Do Skateboarders Wear Socks

Do Skateboarders Wear Socks? 10 Facts You Should Know!

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Skateboarders have cool outfits. That is why many people that don’t even know how to skate imitate the style of skateboarders. From shirt to pants, and even shoes! We all know that skateboarders wear shirts, pants, and shoes. However, how about socks? Do they wear socks too?

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Do skateboarders wear socks? Yes! Skateboarders wear socks. Not only because it is helpful for them when they skate, but also because socks make them look stylish. However, not all skateboarders enjoy wearing socks while skateboarding because it tends to make your feet sweat, which can be irritating. 

The socks specifically for skateboarders are very cool. Even me, I enjoy wearing them whenever I go for a walk or go cycling. Aside from the stylish design, the socks are also comfy. It feels like my feet are sitting on the clouds. However, it still depends on the brand. If you buy from a well-known and trusted brand, expect that it will be comfy! 

Later on, we will talk about the brands that create socks for skateboarding. These brands are well-known, and I bet my dime that you will like the socks produced by these brands. Lastly, I will tell you the benefits of wearing socks while skateboarding. If you are ready, let us proceed! 

Should You Wear Socks While Skateboarding?

Yes! You should wear socks while skateboarding. But why? Here is why.

A skateboarder’s feet can get pretty gnarly after a hard day of skateboarding. However, if skateboarders like you wear socks, it will help keep your feet less gross and dirty. 

I will tell it again, dear skateboarder. You should wear socks! Period! Aside from the benefit I gave you above, there are other benefits you can get from wearing socks while skateboarding. Let us check them out. 

What Are The Benefits Of Wearing Socks?

Like I have said, skateboarders wear socks, and they should wear socks because it is essential and will give them lots of benefits. However, what are the benefits of wearing socks that I am talking about that can skateboarders get? What does this little garment can give you? If you are ready, let us check them out!    

Protect Your Feet From Germs And Blisters

The first benefit skateboarders can get from wearing socks is protection. Wearing socks protects skateboarder’s feet from germs and blisters. We all know that when we skate outside, we will surely encounter lots of germs. 

Skateboarders can get those germs onto their feet that can cause sickness. However, when you wear socks while skateboarding, you will have less chance of getting those germs onto your feet. 

Wearing socks while skateboarding can also help you prevent blisters. The common cause of skateboarding blisters is friction. Too much rubbing on your board will cause the skin to be damaged, and blisters will form. 

However, if you wear socks, it can reduce your chances of getting blisters on your feet. Having a blister is not good to look at. That is why if you don’t want to have blisters, wear some socks!

Keep Your Feet Warm

If you love to skate during winter or cold season, you probably need to wear socks. 

Keeping your feet warm will make you more comfortable, less stressed, and will not feel tense while riding on your skateboard during winter or cold season. If your feet feel cold, you may not enjoy and become irritated riding on your skateboard. 

Avoid Odor

When we skate, our feet will sweat. That sweat can cause a smelly odor! 

Wearing socks while skateboarding will keep your feet dry and help you avoid odor. Our feet do not need to breathe in the same way our lungs do. However, our feet need some airflow to avoid getting hot and sweaty. If our feet are sweaty, fungus and bacteria will enjoy living there. 

Our feet can sweat up to a cup per day, especially when we are exerting too much effort, like what we do when we are skateboarding. Wearing socks will evaporate that moisture with us not noticing it. 

Make You Look Stylish And Boost Your Confidence

Putting your socks on while skateboarding will make you look cooler, but only if you pick the right design and color. 

Looking cool around others will boost up your confidence that will help you to execute skateboard tricks. You only have to pick the right socks! Buy the best design that will fit perfectly with your shoes, clothes, and pants. 

Confidence is essential in skateboarding. You will have no chance of trying a skateboard trick if your confidence is low. But don’t worry, socks can help you to boost your confidence! 

Is It Ok To Skate Without Socks?

For me, it is not ok to skate without socks. Why? Because you might get the germs on the streets and make your feet smell gross. Also, if you don’t wear socks while you skate, you are prone to feet related injuries. There is debris or rocks on the streets that you might step on. Socks will act as an extra protection so that you will not get hurt when you step on something hard or sharp. 

Why Do Skateboarders Wear High Socks?

The reason why skateboarders wear high socks is to prevent getting blisters and injuries on their shins. Skateboarders wear high socks to prevent insects from biting them if they skate during the night, where insects are abundant. Also, Skateboarders wear high socks to prevent dirt or mud from touching their shins. 

Usually, skateboarders wear pants to cover their shins from the board that they are flipping under their feet at high speeds. If their trousers are not long enough to cover their shins, high socks are an ideal replacement. 

The other reason why skateboarders wear high socks is because of fashion trends. High socks became a fashion trend, until today. High socks, if they have a cool design, are stylish for skateboarders. It makes them look cooler and interesting. 

Also, the other reason why skateboarders wear high socks is because of the warmth they can give. During winter, it is great to wear high socks to give you the warmth that you need. However, during summer, it may be hot and irritating to wear high socks. 

I wear high socks whenever I go for a long bike ride. Why? For the same reasons as skateboarders. I don’t want insects biting me. Also, I wear high socks to prevent any dirt from touching my shins. 

The concise answer about what skateboarders wear high socks is to protect their shin from injuries, dirt, and cold. 

Do Pro Skateboarders Wear Socks?

Yes! Pro skateboarders wear socks. When you watch some of them on Youtube, you will see most of the pro skateboarders wear high socks. Pro skateboarders are famous people. That is why they want to become a good example for all skateboarders out there. They wear socks not only because of the benefits socks can give them, but also to become a good example for all skateboarders. 

What Are The Brands That Sell The Best Skateboarding Socks?

I know this is what you all are waiting for. If I convinced you to wear socks while skateboarding and you are now on your way to the mall to buy one, hold on your horses. Because I will tell you first which brands you should go for.

The brands that sell the best skateboarding socks are: 

  • Vans
  • Stance
  • Dickies

These three brands are the brands you should be looking for when you go to the mall or online store to buy skateboard socks. I bet my dime to those brands. Also, in my personal experience, these brands are indeed the best socks producers! They produce high quality socks for skateboarders and for cyclists as well. 

Final Verdict

Skateboarders wear socks because socks have enormous benefits for them! It makes their feet and shins warm during winter. Socks also prevent insects from biting their feet and shins, dirt from touching their feet and shins, hard or sharp things touching their feet that might hurt them, and getting blisters. If you want to get these benefits, wear socks!