Is It Normal To Be Sore After Skateboarding

Is It Normal To Be Sore After Skateboarding?

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When you hit the gym at least six times per week, it is normal to feel sore, especially if you are a beginner. However, how about skateboarding? Is it normal to be sore after you ride your skateboard? 

Yes! You feel sore after skateboarding because skateboarding is a workout or exercise. You are moving multiple different muscle groups in your body when you push off, turn your board, and do skateboarding tricks. However, this usually happens to beginners. If you are not yet used to skateboarding and have not built up these muscles then you will likely feel sore after skateboarding. 

If you are an adept skateboarder already, you can still feel sore after skateboarding if you take a long break from skateboarding. You need to keep skateboarding and use these muscles to keep them conditioned. I will explain in broad terms why you are sore after skateboarding, is it normal, and how can you avoid feeling sore after skateboarding. If you want to learn more about skateboarding, keep reading!

Why Do You Get Sore After Skateboarding?

Do you feel sore after skateboarding? Well, let me tell you the reason why you get sore after skateboarding. You will also get this kind of feeling if you take a couple of weeks off and you come back. 

Any kind of exercise that puts excessive or unusual strain on the muscles causes soreness. The reason why is because the exercise creates micro-tears in your muscle itself during the exercise session. Skateboarding can cause this type of soreness. As long as the soreness is a dull ache or pain, it is natural and healthy for you. However, any sharp pains can be a sign of injury. 

This is natural. However, if you skate often, your body will adapt and you will not get sore too often after skateboarding. If you still get sore after skateboarding, it just means that your body has not adapted yet to the physical stresses of skateboarding. However, even though you skateboard often, an intense or long skateboarding session can still get you sore. Also, if you try new things that you are not used to like a certain skateboarding trick, you might get sore too. 

Don’t think about getting sore before your skateboarding session. Soreness is a good thing because it means that you got some exercise and your muscles are healing and growing. However, if you feel sharp pains inside your muscles, then it is different and you need to consult your doctor if the sharp pain still exists after a week or two. 

Is It Normal To Be Sore After Skateboarding?

Yes! It is normal to feel sore after your skateboarding session or hitting up the gym. The soreness should be a dull ache or pain that occurs with movement. However, if you feel some sharp pain inside your body, this is different and you must consult a doctor because this could be a sign of an injury. You are more likely to get sore after skateboarding if you are a beginner or if you stop skateboarding for a long time. 

Usually, the soreness that you feel after skateboarding is not so intense compared to the soreness you feel after weightlifting or exercise that deliberately targets muscle groups. If you never used the muscles needed for skateboarding, then it means you might be surprised if you feel stiff and achy the next day. 

Why Does Your Leg Sore After Skateboarding?

Your legs are the ones used in skateboarding when you push, pop, and flip the skateboard. After you use your legs during a skateboarding session, you often will have sore legs. So, why is this? 

Skateboarding activates a few major muscle groups and one of these muscle groups in your legs. Your glutes are worked when you crouch and jump on your skateboard. Your hamstrings and calves are also worked when you push your skateboard. That is why your leg is sore after skateboarding.

Why Are Your Feet Sore After Skateboarding?

This is usually a bit strange when your feet are sore after skateboarding. So, how can your feet get sore from skateboarding? 

Skateboarding can make your feet sore because of the impact force of tricks and from the strain of pushing off and turning the skateboard. Also, foot soreness can be caused by ill-fitting shoes and other factors like if you have flat feet. However, if the soreness on your feet does not go away after a few weeks, you should consult a doctor. 

When you start cruising your foot can also get pretty sore at first. The reason why is because you are not yet used to cruising using your skateboard. Your feet get sore if you cruise on rough pavements with hard, skateboard wheels. 

Why Does Your Lower Back Sore After Skateboarding?

If you are a beginner and you experienced this after skateboarding, this might be weird. You will ask if skateboarding only uses your legs, why would your back hurt. 

Skateboarding activates different muscles. One of the muscles that skateboarding activates is your lower back. When you crouch down to do a skateboarding trick, you are using your lower back. It is very common for the lower back to be sore after skateboarding. 

This is not something you should constantly worry about. Your core and lower back are actually often used when you are skateboarding. However, if you feel any sharp pain in your lower back, then it means you have an injury. You must consult a doctor if you feel this thing.

Can You Ride Your Skateboard When You Feel Sore?

If you feel sore, you might be hesitant to go outside and ride your skateboard. However, should you really ride your skateboard when you feel sore or just rest?

You can skateboard while you are sore. However, you have to be very careful to warm up your muscles. Stretch for at least ten minutes before skateboarding and start slow. Don’t ride your skateboard too intensely when you are already sore as your body might have a hard time recovering from the soreness you are feeling.

If you have a healthy body, you can adapt pretty quickly and you can often push through the soreness and be fine. I have experienced this kind of thing. I usually have soreness whenever I go to the gym before when I was still a beginner. However, after one month, the soreness I felt before after my workout got lost but still I have gained some muscles. 

If you feel sore, you can rest. Rest is very essential because this is where you give your muscles some time to recover. However, it does not mean that it is required. You can still skate if you feel sore. But if you have a severe injury, then I think it is better to rest and go to the doctor. 

How To Avoid Feeling Sore After Skateboarding?

Ride Your Skateboard Often

Like I have said many times above, your body adapts to the stresses it encounters often. It means that if you get used to skateboarding and you skate often, your body will adjust to the stresses of skateboarding often. 

If you want to feel less sore after skateboarding, you need to ride your skateboard more frequently. Instead of skateboarding once a week, you must skate two or four times a week. Increase the number of your sessions until it becomes a regular part of your routine. 

Never Neglect Stretching

You must stretch before you start to do some Ollies. Stretching before you skate will help your muscles get looser and ready to take on the jumps, falls, and twists that you might experience while skateboarding. Soreness is micro-tears in the muscles themselves. When your muscles are cold and not loose, you are much more likely to tear your muscles and your muscles usually become sorer. 

Many skateboarders around the world neglect stretching, which is why many skateboarders feel sore after skateboarding. Stretching before skateboarding is a preventive measure that every skateboarder should take. Just do some light stretches. It does not have to be long. 

Final Verdict

Skateboarding intensely or after a long break from skateboarding and you skate again can make you feel sore. Skateboarding activates a few large muscle groups. Don’t worry because you can avoid being sore after skateboarding by skateboarding more frequently and stretching before you start. 

Never get anxious if you feel sore. You will not die because of it! You just have to rest! However, if you feel like you have some injury, it is better to go to the doctor for proper treatment.