How to tighten longboard trucks? Answer for you!

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How to tighten longboard trucks

Loosening or tightening roller skate wheels is a simple job. Roller skates consist of a shoe attached to a “truck” that contains four wheels with ball bearings. The wheels arranged like on a car, unlike inline skates where the wheels form the shape of a blade. Roller skates are generally best for younger kids leaning into skating. So tightening or loosening the wheels becomes a chore. You can tighten or loosen the tightening nuts to change the amount of control you need.

Do you want to have a great turn and a smooth carve? Why not release your longboard trucks. The free carriages also make your ride comfortable, resulting in a cool and safe ride.

We’ve got you covered, if you don’t know how to release trucks. Hang on and read the following ways to unlock longboard trucks. Let’s start with some information about longboarding and. Why you need to release longboard trucks.

Almost every longboarder will agree that trucks that are too tight are no fun. Worse, they can be dangerous down there. Longboarding is about freedom on an oversized skateboard. Tight or twisty turns through town and giant carvings off a fresh paved. Country downhill are typical longboard maneuvers – all requiring loose trucks.

What Is Longboarding?

Longboarding is rolling or riding a longboard. Which is considerable longer than a skateboard. Its deck is about 36 to 60 inches long and 9 to 10 inches wide. It also has trucks, wheels, and duct tape. Its wheels are much larger than skateboard wheels.

Longboards have different shapes and designs. They are often used in traffic, freeride, downhill, racing, and even travel. They can travel at a higher speed of around 60 mph or 97 km per hour.

How to tighten longboard trucks

Longboards are ideal for cruising. Due to their wide turning radius and ability to travel long distances. To handle longboarding turns, you need to loosen or tighten your trucks.

Longboard trucks are responsible for edge turns and must released. Tight carts may not be possible in sharp or tight turns.

Why Do You Need to Loosen Your Longboard Trucks?

With longboarding, you achieve smooth rolling and cruising. It is because of its trucks that it can make smooth and wider turns.

You can also make a quick turn in an emergency if you have free trucks. Besides, you can have great carving and amazing downhill riding. When you have loose board trucks.

How to tighten longboard trucks

When you have tighter trucks, you may not achieve smooth turns. You also won’t be able to carve. It will affect your ride and cruising. That is why you must release your carts proper.

6 steps to loosen longboard trucks

Here are six easy steps to loosen your longboard trucks.

1. Getting the key:

The key will unlock your trucks. You can use an adjustable wrench or a socket wrench. You should use a 14mm wrench that is suitable for longboard trucks. You can also use large nut and bushing mounted pliers.

2. Prepare your longboard

Take your longboard, flip it on the table, and place the trucks on top. Make sure you have a stable surface, and the tables are not moving.

3. Start releasing the first carriage

Place a 14mm wrench on the axle nut. And loosen the carriage by turning the wrench counterclockwise. Continue turning the wrench until you think you have the release you want to achieve. Also, don’t over-squeeze the bushings when setting up longboard trucks.

4. Test the freedom of the cart

Tap the trucks and bikes to see if you have the freedom you want. Ensure it’s not too loose, as you could wobble or shake when rolling on the road. Simple have the appropriate freedom you need.

5. Release the second carriage

You can now release the second cart. Simple repeat the above steps to release the cart. Also, get the same clearance as the first truck for balance. You need to consider and test the looseness of the trucks.

6. Try out your longboard

You stand on your longboard and see if you have achieved the slack you like. If it’s not that loose, repeat the process until you get the appropriate release. Meanwhile, you can tighten the axle nut by turning clockwise if it is too loose.

Tight Trucks:

Skateboards with tight trucks can punch through a turn in tick-tock fashion. Due to their large size, longboards do not pull as smooth. Leaning into the corner is the way to go. Tight trucks do not allow sharp turns. The slide is also extreme popular among experienced longboarders (see video below). You cannot slide with tight trucks. So, the main reason we don’t recommend tight trucks is that. Longboarding will be very frustrating when you’re trying to turn the board!

How to tighten longboard trucks

Loose Trucks:

Loose trucks are synonymous with longboarding. Don’t go too crazy, though. Trucks should be as loose as you feel when you first start. Be sure not to compress the bushings when adjusting the carriages. Once you’re comfortable with the board, loosen your trucks a little bit. So they feel a little uncomfortable. Trust us – it will make you a better rider in the long run. For one, it forces you to master the balance. It will also enable quick turnaround in case of emergency. (dog, car, college student with a hangover).


Loosening or tightening the longboard trucks will certain affect your ride. If you have tighter trucks, you won’t slide easy. It can also pose a hazard on the roads. Please loosen the trucks of your longboard. This way, you will have a smooth ride and great cornering. You also slide easy on the road.

To help you unlock your trucks, follow the steps above to unlock longboard trucks. It’s better to know, so you always have a good longboarding experience. You will also have a safe ride when rolling on roads or downhill.