Is BMX Easier Than Skateboarding

Is BMX Easier Than Skateboarding? The Truth!

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BMX and skateboarding are both cool human-powered vehicles in the world. They have some similarities and they are rivals in some sense. You can do awesome tricks to skateboarding and BMX. However, I am not here to compare the two and tell you which is better. 

I am here to tell you which of the two are easier to learn and use. So, is it BMX or skateboarding? Which is easier? 

Is BMX easier than skateboarding? It is easier to learn to ride a BMX than a skateboard. However, the tricks of BMX are harder to learn than the tricks of skateboarding. It requires bigger confidence when learning the tricks of BMX. None are easier than another. Both are hard. But hard in different ways. 

To become a pro at both is incredibly hard. You need to have lots of confidence, consistency, and perseverance if you want to master one of them. None of the two is completely easy, both are hard. Hard in their own ways. 

Are BMX Tricks Easier To Learn Than Skateboard Tricks?

No. BMX tricks are harder to learn compared to the tricks of skateboarding. You need big balls for certain BMX tricks. 

The reason why BMX tricks are harder to learn is that you are controlling a bigger and heavier vehicle. If you fail to execute a certain BMX trick, it is harder to bail out from it than on a skateboard. When you fail on a certain skateboard trick, you can bail out from it easily. 

You can check out the two videos I will show you below and you can make your own conclusion which of the two has the harder tricks to execute. Below are the videos people claimed as the hardest tricks on BMX and skateboarding. Let us check it out!

Is BMX More Dangerous Than Skateboarding?

Both skateboarding and BMX are dangerous, especially if you are not wearing safety gear, like a helmet and knee pads and no proper training. 

BMX can be more dangerous than skateboarding and skateboarding can be more dangerous than BMX. They both are dangerous in their own different ways. 

Some people think that skateboarding is more dangerous than BMX and vice versa. In reality, both of them are dangerous. However, their level of danger is not equal. Skateboarding can be more dangerous in a certain aspect than a BMX and vice versa. Let me give you two examples. 

Let us say you are going to fly in the air through a ramp to do a certain trick. Surely, BMX is much more dangerous if it is the one that will be used to perform that certain trick. Why? Because it is harder to bail out on a bicycle than on a skateboard. 

Another example. Let us say you want to ride on a BMX or skateboard on a busy road in New York. Of course, riding on a skateboard on a busy road is much more dangerous than riding a BMX. Why? Because it is harder to control and balance a skateboard than a BMX. 

See? They are just both dangerous. It depends on where and how you use it. If you are going to use it for tricks, BMX is much more dangerous. But if you plan to just use it as your mode of transportation, skateboarding is much more dangerous.

If you don’t want to get hurt severely from skateboarding or BMX, wear the proper gear and have proper training. Don’t do some tricks that pros do on Youtube if you are still at a novice level. It is very dangerous! You need to learn the basics first. 

Which Of Them Are Good For Transportation? 

BMX is the best transportation compared to skateboarding. The reason why is because BMX is a bike and learning to ride a bike and control it is easier than learning to ride and control a skateboard. 

BMX is faster and easier if you want to travel far and it can travel on rough terrains or dirt paths. It is also safer to ride a BMX around the city than a skateboard because you can put brakes on the BMX, while on a skateboard you cannot. Also, it is easier to turn the BMX right or left than a skateboard. 

If you want to ride a skateboard on a busy road, it can be extremely dangerous even if you are adept at riding a skateboard. But in BMX, it is safer because it is easier to turn right or left, and you have strong brakes that you can press right away if you are getting fast. 

What Is Easier For Kids To Learn, BMX Or Skateboard?

In my personal opinion, I would say BMX. When I was at a very young age, I found it really hard to learn to ride a skateboard. I got more wounds while I am learning to ride a skateboard than while I am learning to ride a bike. 

So based on my personal experience, I would say BMX is easier for kids to learn. In skateboarding, it is really hard to learn to turn into different directions and slow down the skateboard. Also, it is scary once both of your feet are already on the board. 

However, if your child likes to learn to ride a skateboard, make sure he/she is already six or seven years old. You need to be around them while they are learning to ride a skateboard because it is very dangerous. Also, don’t forget to put some helmets and other safety gear on your children before the practice session starts. 

How Much Time Does It Take To Learn To Ride A Skateboard And A BMX?

To know which of the two is easier to learn, it is essential to know how long it takes for a normal human being to learn to ride both skateboard and BMX. So, let us start with skateboarding. 

If you are an athletic person, consistent, and committed to learning to ride a skateboard, it takes one day to a week to learn to ride a skateboard. Aside from those three, the time frame also depends on the quality of your skateboard and skate facilities in your area. 

Let us know next how long it takes for you to learn to ride a bicycle. 

You can learn to ride a bike in a day or two. It also depends on your consistency and commitment. It is all about balance. Once you learn to balance your bike, the rest comes easily. Make sure that the quality of your bike is good because it also plays a part in how long you can learn to ride a bike. 

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Learning to ride a bike is easier than skateboarding. In cycling, all you need to learn is how to balance your bike, and rest will come easily once you learn the proper way to balance your bike. However, in skateboarding, it is not as simple as that.

Once you learn to balance yourself on the skateboard, the other things you need, like turning the skateboard left, or right will not come easily. You need to learn to balance, turning the skateboard, and stopping a skateboard one by one.  

Final Thoughts

Both skateboarding and BMX are dangerous and hard to learn. There is no easy in this world. You need to be consistent in your practice and commit yourself to it if you want to become good at it. Because it is dangerous, you need to wear proper gear to prevent yourself from getting severe injuries like a head concussion.