Do Skateboarders Use Foot Straps

Do Skateboarders Use Foot Straps? (With Pros And Cons)

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Skateboarding has slowly seeped into main stream culture and practically influenced all the spheres of life whether it be fashion, music or even the way we talk. As skateboarding is slowly gaining fame and momentum, so are questions around the topic. The main being whether they use foot straps.

The answer to that question “do skateboarders use foot straps “is simple. Yes! skateboarders use foot straps to maintain stability. The use of foot straps is a common practice. It really depends whether you want to perform tricks or plainly ride down the road to enjoy the breeze.

As simple physics is being used to keep the board attached to the skater’s feet. New skaters often find it challenging to navigate the workings of the board. Foot straps come in handy in these situations—foot straps literally fix your feet to the board and improve the skater’s balance.

Are Foot Straps Good For Beginners?

Yes! Indeed, foot straps are a great tool for beginners who are just starting out. Skateboarding is a lot about balance and knowing how to make the board move with your body. So if you can’t make the skateboard move without losing your balance, get a foot strap.

Should Skateboarders Wear Foot Straps? (Pros and Cons)


Many skateboarders choose to wear foot straps; however, some say that this safety gear is not needed. Beginners especially must wear foot straps, as it helps to improve body balance, regardless of which surface you are skating on. Wearing foot straps is especially useful when you are skating in rough areas. So you won’t ever lose the skateboard from under your feet.


However, wearing a foot strap might limit the moves you are able to do with the skateboard itself, as you will need more energy to lift the skateboard off the ground. Therefore, even though you will be more balanced, you might not be able to lift off your skateboard and do certain tricks.

How To Strap Your Feet On A Skateboard? (Step by step)

Got your first skateboard? That’s great news; all that’s left is to learn how to ride it properly. The first step in getting there is knowing how to strap your feet on the skateboard. By going through these basic steps, you will be able to become a skateboarding pro in no time!

Starting Steps

  • The first thing you need to do is decide which style you’re going to use to ride the skateboard. The two styles are; goofy and regular. With the goofy style, your right foot is kept forward, whereas the left foot is kept in the front of the board in the regular style.
  • Try out both of these styles and figure out which one seems most comfortable for you.
  • After figuring out what places your feet on your skateboard, the next step is to keep a shoulder length’s distance between them. Having this distance will give you more balance and support while skating.

Strapping Feet On Skateboard

  • If you have a skateboard with already built-in straps, you will just need to slide your feet into the given straps, and your all ready to go.
  • However, if you have just attached some straps to your skateboard, you will need to fasten the strap to your feet and the skateboard properly. This is the case for Velcro straps, as they need to be properly attached to an electric skateboard in order to work properly.

How Do Skateboarders Lift The Board Without Foot Straps?

This question has remained a consistent one over the years, as many people want to know how skateboarders lift the board without foot straps. Gravity essentially is what pulls the board down. However, by pushing it down at an angle, the skaters are able to lift the board upward.

How Do They Do It?

Essentially what the skaters do, is they push the top of the board down faster than how gravity pulls it down. You will see that skaters also tend to crouch down low before they lift the board off. This technique allows them to extend their legs while in the air.

How Does Extending Your Legs Help You Lift The Board?

By crouching down and then extending your legs, your body and the board will not follow the same path through the air. Gradually extending your legs will allow you to give a slight push against the board. This method of crouching and extending works best without foot straps.

What’s The Best Technique To Lift Off The Board?

This best technique is more advanced. Skaters push down on the tail of the board with the toes of your back foot, while at the same time pulling quickly with the front foot. This will set the front of the board higher, giving your feet more to push against.

Should You Lift Off The Board Using Foot Straps?

Although you could lift the board using foot straps, however, it’s not recommended. If you’re aiming to go at any kind of speed, using foot straps might not be a good option. If you fall while wearing foot straps, you might risk breaking a wrist, as you can’t jump off.

How Do Skateboarders’ Feet Stay Attached To Their Board?

The board is never actually attached to the skater’s feet! Yes, this is a shocker as most of the tricks make it seem that it’s glued to their feet. The skateboarder’s feet stay attached to their board because the rider and the skateboard itself follow the same path.

3 Best Skateboard Foot Straps

To help in your search for the best foot straps, we have compiled a list of the three top best skateboard foot straps you can buy on the Internet. By going through our review, you can decide which factors are important to you while buying a skateboard.

  • L-faster Mountain Skateboard Foot Holder Off-Road Longboard Foot Fixing Band
    This Mountain Skateboard is designed especially for off-road areas. The strap holds your feet in place and keeps them on the skateboard deck at all times. Therefore, this strap will keep your body more stable, on-off roads, and is easy to adjust. Check it here!
  • Next is YOUNGL Mountain Skateboard Foot Holder. This item is made to be highly durable and practical as well. The straps are adjustable and will therefore be able to be used with long and shortboards. The material it is made from is nylon. It is available in color black. Check this on Amazon now!
  • Next is the Kathleen0 Fixing Band Mountain Holding Strap Rider Stand Feet Adjustable Parts Longboard Belt Standing Skateboard Electric Scooter Accessories. This skateboard is adjustable and even caters to people who skate using longboards as well. This mountain strap is perfect when skaters are going on very rough and rigid terrain. This particular strap also caters to electric skateboards. If this sounds good, check it on Amazon.

Overall Review On These Products

All of these products are adjustable; therefore, people of all foot sizes can use them. They are made from quality materials. As they are all from Amazon, you will know that the shipping and delivery process will be smooth, and your product will reach you in the best condition.

How About Longboarders? Do They Use Foot Straps?

Yes, longboarders most definitely use foot straps! Although the foot straps that they use are a bit different than what is used by non-long boarders. As suggested by the name, the board is made to be longer than average. Thus the straps themselves are made to be a bit longer as well.

Are Longboards Easier To Use Than Skateboards?

Many believe that longboards are easier to use than skateboards due to their larger shape and size. In addition to this longboards are not curved in the front, whereas skateboards tend to be curved at the front and back. Longboards are also quite stiff, so not the best for learning new tricks.

What Are Longboards Used For?

While skateboards are used for learning new tricks and grinding railways, longboards are used for more of a cruising experience. Typically, people use longboards to get around town or go out on a ride with friends, whereas skateboards are typically used for tricks.

When Should You Buy A Longboard?

The best way to decide if you should buy a skateboard or a longboard is to see what your preferences are. If you want to get from point A to point B comfortably, then a longboard will do just fine. But if you want to master ollies, pick the skateboard.

Final Verdict

The use of Straps can be highly debated upon, and in the end, it all comes down to a matter of personal preference, what your requirements and skill level are. Foot straps for skateboarders are designed especially for beginners to understand how to balance the board.

Now, if you are a beginner, and thinking of buying foot straps, then go right ahead. As they will help during learning the basics of how to skateboard, which are how to move and stop while maintaining balance. So, buying foot straps for beginners is highly recommended.

This might not be something that a professional skater might be interested in, as they have already mastered how to do tricks without this aid. Using foot straps helps in keeping your feet on the board at all times but does eliminate the room to do certain tricks, e.g., ollies.

We hope you found this article to be informed regarding all the workings of the skateboard world and how and when foot straps should be used. We hope you have a great day ahead.