How much it cost to build your skateboard? Actually, better parts!

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Have you ever gotten to where you tend to inspect parts of skateboards like bearings, trucks, and wheels and know how you want them to work? Buying a beginner skateboard is fine, but sometimes prepackaged skateboards don’t suit your preferences.

It is often expensive to build your skateboard, which you will buy in parts. But it will reduce your discomfort and worry when you start your skateboarding journey.

If you are an early worker, this article will tell you how much a custom skateboard costs and what to consider when creating your design.

Skateboarding Cost Breakdown:

Buy a skateboard is just the starting. Moreover, prices face and can add up depending on your preferred design. Street skaters need to change footwear because the grip tape helps to cuts through the beck.

Cheap buying stuff means you’ll have to restore parts sooner, high-level bikes will end you quickly, but cheap bikes will. The linear track for trucks. Cheap trucks wear thin much more quickly than high-quality trucks.

It’s all about putting money into the right parts within your budget; buying a used skateboard is the best option.

Price of skateboard decks ($35-$50):

Most of the time, you can pick up a pack for lower than 30 dollars at an event, but the price of a group is almost $50. Most of the decks are not created equal. Make sure you choose one of them.

Then there are the blank packs that are lower than those with graphics. Buying in large amounts lowers the price. But you buying risk-compressed packages multiple times, resulting in warped boxes.

How much it cost to build your skateboard?

Around 50 dollars is safe, though packages go as long as $200. Powell Peralta Flight decks cost approximately 100 dollars. But are made of unique construction and material to last longer. Technologies are premium due to advanced construction like Dwindle impact, Santa Cruz VX, or Lithe skateboards.

1) Blank Skateboards Deck: $35

2) Brand name skateboard deck: $50-$65

3) Durable Skateboard Decks $90-$200

Brand Decks (“Pro” Models) – $50 to $65:

Branded decks are expensive, depending on which brand you want to support. Qualitatively, they are almost identical, except for a few brands. It depends on where they are made.

Graphics help support the skateboarding industry (contests, sponsorships, etc.). Buying a branded package also helps the industry develop better equipment.

Often the more expensive decks have better shapes than shop and blank decks; for example, they are more concave for tricks.

Empty Packs – $35 to $40:

Depending on where you buy your blank pack, there isn’t much difference between the professional models. Mostly they even come from the same factory.

Blank decks have a softer and more general shape and are great for learning to ride. If you buy an empty pack from the bad batch, it may not last as long.

Since you’re paying half the price of a branded deck, this could be a viable solution if you break tiers frequently.

Shop Decks – $30 to $40:

Some stores offer their decks. Sometimes they have their press for skateboard decks; they buy them in bulk and print their logo on them more often.

I know many skaters who only buy gear from their favourite store. Buying a shop deck is the best way to support your local skate shop!

Carbon Fiber Plates – $90 to $120:

While carbon fibre boards are pretty expensive, they last much longer than traditional 7-ply maple boards. Decks like the Santa Cruz VX and Powell Flight Decks offer multiple layers of fibreglass that make them nearly impossible to break. These decks have less pop than your regular maple deck but can save you money if you break the decks frequently.

Cost of skateboard carts ($20-$80):

Trucks widely in rates, for $20. You can CCS and Mini Logo trucks, which are not resistible. But great for a season or two. The independent titans are around 75 dollars; that’s a massive difference.

Costly trucks are usually much more handsome than their little counterparts. They are also more responsive and make a difference in landing a trick or eating shi*t. Younger will notice it, but you will feel the difference once you get better.

How much it cost to build your skateboard?

The good quality trucks will price you 40 dollars and last forever. I wouldn’t discount the trucks; new trucks take a while to get used to, and why not invest a little more? It will be less in price in the long run.

1) Basic Skateboard Carts (CCS): $20

2) Decent Skateboard Carts (Tensor Alloys): $25

3) Quality skateboard carts (Thunder, Independent): $40-$60

4) Most expensive skateboard carts (Indy titanium): $80

Price of skateboard wheels ($15-$60):

There are bikes to choose from, and prices vary so much that it’s easy to get lost. The street wheels of the skateboard from Mini Logo cost around $20. At the same time, Spitfires can go up to $40. You get what you pay; the Mini Logo wheels wear out faster, and it’s almost impossible to get the Spitfires on a flat spot.

Why is there such a high difference in price? Is this because of the plastic mixture of quality (or polyurethane)? The Mini Logo probably uses fewer quality plastics, whereas the Spitfire or Bones uses quality stuff. The result is average wheels that wear out in a season or two or wheels that can last for years.


If you want the best custom skateboard, you will have to spend a little more than the average. But with this, we will be able to get high-quality wheels, bearings, and carriages, along with an impressive design on the top and bottom.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you will know how much a custom skateboard costs based on your preferences.