Does Skateboarding Make You Taller

Does Skateboarding Make You Taller? Yes Or No?

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Many skateboarders believe that skateboarding makes them grow taller. They believe skateboarding makes them taller because they continue to grow while they are being addicted to skateboarding. However, is it true that skateboarding can make a skateboarder taller? Let us find out the truth! 

Does skateboarding make you taller? No. You will not grow taller because of skateboarding. Height is determined by many factors such as genetics, eating habits, and sleeping habits. No sport will make you taller because genetics are the ones that play an enormous role in determining how tall you will be. 

Let us check the factors that affect the height of a skateboarder. Also, we will talk about if it is hard for tall people to skateboard and how height affects skateboarding. Lastly, I am going to list down the three professional skateboarders who are incredibly tall! If you are ready, let us proceed! 

Factors That Affect The Height Of A Skateboarder

Below are the four factors that can affect the height of a skateboarder. Skateboarding alone will not make you taller. If you are thinking of switching to other sports, don’t do it because there are no sports that will make you grow taller. Only these four factors are the ones that can determine how tall you will be. Let us check them out!


The first is genetics. Genetics plays a huge role in determining how tall a skateboarder will be. If your parents or your ancestors are not that tall, most chances are you will not be that tall too. 

We have no control over our genetics. I know this is the sad part. However, you can do other things to help you reach your full height potential. 

There are products on the internet that tell you that their products will help you grow taller. It isn’t all true! They just want to get your money! It has side effects that are bad for your body. Also, never do surgeries because it can ruin your natural body.  


The other factor that will determine how tall a skateboarder will be is diet. 

If your diet is not healthy, don’t expect to have a tall height. If you always put lots of garbage inside your body, it can have a bad side effect on your body. It can have a bad effect on your growth hormone and give you various illnesses.  

If you want to grow tall, make sure that you eat healthy foods and cut off junk foods and other preservatives. I also suggest that you drink milk every morning to help your bones become stronger. 

Sleeping Habit

Many people already know how powerful sleep is. Sleeping properly will help your body recover from any injuries or illnesses you have, and also, it can help you grow taller. 

Sleeping from 7-9 hours a day between 8-10 pm is good, and this is what most doctors suggest to all young people ages 10-18 years old so that they can get the maximum height potential. 

To sleep early, make sure that you are already on your bed at eight or nine in the evening. Also, make sure that your bed is comfortable/ Why? So that you will never have a hard time sleeping. Having a comfortable bed will also prevent you from having body pains when you wake up. 


The other thing that determines how tall you will be is your vices. What are the different types of vices? Some examples of vices are drinking alcohol oftenly, smoking tobacco, and playing video games until three in the morning. 

If you often smoke, drink alcohol, or play video games until three in the morning, it can have a bad effect on your body. It can affect your growth hormones! That is why when you start smoking as early as 16 years old, you might not grow taller. 

I know many good friends of mine who started smoking when they were 15-16 years old. Guess what? They didn’t grow taller than they should! How did I conclude this? By looking at their parents and siblings. It proves that vices have a large impact on our height. 

Is It Hard For Tall People To Skateboard? 

There are widespread beliefs that tall people cannot skateboard. Forums like Quora have many aspiring skateboarders that ask if they are too tall to skate. Usually, people over six feet are the ones that are concerned about their chances. So, let me give you an answer. 

So, is it hard for tall people to skateboard? No, it is not hard for tall people to skateboard. However, smaller skateboarders may have some advantages over taller skateboarders. If you are a tall skateboarder, make sure to make certain adjustments to ensure to have the best ride and prevent injuries like using safety gears and selecting the right board. 

How Does Height Affect Skateboarding? 

Center Of Gravity

Skateboarding involves a skateboarder’s center of gravity. For humans, the center of gravity is somewhere around our belly button. 

The person’s center of gravity is dependent on their height. Usually, shorter skateboarders have a lower center of gravity, while taller skateboarders have a higher one. 

