How to get more pop on a skateboard? Get full Instruction

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How to get more pop on skateboard

When I think of skateboarders with pop, I think of Brandon Biebel. This man has a good sense of humor and a strong sense of humor that allows him to do the tricks of the trade or you can say that how to get more pop on skateboard.

A few things happen when you increase the power of your pop when we question how to get more pop on a skateboard.

The answer to how to get more pop on a skateboard:

The answer comes in three stages:

1) Better position

2) Pop Harder

3) Jump Up

Better Position:

A certain footing can give you an extra pop of your tricks. Ultimately it is up to you to find the most effective posture. You can ask for ideas, but it will probably fall short of personal preferences.

Can you do Ollie on a longboard?

How to get more pop on a skateboard

For example, if you want to pop a lot of your Ollies, my advice would be to put your front foot down below the front bolts and bend down more than usual. Then, hurry, Ollie, and suck both knees on your chest as you remove the obstacle.

The point is, you must have a good position. Some pressing points on your skateboard will give you a better pop. Find the right foot position for each strategy, and you will find yourself added.

Pop Harder:

A key tip to gain more elevation in your strategies comes with power. As the pop gets stronger, the strategy increases.

A new skateboard will give you a much better pop than a used skateboard. It is especially true if you wear the tail of your skateboard a lot. Try not to do that.

If you want that solid pop deck, try buying a new skateboard every 90 days.

Jump Up:

You have to jump up and down to get the top tricks, so let me tell you how.

Your ability to jump high is primarily due to the strength of your legs, but having strong spinal muscles is also important. Having strong legs and a spine can enhance your straight jump, giving you the ability to jump high, clear, and easy.

There are many exercises for improving core muscles.

  1. Push-ups
  2. Squats
  3. Plank
  4. Back bridge
  5. Hip lift

Check out these tests on Google or YouTube to see each show.

Regarding leg muscles, we talk about everything from the butt to the calf muscles.

Some of the best ways to use this are:

  • Lunges
  • Step-ups
  • Level jumps
  • Calf raises
  • Squats

You can also jump rope, run, bike, swim, etc.

Exercise to be strong and flexible, and you will see significant progress in your ability to devise strategies like Biebel.

Every week my inbox is found by swimmers who want to improve their Pop game. Some want to return their pop; others look to push the envelope to find out more. The good news is that there are scientifically based methods of training off-board, and you get a high transfer to the big pop game. This article is here to show you how.

When skaters talk about getting more pop, they often refer to the ability to get more height when they do their tricks. Three components enable this:

Explosive Power:

How to get more pop on skateboard

The publisher’s ability to use a large amount of energy in a very short time is reflected in the rapid movement of the back tail of the board to the ground.


We have seen in the skater’s ability to move freely into positions that allow for the maximum pop height of the board.

Ability to decelerate their body weight:

Your ability to reduce your newly acquired energy will be crucial to keeping you on your board. Inability to slow down can lead to problems in your ankles, knees, and hips, which will see you spend more time off the board than before.

This program applies to your workout routine at the beginning of your training day. The first is a sequence of movements that prepares for future training and works with the movement skills needed to move into positions freely.

Next, we use an advanced training method called a comparison set (more on that per second) to train the qualities needed to drain the energy from your new pop and keep you from getting hurt. Then we will give you the great power you have come here for The ability to have a pop like God on the board.

We can then use this energy window to teach the body to move explosively and create the right emotional pathways to allow the body to move in this direction again. It now sets the stage for you to transfer this newly acquired power to the board.

This program is designed to complement the training you are already doing, although it is important to slide into the middle of your training day to maximize results. Do it twice a week during a break of at least two days, and make sure you rest the amount of time needed between sets. Lack of rest may affect your recovery and, as a result, miss out on the intended benefits of the program. Failure to do both will see you unable to recover properly and create the following motivation.

Phase 1: 

Minimum two weeks to maximum four weeks on the program.


Work on the hips to reduce friction when blowing in the air.

Use the Bulgarian dividing squat to load the most pop-related movement on the board.

Use active grip to teach the body how to reduce the strength to the next stages.

Phase 2: 

Minimum two weeks-maximum four weeks on the program.


Continue working on the hip movement.

Use the divisive Bulgarian squat to load more pop-related movement on the board.

Use active jumps to use PAP to teach blast ability.

Phase 3:

 Minimum two weeks-maximum four weeks on the program.


Continue to work on the hip movement while improving the hip stability challenge.

Use the Bulgarian dividing squat to load the most pop-related movement on the board.

We continue to skip training the necessary skills to show the ability to explode continuously.


Now! What are you waiting for? Get out there and practice popping the skateboard. This humble trick can quickly lead to more advanced tricks with enough practice.