Does skateboarding increase testosterone?

Does skateboarding increase testosterone? Amazing reasons!

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Does skateboard increase your testosterone?

Most of the people don’t know that skateboarding increase testosterone! If you are getting old, definitely your testosterone levels decrease too; but it can be maintained by proper exercising through skateboards. Skateboarding helps to increase your testosterone level. It is the best way to exercise, help stay healthy, and increase fitness.

Does skateboarding increase testosterone? Testosterone is the male sex hormone. Skateboarding is an exercise that gains muscle mass, bone density. It also help in growth of body hair and changes the timbre of your voice. Moreover, testosterone regulates body functions like sex drive—muscle and bone mass. It also do muscle strength, fat distribution, and red blood cell production.

Best workouts to increase testosterone:

Dose skateboarding is the kind of exercise that maintains high testosterone levels. These exercises are heavy resistance protocols shown to increase testosterone levels in men. Often the best exercises to build their testosterone are as follows.

  • Squat
  • Dead lift
  • Row
  • Bench press
  • Push-up
  • Pull-up/chin-up
  • Overhead press

Workout directions:

Skateboarding is the best exercise to increase their testosterone level. But some workouts also improve their testosterone level. While the workout lacks flashiness of our body parts. It would be best if you did a total body workout three days per week on nonconsecutive days. A bonus of this training system is that it allows your weekends to be rest days. Often, the second exercise is set right after the first one, resting only after the second set.

Does skateboarding increase testosterone

There are three types of workout as follow:

  • Total body torched
  • Lower body burn
  • Upper body blitz

Workout 1 Total body torched:

This workout is the quick HIIT work. Which is the significant muscle group in the body for using a high testosterone level.

Dynamic warm-up:

30 sec each for jumping jacks, Body weight squats, high knees, and jogging in place twice.

Rest in 1 minute

Ten dead-lifts 15 V-ups

Rest in 1 minute

40 seconds of kettle-bell swings

Rest in 30 seconds

40 seconds of mountain climbers

Rest in 30 seconds

Workout 2 lower body burn:

Working out the body is about lower body burn from the biggest muscles in your guts, legs packs a hugs hormones hit.

Dynamic warm-up:

30 seconds each for jumping jacks, body weight squats, high knees, and jogging in place twice a day

10 goblet squats as a heavy handle and 15 poly-metric jump squats

Rest in 1 mint

10 Bulgarian split squats on each side, body weight, or with a dumbbell down by your side

15 split jumps count both legs in one set

Workout 3 upper body blitz:

It is an invigorating workout with alternate muscle groups. On different days to give your hard-working body parts time to recover.

Dynamic warm-up: 10-inchworms followed by 30 seconds of a jumping jack.

10 pull-ups body weight, assisted or weighted by strength level

10 renegade row alternating sides both arms or rep

Rest in 1 minute

10 bench presses

10 dumbbell overhead presses

Health benefits of skateboarding:

Does skateboarding increase testosterone? Providing a chance to get outside and keep your body active. We have to look at some benefits of skateboarding followed.

Improves flexibility:

Skateboarding is the best exercise for flexibility. Because it allows them to stretch their body. Before any physical activity is essential. Many skateboarders will stretch their bodies before heading out on the board. The different direction of movements of the legs and foot. The position of leg and foot helps loosen and relax their muscles.

While the tight muscles can contribute to poor posture. The various regular range of motions used in skateboarding can also prevent injury. If you perform many different exercises. Like heel flip, a kick-flip, or a three-sixty flip, each kick can help bring blood flow towards the muscles.

Does skateboarding increase testosterone

Burns calories:

Skateboarding is a good exercise for burning calories. It can help to release sweating from the body and act as a high-intensity workout. It depends upon the session’s length and the tricks’ physical difficulty. These exercises burn up to 500+ calories per hour. Since all body parts move to help burn off their excess calories.

Helps overcome fear:

Does skateboarding increase testosterone

So, does skateboarding increase testosterone. As well as skateboarding also can help to provide them comfort zone. These exercises are having towards jumping downstairs, trying your

First rail or dropping into a quarter pipe or mini ramp. Skateboarding challenges are overcome such fears. It can help improve their body movement.

Improve cardio and enhance endurance:

Regular skateboarding can help to improve good cardiovascular exercise. A long session exercise includes regular pushing and moving. Which can increase lung capacity and heart health. Does skateboarding increase testosterone? It help in working your cardio as well as help boost your metabolism. It also help to maintain your weight or lose weight easier it can help maintain your blood sugar level.

Improve balance and coordination:

Coordination is the act of two or more body parts completing their task. While skateboarding involves your limbs as well as your eyes. But, coordination of the small and large muscles. It improve the ability of the eyes to coordinate the visual information. For landing a trick on your skateboard.

Full workout for your body:

Skateboarding is the kind of full-body workout. But many people attend the gym. In many a week and the workout periods depend upon their intensity. While skateboarding involves moving your legs, feet, and torso in various possible tricks. This exercise acts as a full-body workout in muscles and burning fat.

Whereas the burning of their muscles has been unfortunately. Our testosterone level decreases, regular skateboarding can help to increase your testosterone level.

Relive stress and mental health:

If you are performing 30 minutes of exercise daily. Make sure it helps to relieve the stress level and mental health. Often skateboarding is the most beneficial exercise for our stressful life. When you are skateboarding moving towards the street and performing a different trick. Moving skateboarding is the sole thing that is the force at the time.

It is the most critical activity. Like skateboarding which can help to improve our testosterone level and work-life balance.


Testosterone is a hormone that makes a man a man. It handles developing secondary sex characteristics in men. Such as the growth of facial body hair and changes your voice also. A man’s life is dependent on testosterone level, which is proportional to age in most cases. But with a lower testosterone level it becomes nothing to worry about. You can stop the situation from worsening by taking action.