How to make longboard bearings replacement? Easy 11 steps!

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longboard bearings replacement

Enkeeo Longboard used in this tutorial. This guide should used to replace bearings on similar longboards with new bearings. You can also clean existing bearings or replace other parts. Such as wheels, washers, or spacers.

Longboard bearings keep the wheels spinning free, with minimal friction. It is important to replace worn longboard bearings. Because if they fail, it can lead to an unexpected crash. It is the perfect instruction manual if you have faulty bearings. For example, after an accident. Also, have spares and make sure you use the same size bearings. Some boards may have a different size bearing.

Have you noticed a drop in performance on your longboard? it’s time to replace the bearings on your longboard.

When the longboard bearings are dirty or broken, it will affect the riding speed. It will not give you a great ride and is also dangerous. In this article, we would like to share the simple steps to replacing bearings on a longboard.

Why Should You Change Your Longboard Bearings?

The bearings on your longboard are primary responsible for your wheels rolling. So if something is wrong with your bearings, you need to replace them immediately.

If your board’s bearings worn, their performance will slow down. You can no longer drive at increased speed, even if you push it hard. Replacing your longboard bearings can keep your longboard stable and reduce friction. The result is a smooth and comfortable ride.

Also, they can come off if you don’t replace the bearings. It will cause your wheels to fall off and loosen the axle nuts. It may pose a danger to you.

How Often Should You Change Your Longboard Bearings?

Several factors determine when you should replace your bearings. These include broken bearings, poor quality bearings. And a noticeable drop in speed of your board.

longboard bearings replacement

But, if your bearings are of good quality, you can replace them once a year or every two years. Also, if you want to increase the speed of your longboard, you need to change the bearings.

11 steps when replacing longboard bearings:

If you have now decided to replace the plate bearings, you need to know how to do it. Here are eleven steps to replacing longboard bearings.

longboard bearings replacement

1. Get skates and new bearings

The materials you will need for this task are skates and new bearings. Make sure your longboard bearings are standard and high quality.

2. Prepare your longboard

Take your longboard and place it on a stable surface. Turn it upside down, so the deck carriages are facing up.

3. Loosen the axle nut

Remove the nut where the wheels attached using a skating tool. Make sure you are using the correct skate size.

4. Remove the wheels and spacer

Once the nut is loose, you can remove the wheel and spacer. You can put the spacer in a safe place.

5. Pry out the bearings

Get the wheels and pry out the bearing using a small tool known as an Allen/hex key. Which is one of the parts of the skating tool. Once done, you can do the same on the other wheels. Also, remove the spacer that is between the bearings and the wheel.

6. Insert new bearings

Once the old bearings removed, you can put one of the new bearings in the wheel. Push it with your fingers. Or a tool until it is proper positioned or stops on the stop in the wheel. Do the same procedure with the other wheel.

7. Return the spacer

Once the bearings are in the wheel, put back the spacer that is between the bearings. It must be in an upright position.

8. Replace the outer spacer and wheel

Place the outer spacer back on the axis of the plate. Then put the wheels back. Make sure they positioned correct.

9. Screw the axle nut back on

Using a skating tool, screw and fasten the nut to the axle. It will keep the wheel tight and in place.

10. Repeat the process

You can repeat the process from steps 1 to 9 on the other cart. Once completed, you can test drive the bikes.

11. Inspect the wheels

Test all four wheels by spinning them. It must move free. If they don’t turn proper, adjust the nut. It may be too tight, so you need to loosen it until the wheels spin free.

But, if all the wheels turn well, you will have a good driving speed.

longboard bearings replacement

Sometimes we get a little bogged down in the technical details. And forget the basics like applying grip tape or assembling trucks. In this video, you will quick look at how to replace the bearings on a longboard skateboard.

Some of our favorites are the classic Bones Reds, Zealous or Atlas Blackouts. The latter two come with built-in spacers. One of the key tricks for changing bearings is to use longboard truck axles to help you. Because they designed to fit the bearing perfect, you can use them to slide the bearings out of the wheel hub. Simple place one bearing on the end of the axle and pry. The bearing is out of the hub at a 45-degree angle to the side of the axle. Never insert or remove them with a screwdriver! You could end up bending the bearing shield.

If using a bearing spacer, tighten the axle nuts enough to get your wheels snug. If you don’t have spacers, use a skate tool to tighten the axle nuts until they are tight enough that the wheel won’t spin. Then loosen them about half a turn. Your wheels should not wobble from side to side and should spin free.


Omit, I recommend you replace your old bearings with high-quality ones. And you can change them once a year or every two years. Also, maintain your bearings by cleaning them from time to time or once a month. Especially if you are constant riding. Check the bearings for wear.

Bearing replacement and maintenance will result in higher speed and smoother rides. It will keep you safe. This article on how to replace longboard bearings will give you. The knowledge to maintain your longboard.