will always make things easier. 

Just because longboarding can be difficult and takes time to learn, it does not mean that it is not possible. You should give it a try! I assure you that you will enjoy riding a longboard. 

Are Skateboarders Angry At Longboarders? 

Yes! Some skateboarders are angry at longboarders. The reason why is because some skateboarders are selfish. Some skateboarders don’t want to share the skatepark with longboarders because they think longboarders are not real skaters. 

I have an article solely about this. Check out the reason why skateboarders are angry at longboarders here!

Final Verdict

To conclude, yes! You can teach yourself to longboard. However, you must always ensure your safety while practicing longboarding alone. Longboarding is somehow hard to learn the sport. But with consistency and potent desire, you can learn how to ride longboarding very soon!