How to practice skateboarding in winter? Logical reasoning!

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How to practice skateboarding in winter

Skateboarding in winter is usually a bad idea. Where I live, it sometimes rains or snows for days, so skateboarding outside is out of the question. It’s time to get creative and think of alternatives. To stay in shape and keep improving your skateboarding skills.

It’s not the end of the world if you don’t live near an indoor skate park. Abandoned buildings, basements, a garage. Or even your living room can used for bad weather skateboarding.

So let’s see what options are to keep skateboarding in the off-season and keep your dopamine levels up. Here are some ideas to keep you skateboarding in the winter, fall, and rainy days. Make sure you grab an old skateboard with old trucks and bearings.

How to survive winter as a skateboarder?

Skateboarding is one hell of a drug!

But serious, as skateboarders, our passion for getting out. And riding can sometimes be a true addiction. Especially with the endless skate videos. We see on social media daily, sometimes a few days without riding a board can feel like an eternity!

How to practice skateboarding in winter

If there’s anyone who understands the pain of not being able to skate, it’s those of us who live in cold, wet climates. As a skateboarder who grew up in Michigan. I know all too well what it’s like to skate in a freezing garage. Or small basement only to experience the thrill of the board again in the winter.

For skateboarders unfortunate enough to live in the upper northern hemisphere. November to March can be one of the most dreaded times.

When the cold winter days seem endless. And you can’t stop thinking about skating, you ask: “Where can I skateboard in the winter?”

Answer: You have to act like a real skateboarder and be creative! To inspire and spark your creativity. We’ve compiled this list of things to help you survive the winter as a skateboarder.

Can a skateboard get cold?

Proper board storage will protect it from wear and exposure to the weather. Often out in the shed or garage, it may seem like the perfect place to store your skateboard, but it’s not.

Rapid changes between high and low temperatures and humidity can damage your skateboard. Rapid temperature changes cause internal stress on the board and cause micro cracks. The first step to cracking. Moisture soaks into the board and can warp the wood and fray the grip tape.

How to practice skateboarding in winter

Ideal, you want to store your temperature-controlled skateboard and dry it. It can be a dressing room, a front room in your house or Keeping it cold once or twice won’t hurt your pack. Most of the time, these effects will only show if the temperature change happens quick. Moisture and water will warp and damage your skateboard. That much faster than temperature changes.

Where to skateboard in cold weather?

Indoor skate parks:

Indoor skate parks are your best option for escaping the cold and nasty weather. These designed to skated and usually have a good community of skaters. And a better atmosphere than many street spots.

Most major cities will have at least one indoor skate park, but you may have to drive a bit out of the way to get there. It is simple the reality for many skaters during the winter. If an indoor park is an hour or two away, they can take them once a week to skate during the winter and wait for spring.

Search Google to find a local skate park near you and sign up if you have one. Do not be shy. Even if you’ve never been to a skate park before or are a beginner. You’ll gain much from skating in a park with more experienced skaters.

How to practice skateboarding in winter

Parking garages:

Parking garages are almost identical to parking lots. But there are shelters from rain and wind, and you can often cut through different levels. The parking garage will usually be almost as cold as the weather outside. So don’t expect anything warm here. But it will protect you from the cold and is usually a few degrees warmer than outside in general.

I’ve found that I’m more likely to get kicked out of the garage than in the parking lot. Also, pop tricks tend to reverberate inside and make a lot of noise. Parking garages can be a good option but warned they can get you kicked out. A garage is best for rainy weather, not so much for cold weather.

Outside in the cold:

It is the answer most people don’t want to hear, but it’s most likely your best bet. If it’s not wet or rainy, you can skate outside in your usual places.

Your bangs will hurt more and be less comfortable and harder to relax. Still, if you don’t get there, you might not skate for two or three months in the winter.

Make sure you dress warm enough to skate in the cold and try to warm up quick. You’ll surprised how hot you’ll get. While skating and shed some layers during your workout. Avoid getting hit; hard-to-see frost can make surfaces too slippery for skating. Otherwise, feel free to do it. Invite another committed friend to skate to make the meeting more fun.

Your garage:

Get some flak for writing this, but many people started skating in their garage. Alexis Sablone. for example, is now an Olympic skateboarder. Who started skating in her garage because there was no one to skate with within her small town.

Your garage is by no means perfect, but you can practice flat ground tricks. The big catch is that you don’t have room to move around, so you usually practice your tricks without moving. It doesn’t always translate well to doing the trick while moving. I first learned to Ollie while standing but had to relearn it while moving.

So I would use it as a supplement to your normal skating. If you’re bored one night and don’t feel like going anywhere. Practicing kick-flips for an hour in the garage can help you progress. Plus, garages are great for rainy days. So yes, don’t skate exclusive in your garage. It will hinder your progress and is a bit weird.


Winter is annoying for skateboarders; it depends on where you live. You have to make the most of it. It’s also a good time to keep fit. Exercise, go for a run, and make sure you are fit before spring comes. It is a huge difference.

Hit the indoor park when you can, even if it’s once every two weeks. It’ll be great for muscle memory, and you’ll still get some exercise.