How to do a 360 flip in true skate: Safe Tricks!

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How to do a 360 flip in true skate? The Tre flip in true skate, also known as the 360 flips, is a kind of skateboarding trick invented by Rodney Mullen. The Tre flip combines a backside 360 pop shoves and a kickflip. A flip in a true skate that is back shuv is like a 360 front shuv. Instead of pushing forward with your back foot, it is. You move around.

How to do a 360 flip in true skate

Furthermore, a 360 flip on a true skate. Is an incredible realistic simulator for automobile devices. While the developers made the fantastic game is that close to reality as possible. A kickflip true skate boding is when you position your foot on the middle of your skateboard and point. It is diagonal placed when you slide your foot up to do an ollie when you can flick the board and make it spin backward.

How to do a 360 flip on a skateboard:

It’s a beautiful move that makes the skateboard spin on its axis. And is one of the most popular and fun flip tricks you can do. With a slow-motion 360 flip on a skateboard, you’ll notice how complex the twist and turns are.

How to do a 360 flip in true skate
  • Foot placement is key to a well-executed Tre flip.
  • Weather, the front foot should be in the middle of the deck. At a 30 to 45-degree angle, with the heel slight hanging off the edge of the board.
  • But, the back foot will play the primary role in landing. The Tre flip, so make sure your toes “grab” the tail corner of the board.
  • A 360 flip on skateboarding in Your back heel should not touch the deck.
  • Instead, most pressure should be apply to the toes for more pop power.
  • The sweeping motion generated in the tire flip comes from the work done by the back foot.
  • The back foot will pull the board back during the initial pop phase. While the front foot moves up, straight, and out of the pack.
  • Yet, it would help if you tried to put equal weight. On both sides of the skateboard to achieve a balanced flipping motion.
  • The best place to learn tire flip is on a smooth and slippery flat surface. As it makes it easier to scrape the rear wheels backward on the ground.
  • Also, start the tire slow forward – never in a stationary state. Otherwise, the board may go behind you or to the side.
  • After that, the board completes its entire rotation. And you need to be able to catch it with your front foot before balancing everything with your back foot.

How to do 360 flips:

A 360 ​​flip is often called Tre flip, one of the most popular tricks in skateboarding. This trick combines a shove-it kick. The flip of a kickflip doesn’t involve much of an ollie-pop of the back leg.

Furthermore, A 360 flip skateboarding is a Roll skateboard. At a comfortable speed on a flat smooth surface. Your back foot should be tiptoe with your toes slight overhanging. Which helps with scooping. Your front foot should be angle like a kickflip but further down the board. Begin to lift yourself and imagine scratching and picking up your tail. Tip first and swing your front legs out.

Moreover, A 360 flip requires you to scrape and jerk the board’s tip against. The ground and immediately swing your front foot. As your tail hits the ground, turn your front foot up and off the side of the toe.

  • The 360° flip motion almost makes you kick. The air with your scissors. This will help you stay out of the way of the board as it spins and turns. Keep your eyes on the board and wait for the grip tape to reappear.
  • Once the board has completed a 360 turn and flip, grab the board with your front foot first. Replace the rear leg as soon as possible after the front leg catches it. Avoid overdoing that crazy front leg catch because it looks awful. Keep the board horizontal in the air.
  • Bring your skateboard back to the floor as well as the land with all four wheels down at once
  • Make sure to get your feet even spaced as you land, and keep your weight central.
  • Bend your knees, absorb their impacts, and balance yourself with your arms. Ride away stoked.

How to do a 360 flip on the ground:

Doing 360 spin skateboarding will involve medium to heavy impacts on your skateboard. Regardless of the style you want. So your skateboard must meet these least requirements to help you perform well.

How to do a 360 flip in true skate
  • It is a whole spin with your board on the ground without throwing it in the air, so no Ollie.
  • Moreover the 360 flip two back-to-back spins, so one of the secrets of the 360 ​​is the attitude. Make sure your feet are far apart, precise behind the wheels, so you can lift both ends of the board up.
  • On a flat surface, 360 ​​can be more demanding on longboards.
  • The first thing you should be able to do is to pull. The regular and fakie studs connect them smooth over the tarmac. You can start this trick in either direction – the rule is to learn it in the guide most convenient for you. Of course, you should also be sure to ride both switch and regular.


Doing tricks on a skateboard isn’t about watching what other pros are doing. Sometimes you need a little courage and creativity to execute these skills in style.

Now that you know how to 360 on a skateboard in two different ways. You can start recreating some of the tricks in the books. Keep the tips I’ve shared so you can do them safe and effective.