How To Lock Up A Skateboard? Best Ways!

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Introduction Of How To Lockup A Skateboard

How to lock up a skateboard, there are many things to lock up a skateboard. As a skateboarder, you will understand how important it is to keep your board safe and secure if you do not leave it. Skateboards are a fun way to get around town, but thieves can also target them.

Have You Ever Wondered How To Turn Off A Skateboard?

How to lock the skateboard is the main concern. Some skateboards are expensive, and thieves are open to stealing them.

Have you ever wondered how to turn off a skateboard? We all have our way of doing things, but there are common mistakes all skateboarders make. These errors become major problems when skateboards are confined to recreational areas or street corners.

Locking a skateboard is not as difficult as you might think. Knowing how to do this properly is important to ensure that your skateboard is protected from theft. So in this article, we will discuss how to lock a skateboard and give tips on how to do it properly to ensure it is not stolen.

Possibilities Of How To Lockup Skateboard

There are many methods of how to lock up a skateboard. Some are defined below.

Lockup Skateboard With A Pole

Is there any way that, how to lock up a skateboard?
Skates players often bring skateboards or longboards to skate parks or areas with few poles available. Using a pole to lock your skateboard is an effective way to prevent it from being stolen. Find a pole in a ski park or any other open space, and move your board to that pole.

For this purpose, many skaters try to attach their skateboard wheels to a pole. You can also select an empty storage area near the swing. It would help if you chose a section away from the crowd so no one can take it away while you play in the park.

It is mainly a most using method of how lock up a skateboard.

Using A Backpack

skateboard with bag

This is also another possibility of how to lock up a skateboard.
We prefer to carry a longboard in our backpack rather than hold it in our hands. It is easy to carry your lightweight skateboard in your bag if you do not leave. In addition, it is safe for the thief or someone to rob you of it if it is on your back. You can tie it to your back, and no one will know you are carrying a skateboard.

The only problem with this is that if someone sees you carrying a backpack, they may believe something is wrong with it and try to steal it. So, keep your backpack locked, so people don’t get caught trying to steal your skateboard.

Using Lockers

Another way how to lock up a skateboard.

Locks are a great place to store your skateboard or longboard if you do not leave. Most skate parks offer locks for their guests, which is a great place to keep your board. All you need is a lock to protect your skateboard from this. So, if you are not skiing and do not have space to place your skateboard, use a lock.

Using U-Lockers

Another way how to lock up a skateboard.
U-locks are one of the most popular locks because they are reliable and secure. Keep your U-lock in place because it does not take up much space in your pocket or purse. You can also use the U-lock to lock your skateboard if you do not have poles around you or any other area. These keys are perfect for both your board and wheels. You can lock them in one or two separate locations depending on your preference. It is necessary to lock the wheels so no one can take the board.

Using Cable Locks

Another way how to lock up a skateboard.
Cable locks are ideal for protecting your skateboard from something that does not have space available for you to use the U-lock. Although they are not as reliable as U-locks, they provide good protection for your longboard. You can keep your wheels with a cable lock. It’s a great way to keep your skateboard safe if you don’t use it, and it’s also very affordable.

Folded Skateboard

Another way how to lock up a skateboard.
Folding skateboards are very difficult to steal because they can be confined to a small area. If you do not use your folding skateboard, wrap it up and put it in your backpack. This way, you can prevent someone from stealing your skateboard, and you don’t have to worry about carrying it. You can also store them in cabinets without a problem.

By Using A Security Alarm

Another way how to lock up a skateboard.
If you are worried that someone is trying to steal your skateboard, you can use a security alarm to prevent that from happening. These alarms are loud and will frighten any thief who tries to take over your board. You can attach these alarms to your skateboard, backpack, or arm. The only downside to using a security alarm is that it can scare people around you and has a lot of noise. But, if you are worried that someone is stealing your skateboard, this is the best way to go.

Using Any Vehicle

Another way how to lock up a skateboard.
Most people go to skating parks by car or bike, so locking your skateboard is also a good option. Using a car, you can place your skateboard on the trunk or in the back seat. If you use a bike, you can lock your skateboard on the bike using the locking belt or Up-locks. It’s a great way to ensure your skateboard is safe when you don’t use it, and it’s very easy.

How to lockup a skateboard with your bike lock:

This heading discusses how to lock up a skateboard with your bike lock. The bike Racks are another great way to lock your skateboard in schools or colleges. If you are a student, you can find bike racks for your college or educational institution. Don’t forget to lock your skateboard again. It is important to protect your board because these cyclists are often in the skate park as they provide safety.


Hopefully, you understand all these different tips for locking your skateboard. If you follow all these methods, you can feel safe knowing your skateboard is secure. As well as, we already mentioned some common mistakes, so make sure you don’t do that while taking time and enjoying the skate park.