Do Skateboarding Shoes Make Difference

Do Skateboarding Shoes Make Difference?

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I know most of you here are wondering if it is good to use normal shoes when skateboarding. However, if you are thinking about skateboarding on regular shoes, then I think you must think again. So, do skateboarding shoes really make some difference? Do you really need it or is it fine to use some regular shoes when you skate? Let us find out!

Do skateboarding shoes make difference? Yes! Skateboarding shoes make a difference when you skate. You need skateboarding shoes when you ride your board often and want to learn skateboarding tricks easier. The sole, insole, cushioning, and the grip of skateboarding shoes will make your skateboarding career better. Regular shoes will give you less control over your skateboard. 

However, it still depends on what and where you plan to ride your skateboard. It is fine to use regular shoes if you just want to cruise but don’t expect that it will be comfortable. If you want to learn all of the skateboarding tricks, then you must consider buying a skateboarding shoe. It can be hard to learn skateboarding tricks if the grip of your shoes is not as strong as the grip of a skateboarding shoe. 

Today, I will try to change your mind about regular shoes and skateboarding shoes. Regular shoes are fine as long as the grip is good. However, skateboarding shoes really make some difference. You must try it! It has good cushioning and a powerful grip! Here, let me tell you first the difference between skateboarding shoes and regular shoes. Let us move on! 

The Difference Between Skateboarding Shoes And Normal Shoes

First, let me tell you the difference between skateboarding shoes and normal shoes so that I can prove to you that skateboarding shoes make a difference. 

There are lots of skateboarders that feel bad heel bruises. It hurts so bad that is why their only way to feel less pain is by using a running shoe or any other sports shoe. They said that they were able to do some skateboarding tricks but they have less control over their board because other sports shoes are different from skateboarding shoes. 

Skateboarding shoes are designed specifically for skateboarding. Skateboarding shoes are more durable, provide more grip, and the shoes are very comfortable to wear while skateboarding. However, skateboarding shoes were not designed for walking or running. Vans, for example, came up with a waffle pattern sole to provide a better grip. 

Skateboarding soles are thinner compared to regular shoes to provide a maximum board feel. Some shoes have insole technology that can withstand a lot of impacts. You will feel some difference right away. This is the reason why running and basketball shoes take away a lot of board feels. This means that when you try a basketball shoe, you will not feel your board. 

The thick soles make handling a board very difficult. Only experienced or adept skateboarders are the ones who can deal with the cons of regular shoes while skateboarding. For beginners, this can be hard. However, even though you are adept already, why would you choose to use normal shoes instead of skateboarding shoes? 

What Makes A Great Skateboarding Shoe?

Now you know the difference between skateboarding shoes and regular shoes, now you probably ask what makes a great skateboarding shoe. Well, let me tell you what makes a great skateboarding shoe. You must read this so that if you will buy your skateboarding shoes soon, you will get the best. 

Even though the best skateboarding shoe depends on the shape of your feet, there are a couple of things that you must look for. Not all skateboarding shoes are equal and some are trash. That is why you must buy a well-known brand. Below are the things you must look for when buying a skateboarding shoe. 

  • First, you must look for suede skateboarding shoes. This material deals much better with friction than other materials such as canvas. 
  • You have to make sure the shoe provides some heel support to avoid heel injuries. The less risk on a heel bruises the better. 
  • Next, you must look closely at the seams. Some skateboarding shoes don’t have seams on the nose of the shoe. This will make your skateboarding shoes last longer and will not fall apart easily. 
  • If you have a high budget, get a skateboarding shoe that has insoles that can absorb shocks. These are very comfortable shoes and it feels like you are walking on the cloud. 
  • Next, you must look at lace hole protection. Some skateboarding shoes have metal or plastic rings that prevent the lace holes from tearing. 
  • Toe caps if you like transition skateboarding and wear some knee pads. It will protect wear and tear when you fall from your skateboard and your knees bumped on the ground. 
  • You can look for high-tops too for some ankle protection. If your board has a bit of a razor tail, high-tops protect your ankles and heels from sharp edges.

Should You Get Cupsole Or Vulcanized?

Now you ask what you should get. Should you get a cupsole or vulcanized? Well let me tell you the specification of these both categories and you decide on your own.  

Cupsoles are usually stronger than vulcanized shoes but they feel stiffer. You can choose vulcs if you want maximum board feel and go for cupsoles if you are tired of buying new skateboard shoes every month because cupsoles shoes are more durable. However, even though these two have differences, some skateboarders, especially the new ones, don’t notice the difference. 

Many people prefer vulcs. The reason why is because they provide boardfeel. However, they wear down sooner. But some skateboarders prefer cupsoles because it is very durable, which means they don’t have to buy their skateboarding shoes over and over again. 

Are Skateboarding Shoes Bad For Your Feet?

Before, skateboarding shoes could hurt your feet. However, today, you can get a skateboarding shoe that offers a lot of support. However, they are still not good for long walks because they were not built for that kind of thing. So, wear other shoes if you are going for a long walk or shopping. 

Why Do My Feet Hurt When Skateboarding?

When this happens, this usually has to do with either wearing shoes that don’t fit your feet or you just need to get used to it. Some adept skateboarders still feel some pain when wearing a skateboarding shoe, especially if they stop skateboarding for some time. You don’t have to worry about this. However, if this happens to you, try to change your insoles or buy different shoes next time. 

Can I Use Basketball Shoes When Skateboarding?

Yes! It is possible to use basketball shoes when skateboarding. However, using this will make you feel uncomfortable. The reason why is because they offer less stability and make it harder to improve your skateboarding skills. It is a bit risky because you will not feel how your board responds, which results in falling to the ground more often. 

Final Verdict

To conclude, skateboarding shoes make a difference. You can try it and see for yourself. Try wearing regular shoes and skate and after that, try wearing a skateboarding shoe then skate. You will notice a big difference in boardfeel and grip of your feet on your board. So, I suggest to you all, especially to beginners in skateboarding, to buy skateboarding shoes.