Do BMX riders wear cups? Get amazing advice!

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Do BMX rider wear cups

Motorcycle safety is a top priority for every rider. Whether new to motocross or an experienced rider, you must always wear protective motocross gear. No matter how long you ride, you should always wear motocross gear, a helmet, pads, and other safety equipment such as an athletic cup to protect the groin.

What about motocross safety?

Motocross safety is a growing concern in the sport. Riders must protect their lower body and groin area from being safe. In addition, the Athletic Cup is an essential protective product for male cyclists. The Diamond MMA Athletic Cup fits snugly under your body and keeps you comfortable on rough terrain. It will also protect your privacy from potential damage from bike seats bumping into your groin area. The Diamond MMA Athletic Cup provides complete protection, comfort, and strength. The Diamond MMA Athletic Cup is the most advanced cup on the market. The Diamond MMA Athletic Cup is a game changer when protecting your family jewels by combining advanced engineering with custom-designed geometry that deflects and distributes force. At the same time, a proprietary copolymer blend absorbs impact.

Do BMX rider wear cups

The Diamond MMA Jock and Cup systems are the perfect groin protection for motocross riders. It provides the most effective groin protection without sacrificing comfort. The patented four-strap design works like suspenders to create tension to keep the cup in line with your body as you move. ZERO DISPLACEMENT. GUARANTEED.

Groin injuries occur in at least 13% of motocross accidents. Why not pay attention and protect your manhood by wearing the best groin protection.

Check out the Diamond MMA Athletic Cup, Quad Strap Jock, Compression Jock Short System, or Performance Short Jock System.

About BMX racing:

BMX racing is a type of dirt bike racing-derived from motocross racing.

BMX races are sprint races on purpose-built off-road unicycle racing tracks. The course usually consists of a starting gate for up to eight racers, a modified, serpentine, dirt race track of various jumps and rollers, and a finish line. The way is usually flat and has significant banked turns to help riders maintain speed.

The sport of BMX racing is supported by several regional (state) and international sanctioning bodies. They provide the rules governing the races, specify the classification of age groups and skill levels among competitors, and maintain a point accumulation system during the racing season. The sport is family-oriented and largely participant-driven, with riders aged 3 to 60+. Professional ranks exist for both men and women, where the age ranges from 19 to 40 years.

The BMX “Race” bike is a potent, fast-handling, lightweight derivative of the standard BMX with 20-inch (510 mm) wheels.

BMX racing rewards the power, speed, and handling of the bike. Many successful BMX racers have gone on to compete at the international level. Including in the Olympics, or have gone on to leverage their skills in other forms of cycling & motorcycle competition.

Do BMX riders wear cups

What safety gear do I need for BMX racing?

Sports like BMX that involve racing have their risks. The proper safety equipment is essential to minimize these risks without taking away the fun.

BMX rules require that all riders participating in races, practices, or training meet mandatory safety equipment requirements; no exceptions will be made regardless of weather conditions or other reasons.

Although these requirements are mandatory, it is recommended that riders wear sturdy clothing. Elbow, shin, and knee pads are optional and also worth considering for extra protection. Note that any significant or long dangling jewelry worn by a rider may pose a safety hazard and must therefore be removed for racing.

Safety gear required for all riders:

Do BMX riders wear cups

Full face helmet:

A “full face” helmet is required for BMX racing. A BMX racing or downhill mountain bike helmet is ideal as they are light and well ventilated, so they don’t get too hot. These helmets are available at most good motorcycle shops.

A motocross helmet is also suitable for BMX racing, so if you have one at home, you can wear it.

Like any helmet, it only works fluently if it is fitted correctly. Make sure it’s the right size for you and that the chinstrap is snug. Full-face helmets are more expensive than regular bike helmets, so it pays to shop around for a reasonable price as it will be a worthwhile investment for your safety.

While you are new to BMX, the club has a limited number of suitable helmets available for new riders.*

Full fingered gloves:

Gloves must be worn on the hands. Gloves must be full-fingered to cover the entire skin of the hands.

Please note that when starting, the BMX club has a limited number of suitable gloves available for use by new riders.

Long sleeve top:

A tucked-in long-sleeve top is required. Sleeves must be full length, not ¾ or “a little short” because you’ve grown. The goal is to have the entire skin covered. Note that a fall can damage the top, so choose another one if this is your best Sunday top.

Long pants:

Long pants must be worn, not ¾ pants or long shorts. Pants must be full length, so they go down past the ankle. Sweatpants or jeans are acceptable for BMX racing. Motocross pants are also a popular choice. Note that it is essential that your pants fit snugly around your legs, as loose pants around the portion can easily get caught in the front sprocket (we see this a lot at races).


A pair of socks that cover the ankles.

Closed-toe shoes:

A pair of ‘closed’ shoes must be worn (i.e., no sandals, thongs, or shoes with holes allowed). Runners are a popular choice, and leather shoes are also acceptable. Note that it’s an excellent idea to tuck your shoelaces, so they don’t catch on any part of your bike.


The BMX bike safety is the first thing that comes to mind while riding a BMX bike. Whether in a dirt area or fresh atmosphere, this article tells you the answer to the confusions: Do BMX riders wear cups? No matter how long you have been riding, you should always wear motocross gear with its other safety gear.