Is Specialized A Good Bike Brand

Is Specialized A Good Bike Brand? Yes Or No?

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There are many cycling brands out there competing for customers. They all have different qualities and prices. Some are expensive and some are not, also, some are durable and some are not. For buyers, it is very difficult to find the right brand of bike. 

If you are a new cyclist, I suggest that if you will buy a bike, go for reputable bike brands. Why? Because bike brands that have a good reputation are usually durable and trustworthy. However, keep in mind that bike brands that have a good reputation, or should I say best, are expensive. 

One of the bike brands that I am talking about is the Specialized bike brand. I see many famous cyclists, whether a racer or hiker, use Specialized bikes. Now, there is one question that all new cyclists or people that heard about the brand for the first time asks: is the Specialized bike brand good? Let me give you an honest answer.

Is Specialized a good bike brand? Yes! Specialized is a good bike brand that you can trust and rely on. The quality of Specialized bikes is high and you can definitely buy Specialized bikes without any regrets. Specialized bikes have been trusted by many cyclists out there, pedaling in the road or mud. 

However, before you purchase a Specialized bike, you must first know what your preferences are. If you want to go road riding often, get a Specialized road bike. But if you want some action, go buy a BMX or MTB. 

In this article, I will tell you the history of the Specialized bike brand, who is behind the brand, and the reputation and quality of the brand. If you are ready to learn more about the Specialized bike brand, let us proceed! 

The History Of Specialized Bike

Specialized was founded years ago. The bike company was founded in 1974 by groups of cyclists that wanted more out of the bicycle world. They first became famous because of the first production of a mountain bike, named the Stumpjumper in 1981. Specialized broke records again when they produced the first carbon fiber mountain bike. Below is the brief history of the Specialized bike company. 

1981: The Stumpjumper was created and introduced to people

1988: They reached $18 million in sales

1989: Specialized introduced the first carbon fiber mountain bike

1993: The first full-suspension mountain bike was created

2001: The manufacturing moves at Taiwan

2019: Specialized company continues to sponsor multiple pros both in road and mountain biking grounds. 

Specialized is more focused on building a better mountain bike to ensure the safety of every mountain bike user that loves to trail or wander through muddy places. Specialized are highly involved in expanding the domain of the mountain bike. Specialized remains a top-notch brand and a good choice for every cyclist around the world. 

Behind The Specialized Bike Brand

Of course, you want to be the one designing your bike. Right? Well, that is what the Specialized bike company does. 

Specialized owned a data acquisition tool called Retul and applied heaps of information into their bike building. The founder of Specialized created an outreach foundation for young kids called Outride. It focuses on promoting school-based cycling programs and communities.

The mission of Outride is to apply evidence-based cycling initiatives that intend to improve multi-level health in our youth. Aside from that, Specialized also collaborates with the Fair Factories Clearinghouse and helped to found the World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry Responsible Sporting Initiative. 

Reputation Of Specialized Bike Brand

When you look around the internet, you will notice that Specialized helps mountain biking to become popular. Yes! We can thank them for helping in the popularization of mountain biking and the advancement of production mountain bike manufacturing. 

In recent years, Specialized companies have gotten a bad rep as a brand demonstrating litigious characteristics and being tough on their employees to meet the main quota. Some people say that Specialized are bad guys. But the company has also shown moments of humanity by traveling to small bike shops to apologize for legal action issues. 

The founder of Specialized Bikes, Mike Sinyard, confessed that their antipathetic pursuit of trademark infringements originates from a large number of counterfeit goods in the market. He also said that the company has taken its protective methods a bit too far. 

Different Type Of Bikes Of Specialized Brand

The Specialized name is just as recognized as Trek and Giant. It is a well-represented brand. Specialized is loved by the pros and other cyclists because of the collection of their bikes. 

The type of bikes Specialized have are:

  • Mountain bikes
  • Road bikes
  • Kids Bikes 

Mountain Bikes

The Specialized brand has a variety of mountain bikes on its list. You can find a trail, cross-country, downhill, fat bikes, and BMX bikes alike. 

The trail is where Specialized started with their original Stumpjumper. They still have modern versions today, which you can buy easily. They also have a new Stumpjumper that is full-suspension that will dominate the trail.

The cross-country of Specialized is also good! Specialized claims to have the fastest XC bike in the world! Full-suspension

If you want a monstrous ride, downhill bikes are the best! The only option in this category is expert level.

The fat bikes by Specialized bikes will float over obstacles as nothing happened. These fat bikes are what you need for rough and tough rides. 

Yes! The Specialized company also has a BMX category! Their BMX bikes are robust and can go on muddy or rough terrains. 

Road Bikes

Aside from their famous mountain bikes, Specialized also has awesome and elegant road bikes that are loved by many cyclists around the world! They have performance, gravel riding, cyclocross, and triathlons. 

Performance is the one that is chosen by pros. If the pro cyclists choose it and love it, then you should also feel the same thing! Yes! This bike has the cost of a car. But the price is worth it, especially if you will compete in a racing competition. 

Gravel bikes can handle the rumble of a gravel path without transmitting it to your shoulders and neck. They have a road bike’s handlebar but their tires are like mountain bikes. You can bring this on or off-road. 

If you are looking for cheap cyclocross bikes, go somewhere else because the lowest cyclocross here in Specialized is at least $3000. However, their cyclocross is a great deal! It is durable and has good designs that you can choose from. 

Next is the triathlon bike. The price of their triathlon bike is from moderate to house down-payment like price. These triathlon bikes are good for road racing and of course, if you have lots of money. 

Kids Bikes

If you want to get your child some Specialized bikes, don’t worry! Because Specialized got you covered. From toddler to ten years old, your kids are covered. The kids’ bikes of Specialized are cute and elegant. Your child would surely love it! 

Should You Buy A Specialized Bike?

Let me be frank with you. Yes! You should buy a Specialized bike but only if you have enough money to spare and if you have a desire to compete in races. The price range of Specialized is very high. However, it does not mean that you cannot get one. 

If you will buy a Specialized bike, know first your mission, budget, and what type of bike you want to buy from them. Also, you should seek advice from people or friends that have Specialized bikes. 

Are Specialized Bikes Expensive? 

Yes! Specialized bikes are expensive. The reason why is because their bikes are very durable and their brand is trustworthy. They have been here since the 1980s! This company will never let you down in terms of durability, speed, and service. 

Final Words 

To conclude this article, let me tell you again that Specialized is a good bike brand and you should go to them if you need a durable road or mountain bike. However, the price is expensive so ready your wallet or your piggy bank. They are not overpriced since their bikes are very durable and they have good customer service.