How to carry your dog on a BMX bike: Guidelines!

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Do you love cycling? Do you love your dog? Then it’s time to get your dog on a bike and (both) live your best life! It is about riding with a pet dog. The real thing about writing this article is that people should know how to carry your dog on a BMX bike.

Do you want to take your furry friend with you everywhere? Even on your bike? It may not seem the most practical at first glance, but it is possible with the right solutions!

How to carry your dog on a BMX bike

Maybe you don’t want to put your dog in a basket, or you can’t leave your best friend in the Saddle when jumping; our ultimate guide to taking your dog on a bike will give you plenty of safe options that’ mean you’ll spend even more time with your pup.. .so they never have to leave you. Maybe you don’t want to put your dog in a basket or can’t bear to leave your best friend behind when Bouncing in the Saddle, our ultimate guide to taking your dog on a bike, gives you plenty of safe options that will allow you to spend even more time with your pup. . So they never have to leave you.

Whether you want to take your dog on a leisurely weekend bike ride or need a convenient way to take them with you when you get from point A to point B, choosing the right option for the type of dog you have is crucial to their holding. Safe and comfortable simultaneously, especially if you likely put a few kilometers on your bikes. But don’t worry, we’ve rounded up the best ways to take your dog for a bike ride, so you’re sure to find one perfect for you.

1- Front basket – best for getting out the door quickly:

One of the easiest (and cutest!) ways to take your buddy on an adventure is to pop them in the front basket… and that’s it! Simple, right? If you already have a front basket fitted to your bike, you don’t need anything else to prepare ahead of time; it’s an excellent choice for a short, spontaneous trip. If you want a dog basket for your bike, remember that it is only suitable for specific bike designs. If you’re a fussy pet parent, having your dog in the foreground means you’ll be keeping an eye on him the whole way – just try not to get distracted by his cuteness!

How to carry your dog on a BMX bike

Of course, this option won’t exactly do if you’re the proud parent of, say, a labradoodle — but it could be perfect if you have a small breed. However, even if you are dealing with a tiny teacup breed, make sure your front basket is robust, stable, and sturdy. It’s also worth bearing in mind your dog’s obedience level – does he get distracted, fidget or startle easily? If so, it may not be the safest choice for either of you.

2- Bike Cargo Trailer – Best for larger breeds or multiple dogs:

A bicycle trailer is a very safe and comfortable way to take your dog on a bicycle with you, so for longer journeys, we recommend it to be the leader of the pack in terms of options! While a trailer isn’t the fastest or most innovative option, it’s nothing a little setup planning can’t fix.

How to carry your dog on a BMX bike

It’s up to you how you customize your ‘woof-wagon’ to make it a haven for your dog, but finding a way to secure them in the trailer is a must as they’ll be out of sight for most of your drive. . Try a bungee cord or short leash to keep them in place.

A big pro when choosing a bike trailer is that it can transport larger dogs, as many bike trailers are designed for children. Because of this, many of them can even carry more than one dog – depending on their size. Of course – which is perfect for those with canine “families”!

3- Rear basket – best for longer journeys:

This rear basket is somewhat of a compromise between a front basket and a trailer, giving you the best of both worlds: convenience and quick loading combined with safety and comfort for your pup on potentially longer rides.

Cargo wheels with longer tails are perfect for attaching large rear baskets and are slippery enough to leave attached for those trips where your dog won’t be out for a ride. (They’re a godsend for more significant grocery shopping or commuting!) These rear bin designs are also much roomier than front bins (but less cumbersome than trailers), so they have the potential to satisfy medium-sized containers. dogs too

How to carry your dog on a BMX bike

As with a trailer, when your pup is behind you and out of sight, it’s essential to ensure they are secured. You’ll also need to take extra care to ensure hazards such as long cables (which could get caught in the wheels or pedals) are eliminated, as your rear basket won’t be enclosed like many trailers. Once adequately cared for, you can ride safely, knowing your pup is enjoying the wind in your hair!

4- Backpack – Best for the cute factor:

The grab-and-go option just melts our hearts and is guaranteed to make some passers-by. Smaller and lighter dog breeds are ideal for carrying in specially designed packs, as many dogs feel much safer when they are in close contact with their owner on a bike – especially if they are new to cycling.

When buying, one thing to consider is finding a backpack that will provide comfort for your dog and you – because you will be carrying the load! You’ll also want to consider how long you can stand in the Saddle with the backpack option. It may be fast and convenient, but the backpack is only suitable for shorter trips.

How to carry your dog on a BMX bike

In addition to being an option limited to use for smaller breeds, there are a few downsides to this adorable method of transportation for your best friend!

5- Bike Leash – Best for Adventure:

While they’re less suitable for road cycling, a harness and leash for your dog made specifically for bike rides have the potential to make for an enjoyable time if you’re looking for a bit of adventure while giving your dog (and yourself!) some quality exercise…

It is the perfect choice for larger dogs and keen athletes – looking to rack up the miles! If your dog is strong, he is likely to run away from you, so make sure you choose a bungee-style leash to avoid sudden jerks. And a non-pulling harness for your dog that is both durable and comfortable is an absolute must.

Most cyclists feel safer with a long bike leads to reduce the risk of colliding with a dog if you have room to play!


Taking bike rides together might be your favorite thing to do with your puppy. Bicycle rides are a fun way to stay fit, have fun, and explore new places with your dog.

You can take Fido to trot along with your bike or carry him everywhere in a trailer, basket, or backpack. Make sure you get a clearance from the vet before you start, and train your pup carefully to accompany you on your rides. With your furry best friend by your side, bike rides are about to be much more fun!