How to make your own skate wax? Perfect tricks!

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How to make your own skate wax

Many skateboarders trust a good skateboarding wax. To handle hangups and other stunts effortless. Are you a fan of ordering from a skate shop? It can be a bit expensive anyway! But, you can make your own skateboarding wax at home for a fraction of the cost. Interesting, a similar process can also applied to snowboard wax. How to make skateboard wax at home? We’ll see!

Make plain wax by melting candles or crayons on the stove, or do it on the stove for better classroom viewing. Once you get used to this method. Try using natural paraffin and beeswax for even more suitable sticks. With your unique style of skateboard wax rather than your wallet.

What is skateboarding wax?

Skateboarding wax often consists of a paraffin base. And helps to reduce the collision that occurs. When you ride down rails, curbs, and another rough terrain. In general, sliding and grinding cause friction. This friction can slow the pace of your course and make it harder to complete.

How to make your own skate wax

Now skateboarding wax comes into play. The wax fills into slight cracks and defects to smooth. The outer surface of whatever you’re grinding on without quick stops. Of course!

Buying your first record? Or are you getting into stunts for the first time? Either way, you’ll need a skate wax to protect your board and keep it as smooth as possible. But, remember that softer textures are more slippery when using skating wax. So it’s best to test the areas you skate on so it doesn’t slip too much. Remember it!

Tip: If you’re not feeling well, you should take a break from skateboarding. Either physical or mentally. You should bring your A-game when doing this fun but rather dangerous activity.

Why is this wax so important?

Skateboard wax helps keep your skateboard clean and soft. It also improves the feeling when skating and the ride’s speed. Whether a beginner skater or a pro. This modest investment will increase your skating enjoyment! Once the skateboard has dried out from use. Again apply a bit of renewed handmade wax for more grip and acceleration.

How to make your own skate wax

Many other types of skateboard wax can purchased online or in physical stores. Such as liquid waxes, plastic spray waxes, and standard candle wax sticks. You may not have the opportunity to buy fresh produce whenever you want to use it. Still, homemade skateboard wax will always come in handy, and it’s pretty easy to make! Learn how to make skateboard wax at home!

Fun fact:

Are there any differences between snowboard wax and skateboard wax? Snowboard wax exists to maintain a firm grip on the board as long as possible. While also making the venture smoother on different types of snow. Skateboard wax won’t work well and stick to the board in these wet environments. It only works in dry environments.

The creation of your own skateboarding wax:

Now let’s look at the technique of making wax at home. Specific, there are two methods you can use to create an excellent skateboard wax. What exactly is it? Let’s go for it!

Melting wax in the oven:

First, preheat the oven to around 65°C. Allow the oven to preheat for at least 5 minutes while you prepare the wax. Wax has a low melting point, so keep the temperature low to avoid burning it. What if your oven doesn’t have many low-temperature options? In that case, use the lowest setting that exists.

.) Different types of wax soften at different temperatures. But you never need enough heat. If possible, set the oven to a greatest of 80°C.

.) The most suitable candles to use for skate wax are those that consist of paraffin. Although any oil product will do. Likewise, think about using a more generous wax than a crumbly one.

.) If you are unsure about using the bowl, turn it over. Do this to scan the safe oven label.

.) You can also melt the wax in the microwave. Some metal cans are on thin ice for microwave use, so look for safety warnings on the can to avoid a burnt mess.

.) Less is more when using oil. You’ll left with silky and crunchy wax if you overdo it.

.) Even if you remove the wax too early, it can break down. You won’t be able to use it, so the extra wait is worth it.

.) An alternative way to remove the wax is to cut it with a sharp knife. Heating the can, either in the microwave, to melt the edges of the wax is a good idea.

How to make your own skate wax

Blending wax in the cooker:

Choose some smaller candles to use to wax your skates. It is noteworthy. That paraffin tea candles are an excellent choice for creating your skate wax. You can even cut crayons and other types of candles. Bring about two or three candles, often enough to make one row of skates.

.) If you intend to make more sticks, get extra candles or crayons. Remember that making tons of skate wax on the stove is hard, so you might have to make one stick at a junction.

Cut 2.5 cm pieces of wax into the metal tin. Cut them with a small blade and pull out any wicks or wrappers as soon as you get them. As you work, dip the wax into an empty can such as an aluminum can or soda can. You can also use a stove-safe flame retardant dish.

.) How do you cut candles into parts that melt quick? Try scratching the wax with a blade. Hold the candle in one hand and drag the knife across it. The blade must be away from your body to avoid accidental cuts.

.) Whatever soda can you’re using, cut it in half? In the middle of the hole, you have room to fit the scissors. Then use the scissors to pull out the top half of the can.

.) The temperature of the water is not that important. but warmer water boils a bit faster if you need to melt the wax quick.
.) Mix careful! Make sure the wax does not splash into the water.


Skateboard wax is an important part of skateboarding. Skaters use it to improve how their board reacts to the ground and how it turns and slides. You can buy many different types of skateboard wax. But homemade skateboard wax is cheaper and can be as effective! In this blog post, we will teach you how to make your own skateboarding wax.