How Do Skateboarders Not Get Hurt

How Do Skateboarders Not Get Hurt? This Is How!

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Skateboarding is one of the dangerous sports that have been created. Why is skateboarding dangerous? The reason why skateboarding is dangerous is that there are lots of chances that you might fall from your skateboard. If you are very unlucky and your head bounces first on the ground, it can be extremely painful and dangerous too. 

Beginners in skateboarding are the ones who usually get hurt from skateboarding. The reason why is because beginners don’t know how to fall properly on the skateboard and how to control their skateboard properly. It is inevitable for beginners in skateboarding to fall from their skateboard for the first time. 

There is one thing that most people think about pros and adept skateboarders. They think that these adept skateboarders do not get hurt from skateboarding! Well, somehow, it can be true. So, how do these adept skateboarders not get hurt? How do skateboarders not get hurt from skateboarding? Let us find out their technique!

How do skateboarders not get hurt? Skateboarders don’t usually not get hurt. The right term is they get hurt not too often. The reason why skateboarders get hurt less is that they are already adept at falling from their skateboarding, maintaining their speed, and balancing their skateboard. 

Today, you will learn lots of new different things about skateboarding. If you are a beginner that does not like to get hurt often because of skateboarding, then you must read this article because I will tell you the steps you can use so that you will not get hurt in skateboarding. If you are ready, let us move on!

Do Skateboarders Get Hurt A Lot?

The severity of the injury a skateboarder might get depends on different factors such as experience, the quality and health of his/her skateboard, and the protection he/she is wearing. Not all skateboarders have the same severity of the injury. 

If you are a beginner in skateboarding, expect many falls from your skateboard. That is why many people advise beginners in skateboarding to wear protective gear while practicing the basics. Also, if your skateboard is not in a good condition, there is a high chance that you fall from your skateboard and get injured. You must always check your skateboard. 

How Not To Get Hurt In Skateboarding?

Like I have said above, I will tell you different tips that you can use so that you will not get hurt in skateboarding. But before that, let me tell you that these tips will not make you a hundred percent immune from injuries. However, it will lessen the severity of the injuries you might get from skateboarding and it will help you get hurt in skateboarding less. 

So, the tips that you can use to not get hurt in skateboarding often are:

  • Wear protective gears
  • Learn how to fall properly
  • Learn to balance yourself
  • Learn how to maintain your speed
  • Never skate alone
  • Learn from the pros 

Wear Protective Gears

The first tip for you not to get hurt in skateboarding or avoid severe injuries is to wear protective gear. If you are a complete beginner in skateboarding, you might not know what protective gears are. So, what are the protective gears in skateboarding that you should wear to avoid getting hurt badly in skateboarding? 

You should get a pair of knee pads if you want to avoid scratches or wounds on your knees. Get a helmet. Not just a helmet but a skateboarding helmet. Helmets are essential because they will protect your head. Skateboarders that don’t hurt helmets are the ones who usually get severe head injuries. Lastly, 

You can also get some elbow pads if you want to avoid scratches or wounds on your elbows. Lastly, the shoes. Shoes are also considered as protective gear because it is the one that protects your feet and the reason why your feet stay on the board. If you buy skateboarding shoes, your life will become easier! 

Learn How To Fall Properly From Your Board

The next thing you can do to not get hurt in skateboarding is to learn how to fall properly from your skateboard. Learning how to fall properly from your skateboard takes time and patience. However, once you have learned it, it will be worth the wait and sweat. So, if you don’t want to fall badly from your skateboard, then practice or learn how to fall properly from your board. 

Learn How To Balance Yourself 

The next thing you can do to avoid getting hurt in skateboarding is to learn how to balance yourself on your skateboard. It is very essential to know these skills because you will be using this every time you ride on your skateboard, whether you do tricks or cruise.

You have to make sure that you know how to balance yourself on your skateboard to avoid falling from your skateboard. Every adept skateboarder knows how to do this. If you can’t balance yourself on your board, then you will not be able to move and if you are not able to move, you will not be able to do some of the skateboarding tricks. 

Learn How To Maintain Speed

Next is you must learn how to maintain the right speed. If you are cruising, there is a chance that you might fall or bump into another car. The changes will become higher if you don’t know how to maintain the right speed or control your speed. You need to learn how and when to slow down or stop so that you will not get into accidents.

Never Skate Alone

Next is to never skate alone. This applies to everybody but mostly to beginners that don’t know the basics of skateboarding yet. You can bring a friend of yours that is adept at skateboarding. However, you can still bring your friend even if your friend is also a beginner in skateboarding. 

So, what is the purpose of bringing somebody with you if you will skate? Will you ask him/her to hold you while skateboarding? Of course not! The purpose of this tactic is simple. The reason why you should bring at least one of your friends is so that there will be someone to help you if you fall from your skateboard. 

However, it is better if you bring someone who already knows how to skate if you are a complete beginner in skateboarding. If the one you bring with you has experience in skateboarding, you will know the right and wrong in skateboarding.  

Learn From The Pros 

The last thing you can do to avoid getting hurt from skateboarding is to learn from the pros on the internet. There are lots of tutorials out there on the internet. I am sure that you will get valuable information from a pro or adept skateboarder. Aside from the pros, listen also to your friends that are adept or experienced in skateboarding. 

What Should You Do If You Get Hurt From Skateboarding? 

The first thing you must do when you get hurt from skateboarding is to check how severe the injury is. If you have a broken bone, then you must call an ambulance immediately, especially if this prevents you from walking. 

If you have a wound or scratch, you can apply some ethyl alcohol or Betadine if you don’t want it to be painful while treating your wounds. After applying, get some band-aid and cover your wound or scratch. However, if the wound is big, it is better for you to use bandages. If your wound did not get dry after two weeks or more, then it’s time to go to the doctor because it might be an infection if your wound is still wet and fresh after two weeks. 

If you want to lessen your chances of getting hurt or injured from skateboarding, you must follow the tips I gave you above. Those tips are helpful because it is based on experience and research. 

Final Words

Skateboarders get hurt. The myth that skateboarders, especially the pros, do not get hurt is not true and absurd. Every one of us makes mistakes and so do the pros. However, even though it is inevitable to get hurt from skateboarding, there are ways for you to lessen your chances to get hurt. Just follow the tips I gave you above. Cheers!