How To Avoid Pebbles While Skateboarding

How To Avoid Pebbles While Skateboarding? Awesome Guide!

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Skateboarding outside the road is fun, especially if you are a fan of cruising. However, there is one enemy that skateboarders encounter whenever they skate on the road. What is that enemy? Well, that enemy is very small but every skateboarder is afraid of it because this little thing can cause accidents. So, what is that enemy? Pebbles! 

Pebbles are notorious among skateboarders. The reason why is because pebbles are small but can stop you while you are skateboarding. It can cause accidents, severe or mild. So, how can you avoid pebbles while skateboarding? This is the common question of skateboarders out there who have an experience getting hurt by these tiny pebbles. Let me tell you how you can avoid pebbles while you skate!

How to avoid pebbles while skateboarding? To avoid pebbles while skateboarding, you must first check the location where you want to skate. Check the road or ground if there are any pebbles or other small things that might hurt you. After checking it and no debris or other small things that might hurt you like pebbles, then you can ride your skateboard. 

However, there are other things that you can do to avoid falling from pebbles on the road while skateboarding. We will talk about those other helpful things later on! So, if you are ready to learn more about skateboarding, let us move on!

How To Avoid Falling From Pebbles On The Road While Skateboarding?

So, below are the things that you can do to avoid falling from pebbles on the road while skateboarding. Let us check them out! I am sure that these tips will help you avoid getting injured because of pebbles on the road while you are skateboarding. 

Check The Spot First Before Skateboarding

This first tip I will give you is very essential if you are getting ready to skate or do some skateboarding tricks down a set of stairs or off a ledge. 

You must check the spot first before skateboarding. Walk up first to where you will be skateboarding and look around on the ground. You must look for the little things that might hurt you. Look for any visible rocks, pebbles, and other small debris that can cause an accident. If you do see some, kick it with your foot, use a broom, or just use your bare hands to throw it away. 

If you watch pro skateboarders getting ready before doing a skateboarding trick, they always walk to the ground first and inspect the spot before attempting the skateboarding trick they want to execute. Hitting a pebble and falling from your skateboard is not something most skateboarders want to happen. 

Shift Your Weight

This technique is what most skateboarders do when they see a pebble or rock coming up to their board. If you notice a rock or a pebble before you hit it, you can just slightly lift up your front trucks and shift your weight back. This will let the front wheels of your skateboard ride over the pebble effortlessly. 

It is possible to have your back wheels catch the pebble or rock. Try and shift your weight back to the front wheels and turn your board so that this will not happen to you. The downside to this technique is that you need to notice the pebble before you ride over it. This does not happen all the time. Some of the rocks or pebbles along the road are very hard to spot, especially if you are moving quickly on the road. 

Buy Some Softer And Larger Skateboarding Wheels 

The last and effective way to avoid pebbles while skateboarding is to buy some softer and larger skateboarding wheels. However, this may not also be the perfect solution because the wheels of your skateboard need to be pretty soft to ride over most pebbles and then they will not be good to do tricks with. 

One solution most skateboarders execute is to cruise to the park on soft wheels or longboard wheels and switch them out to harder wheels. This can take some time and requires a T-tool. However, this is still a good option. Switching the tires of your skateboard is cheaper than buying another set of skateboards for cruising.  It is true that slightly larger and softer wheels will help you but just don’t go overboard. 

Do Pebbles On The Road Cause You An Accident? 

Pebbles and rocks are the things most skateboarders hate when they cruise along the road. The reason why is because these little tiny things can be dangerous for any skateboarder out there. 

So, yes! Pebbles or rocks on the road can cause you an accident while you are skateboarding. If you are not very careful while you skate, you might not notice the pebbles or the rocks along the road while you cruise or doing a certain skateboarding trick. So, if you don’t want to get into an accident because of pebbles, follow the tips I gave you above. 

How To Ride Your Skateboard Over Sidewalk Cracks? 

Sometimes, an uneven or large sidewalk crack can make it hard for a skateboarder to skate. So, how can you ride your skateboard over sidewalk cracks? Here is how!

If a sidewalk is too big or deep, it is best to avoid it by skating around it or doing an ollie to jump over it. Normal cracks in the pavement can usually just be rolled over with enough speed on your skateboard. If you know  a trick, do it. A nice skateboarding trick is to bring your front wheels up as high as you approach the crack on the sidewalk so that only one set of wheels has to roll over it. 

Final Words

Pebbles and rocks sucks. They can stop any skateboarder, even the professional ones. When you are cruising or doing skateboarding tricks in a certain location, you have to be mindful and careful. You must look out for the pebbles on the ground. Try to kick the pebbles away or simply avoid it when you are cruising. The tips I gave above will surely help you avoid pebbles while you skate. So, good luck skateboarder!