Do I Need Helmet For Longboarding? The Truth!

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Safety should always be a priority when it comes to longboarding. You may feel uncomfortable wearing a protective helmet while longboarding, but no one will judge you. I do not wear a helmet only if I do basic things. Lack of protective equipment is still common for longboard skis, but gradually you see more skis wearing protective gear. so, the question is do I need helmet for longboard?

Regarding safety, you should wear a helmet whenever you ride a longboard. Your goal is to protect your head from serious injury if you fall. Conflicts and various head injuries occur, especially when you are just starting. Even if you can get a good fall, the danger is hard to prevent.

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There are different opinions on this matter so let’s dig deeper into that. Even if you do not want to wear a hat, sometimes the law requires you to wear it. I also listed a few popular hats that meet safety standards.

Is Longboarding Dangerous?

Statistics show that longboarders are at greater risk for head and neck injuries than skateboarders. Does this mean you should not wear a longboard?

Longboarders are often injured, but statistically, they are more likely to injure their head and neck than skateboard skis. In my experience, the risk of injury is much lower if someone does not push or run on the road with cars for a long time. Long-sleeved footwear is probably the safest variation a board game can make.

I have never been injured due to longboarding, and none of my friends I taught have ever been injured. Some friends have never been offended by longboarding. The curve learning curve with longboarding is simple, and you will ride confidently fast.

Is A Longboard Or Skateboard More Dangerous?

Skateboarding, longboarding, and other board games also have environmental hazards. He is on a piece of wood with wheels mounted on concrete.

Longboarders are at greater risk for neck and head injuries which can be very serious and have lifelong consequences. However, skateboard riders are more likely to be injured than longboarders, although this injury may be a broken ankle or a minor object. If you do skateboarding to learn tricks, you will end up injured. However, some longboarders have never been injured.

Longboarding is incredibly safe if you wear a helmet, not push, and ride on the sidewalks. Once you can ride, you will never fall. I taught friends on the longboard who never fell.

On the contrary, I have never known a skateboarder who tries tactics t have not been hurt in a while. These injuries may be minor but are very common in skateboarding.

Features Without A Helmet

The most dangerous feature of longboarding is longboarding on the road, as you cannot control what the cars will do. An accident with a car can be very dangerous, so be cautious while traveling. If not, you will need to be aware of pedestrians on the side of the road. Make noise when you come after someone, so they know you are about to pass. The sound of your wheels may be enough to warn someone.

Do I Need Elbow Or Knee Pads For Longboarding?

If you have experience sailing on a longboard, you do not need elbows and knees. If you are a beginner, longboarding downhill, or doing tricks, you need elbow and knee pads.

Whether or not you need pads depends on how comfortable you are on your longboard. It is coming soon to many people. Once you are comfortable on your longboard, you will not need knee or elbow pads. Of course, having elbows and knees is not a bad option if you are not very flexible, older, or just not confident in your longboarding. You are calling here.

Also, this only applies to sailing on a longboard. If you are doing tricks, sloping longboarding, or some other style variation, elbow and knee are important for safety.


The helmet does not work with longboarding, skateboarding, and many high-impact sports.

As a beginner, you will need a helmet. You will need a helmet if you plan to sail on the streets. A car accident may not be your fault but an accident.

Some people do not want to wear this as they feel like a protective helmet is not cool. It applies especially to children and teens, but your safety is far more important than your cool.

A lifelong head injury does not make you look cool while riding a longboard. However, there are some good-looking helmets out there.

How Can I Measure My Helmet Size?

To ensure perfect balance, measure the rotation of your head from the center of your forehead and compare it to the size chart of each company. You can use a measuring tape to do that.

Below is a size chart from Triple8. These sizes will be the same as other companies, but you should always check the appropriate size chart before ordering.

If your measurements are within the indicated size or you are simply skeptical, I strongly recommend that the size reach a larger size.

How Much Does A Longboard Helmet Cost?

Do I need helmet for longboard

A decent helmet from a skateboarding company will cost about $ 30- $ 50. It may seem expensive, but a quality protective helmet can save your life. Helmets also become a one-time expense. You will buy one, and you will never need to buy another.

There is a good amount of variety in the price of protective helmets; in general, the price will go hand in hand with quality. There is no difference between skateboarding and longboarding hats.

My advice is that you should not expect good quality from any protective helmet that costs less than $ 20. Paying $ 10- $ 15 more is worth the better comfort, design, and quality of the material.


Cruising along with a longboard brings joy and free-spiritedness that can not provide their other activities; often, that ride is full of fun transportation for competition and also an accident, so it has been important to wear helmet while, riding longboard.