How Often Should I Practice Skateboarding

How Often Should I Practice Skateboarding? Best Time To Practice!

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Let me ask you a question. What are the goals you are trying to attain? Why are you skateboarding right now? Do you want to become a professional skateboard soon? Or do you want to earn money from skateboarding by becoming a Youtube sensation? Or you only want to add skateboarding to the list of your learned skills?

Whatever your goal is, for you to attain it, you need time, long or short, to achieve it. However, how often should you practice skateboarding to reach the goals you have in mind? What is the norm?

How often should I practice skateboarding? If your goal is to become a professional skateboarder or Youtuber, you should practice 3-6 times a week. But if your goal is only to have fun or learn new skills, practicing 1-2 times a week is fine. The heavier your goal is, the longer you should practice. 

However, that is my short answer. Let us dig deeper to give you more information and a guide on how often you should practice skateboarding. I will tell you how long it takes for you to learn easy and hard skateboard tricks. Lastly, I will give you tips that you need before you start practicing skateboarding. If you are ready, let us proceed! 

How Many Hours Per Session Should I Practice Skateboarding?

The answer to this question depends on your goal. Like I have said above, the length of practice depends on the objective of an individual skateboarder. Goals are crucial when defining how often we should train, whether on cycling, longboarding, or skateboarding. 

No one can say how many hours per session an individual skateboarder must practice achieving his/her goal. It depends on your athletic abilities, health condition, and your level. 

If you are not athletic enough, you might not last four hours of practice. If you have a health condition like asthma, it is absurd to practice skateboarding five hours straight without breathing and resting. Lastly, if you are on the beginner level, it is impractical and dangerous to practice ten hours per session. 

You need to know yourself first before you decide how many hours per session you should practice skateboarding. You cannot force yourself to go extreme because it might harm you. 

However, whatever your goals, levels, health conditions, and athletic abilities are, it is better and practical to practice skateboarding at least one hour per session or day. Practicing one hour constantly every day will get you somewhere at least. 

But if you think you can practice for more than one hour, then do it. But make sure that you don’t abuse yourself. If you need a five or ten minutes break, do it. If you need a day off because your wounds or legs hurt, go to Starbucks and buy espresso to make you chill. 

How Often Should I Practice To Become A Pro Skateboarder?

Honestly, there is no expected timeframe to become a pro skateboarder. Many things may influence the opportunities a skateboarder has to reach the professional level. However, below are the two things that might help you speed up becoming a pro. 

The first is credibility. You cannot become professional if nobody knows you yet. You need to have your local skate shop if you plan on making a career out of skateboarding. Yes, Youtube and Instagram are making it easy for skateboarders to showcase their talent throughout the world. 

However, it is still much easier to have credibility if you have your skate shop. There would be managers from large companies that will interact with your shop to organize sponsorship or demos. So to have credibility, you need to have a skate shop and be active on social media. 

The second is consistency. You have to stay consistent with your skateboarding. You have to practice consistently to become a better skateboarder. Two to three hours of practice per day and four to five days per week is good. You will see improvements very soon if you do it consistently. However, if you think you are improving so well, start escalating your hours of practice. 

Becoming a professional skateboarder requires lots of effort, time, and consistency from you. Also, you have to become wise. Wise at making the right connections and creating credibility for yourself. 

It is not just about being consistent in practicing alone. You need to know how you can showcase your talent around the world and become well-known too. All of your practice is worthless if you cannot show it to the crowd. However, you also need to practice because without proper training, what will you showcase to the people? Bunch of failed Ollies or kickflips?

How Long Does It Take To Become Good At Skateboarding?

It is not possible to determine how long you need to train to become good at skateboarding. Skateboarding is different, and it can be dangerous and scary. 

Like I have mentioned above, you have to practice at least one hour per session depending on your abilities and health conditions. If you can escalate the number of hours, do it. Also, four to five days a week is good. 

So, by practicing four to five days a week and one to two hours per day, you can become good at skateboarding for 1-2 months. However, you have to be consistent with your schedule to attain that goal. Skipping one or two days will only take you longer to be good at skateboarding. 

How Long Does It Take To Learn Skateboard Tricks?

It is another difficult question to answer because many factors affect how long it takes for a newbie skateboarder to learn how to do tricks.

Your health condition, fitness level, flexibility, how you handle your fear, how often you practice skateboarding, and how athletic you are, are the factors that have an impact on the length of time it takes you to learn skateboard tricks. Never get discouraged! It is essential to learn at your own pace and only push yourself to the limit if you think you are ready. 

The five easiest skateboard tricks you can learn are the flip on, caveman, rail stand on, boneless, and tic-tac. These five tricks should be the first five tricks every beginner in skateboarding should focus on. It can take you 1- 2 weeks to master these five easy skateboard tricks. 

How Long Does It Take To Learn Advanced Skateboard Tricks?

The answer to this question is also strenuous, like the first one above. It solely depends on the individual. That is why it is impossible to determine how long it would take for a skateboarder to learn advanced tricks. 

After those five easy tricks, let us say ollie is your next target trick to learn Ollie is one of the difficult skateboard tricks. The timing and motions of the ollie are strenuous to put together. 

Depending on an individual skateboarder, people learn Ollies at different rates. I have friends that are addicted to skateboarding. Some of them learned ollie in a day and some in a week and even months!

In learning skateboard tricks, it does not matter how long it will take you to master them. What matters is to learn it. However, if you really desire to make it faster, practice consistently every day and stick to your schedule. You will never get anywhere if you are always postponing your practice session. 

How Long Does It Take To Learn To Ride A Skateboard? 

Depending on your athletic abilities, perseverance, how often you practice, commitment, and schedule it can take one day to a week to learn to ride a skateboard. However, aside from that, the quality of your skateboard, confidence, and facilities in your area plays a part also. 

If you practice every day and stick with your schedule every week, you will learn skateboarding faster. Skateboarding tricks might take time, depending on how hard it is. However, if you are dedicated, you will surely attain your goal and learn all of the skateboard tricks! 

Is It Possible To Practice Skateboarding At Home?

If you don’t have a place to skate, it is possible to practice skateboarding at home. You can do some balance board, some resistance and coordination activities, and use your carpet and board to practice some skateboard tricks! Also, if you have a large backyard, you can practice there too. Below is the video of three skateboard workouts for indoors. 

Final Verdict

You have to practice skateboarding at least one hour a day if you desire to see some progress and improvement. However, if you desire to become a professional skateboarder or Youtuber someday, you have to escalate the number of hours you practice per session. Aside from that, you also need to know how to create credibility for yourself. How can anyone know your skills if you are not showing them to the world?

The number of days per week and hours per day you should practice depends solely on your goal. The heavier the goal is, the more often you should practice skateboarding. To achieve your goal, you have to be consistent in your skateboarding practice. Stick to it!