Most skateboard tricks depend on the center of gravity, for example, Ollie. The skateboarder should bend his/her knees to lower his/her center of gravity. 

Taller skateboarders have to balance their center of gravity to perform certain skateboard tricks. Lots of practice and getting the right equipment will help tall skateboarders with this one. 

The Taller You Are The More Prone You Are To Injuries

Skateboarding is difficult for both tall and small skateboarders. However, small skateboarders tend to have more advantages than taller skateboarders. Taller skateboarders are usually the ones that tend to get more injured. 

Dr. Eeric Truumees, an orthopedic surgeon from Texas, once said the dangers of being tall. In the interview, Dr. Truumees said that taller people are more injury-prone than shorter people. Also, tall people usually suffer more than short people. The reason why is because studies have shown that taller people have slower reaction times. 

However, using proper equipment can decrease the chances of getting severe injuries. All skateboarders, whether tall or not, must wear helmets all the time! Also, if you are tall, you must have the right board size for your size. 

Should Tall Skateboarders Get A Large-Sized Board? 

To redeem the impact of an increased center of force and to have more strength to push the skateboard, taller skateboarders tend to buy bigger boards. Even though many people said that it brings good results for the skateboarding learning process, it is only effective when skateboarding through a slope. 

Tall skateboarders can get an average size board. If tall skateboarders want to perform tricks, a normal-sized board is great. Yes, tall skateboarders may feel uncomfortable when they put their big foot on the board for sure. However, proper training will accustom tall skateboarders to that thing. 

The most essential technique to improve the skateboarding skill of a tall skateboarder is to balance with their center of force on the board to push themselves effortlessly. 

Who Is The Tallest Professional Skateboarder?

The tallest professional skateboarder is Ron Whaley. What is his height? His height is 6’6”! Tall, right? 

Whaley has been active in skateboarding since the 1990s. Today, Ron Whaley spends his time designing skateboards for the Santa Cruz skateboard company. However, he still posts videos of tricks on his social media. 

Ron Whaley was interviewed by Big Brother magazine in the early 90s. He joked about his extraordinary height: “ I think that’s one of the reasons why I am pro for sure. It’s just the fact that I’m the tallest one. It’s a novelty”.

Yes, the statement he gave is a joke, but Whaley has gained notoriety for his stature. Whaley is the tallest professional skateboarder, but he is not alone. He has plenty of tall colleagues who became professional skateboarders too. 

Other Professional Skateboarders That Are Tall

Below are the two other tall professional skateboarders. Let us check them out! Note that these two skateboarders did not grow tall because of skateboarding.

Tony Hawk

Whether you are a skateboarder or non-skateboarder, you have probably already heard about Tony Hawk. Yes, he is one of the characters and the reason why the Tony Hawk video game was invented. His height is 6’3”. 

Tony Hawk began skateboarding at the age of nine years old. His height never stopped him from becoming a great skateboarder of all time. He had his first sponsorship at the age of 12 years old! Amazing! Right?

Tony Hawk retired from competing in 1991. However, he still skates for leisure. During his free time before, he spent his time founding several businesses, including his billion-dollar video game that I have mentioned above. 

Andrew Reynolds

Andrew Reynolds is the other tall skateboarder. He is known as “The Boss” in skateboarding circles. His height is 6’2”. 

After he graduated from high school, Reynolds was approached by Birdhouse, the skateboard company of Tony Hawk. He left his old life to pursue skateboarding. Thrasher named Andrew Reynolds the Skater of the year in 1998. He was only 20 years old at that time! 

Reynolds left Birdhouse and started his own company named Baker Skateboards. Baker Skateboards have lots of talented skateboarders, including the son of Tony Hawk. 

Final Verdict

Skateboarding does not make you taller, and that is the fact you should put inside your brain. Yes, it is a great exercise, but it is not a great tool to be taller. Also, if you are tall, it does not mean you cannot skateboard. Yes, it may be hard compared to smaller skateboarders but with proper and consistent training, you can improve in skateboarding!