10 Tips For Skateboarding Alone

10 Tips For Skateboarding Alone

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If you badly want to skate but none of your friends or relatives know or love to skate, it is hard. Right? Or maybe you already have some experience in skateboarding, but you move to another country or city or worse, you lose all of your friends that skate like you. Or maybe you only love to be alone and relax while enjoying skateboarding. That is cool!

I knew many skateboarders that love to skate alone and skateboarders that only skate because of peer pressure. These skateboarders that love to skate with their friends are the ones who got peer pressured and usually the ones that cannot stand alone. These are shy ones. 

To be honest with you, you don’t need anyone else to do skateboarding. You can relax alone while skateboarding and meet new friends in the skateboarding world. At first, it may be hard to skate alone. But once you get used to it, you will love it!

So let us go over some tips that I have created for you, which helped me and my friends experience fun while skateboarding alone. I know that being alone in anything is hard. But if you badly want something, you should get it even if you are alone. So if you want to be adept in skateboarding, get it!

I hope the tips below that I will show you would help you improve even though you skate alone most of the time. Good luck fellas!

1. Don’t Push Yourself Too Much

My first tip for you when skateboarding alone is to never push yourself too much. 

If you are skateboarding alone, you often want to focus on improving a skateboard trick that you have learned or learning a new skateboarding trick. You don’t have friends or other people around you since you are alone, which means no one can distract you. It can be soothing to focus on a challenging trick you want to learn. 

It is great. It is better to practice alone so that you can focus solely on the skateboarding trick you badly want to learn. However, for other skateboarding tricks, you need to understand that you are by yourself and no one is around to help you when you get injured or fall from your skateboard. 

It means skateboarding deep bowls, vert ramps, or doing skateboarding tricks from the very risky stairs. You might get injured or fall from your skateboard. Or worse, you can get a head injury, and no one is around you when you got a lethal head injury. It is very dangerous! 

Heads bleed a lot, and it can be deadly. If you are skateboarding alone, there is no one to give you a towel or drive you to the hospital real quick when you get a lethal injury. It is not to scare you. I only want to tell you that while you are skateboarding on your own, there are things that you must avoid executing. 

That is why this is my very first tip for you while skateboarding alone. Never push yourself too much where you can get injured or worse, die quickly. Never do skateboarding tricks that are out of your league or that are very hard and dangerous to execute because you have no one to bring you to the hospital if you are skateboarding alone. 

2. Check Yourself

One of the most entertaining things to do when skateboarding is checking yourself. You can check yourself by videoing yourself while skateboarding. Also, by doing this, you can share it on social media and earn some money when you are constantly posting videos on Youtube. However, if you are by yourself, it is normal to think that you will never be getting a good shot while skateboarding. But this is not the case. 

If you are skateboarding, you can use a selfie stick or a go pro. It can be astounding footage if you have set it up correctly. A simple tripod or iPhone can let you capture great clips of your skateboarding, which you can edit later on. Give it a try and buy some go pro or selfie sticks. Also, videoing yourself can help you know if you are improving or not. 

Videoing or checking yourself is something I will always recommend to all skateboarders out there who skate alone. If you are constantly skateboarding alone, there is no one to tell you what you need to improve. That is why I suggest you video yourself while skateboarding. Start with a simple tripod and your phone. If you devote yourself to it, go get some go pro or other better equipment. 

3. Focus On How You Want To Skate

One of the good benefits of skateboarding by yourself is that you can focus solely on what you want to improve or on how you desire to skate. If you are a complete beginner and you need to spend at least three to four hours learning a certain skateboarding trick, there is no pressure from other skateboarders to do anything else. 

The reason why is because there isn’t anyone around who cares about you since you are alone practicing. It does not mean that you skate to get validation from others, but it is easier to work through the grudging aspects of skateboarding on your own. 

Also, if you are skateboarding alone, the skatepark is yours solely. It means that you can spend as much time as you want to build up your skateboarding skills and confidence. You can use anything in the skatepark since you are all alone by yourself. 

Also, the best thing about skateboarding alone is there is no one to judge you if you fail or fall miserably from your skateboard. You can play your own music and skate at your own pace. You can do whatever you want at the skatepark if you are all alone!

4. Explore The Skateboarding World

Do you know what is my favorite? Exploring everything that I can explore! When I am cycling, I love to explore different places here in my country. I am very curious about everything! I get some thrill out of it! 

My next tip for you when you skateboard alone is to explore or expand your knowledge about the skateboarding world. Some skateboarders are not willing to do this because they are scared of what might happen. No one loves to be out of their comfort zone. It is scary! 

However, exploring things will help you learn and experience new things, and you need it in skateboarding. Since you are alone, exploring stuff, there is no letdown for the other person if you don’t find anything or get bored of what you have found out. However, if you can find an open-minded person that will go along with you, you are very lucky!

Since you can ride on your skateboard almost anywhere, go and try exploring! If you are lucky, you may find a great new spot for skateboarding that you can keep for yourself or learn a new technique from other experienced skateboarders. If you want to share these things with your friends, it is up to you!

5. Go Skate Whenever Is Convenient To You

The next tip I will give to you when skateboarding alone is to go skate whenever it is convenient to you. 

If you will not go out with your friends or relatives, you can skate anywhere your board, wheels, and feet take you. However, if you promised another person that you will hang out with him/her, you should not break your promise and skate whenever you want. Whenever you feel upset or need a mental break, skateboarding anywhere will help you. 

You can skate anywhere if it is convenient for you! You can go to the skatepark, visit your school, to the mall, and even to the beach! My friends told me that the best time to skate alone is during the night because the moon is shining and will help you feel relaxed. 

It is a great benefit that you only really have when you are skateboarding alone! It will help you to remove all stresses you have in your body and keep you happy! You can go out by five in the morning and then skate whenever you like! That is very lovely!

6. Play Some Music While Skateboarding

If you don’t have other skateboarding friends to chat or talk with, music is the alternative for you. Although music will not answer your questions, it will help you feel more confident and lively. Whenever I ride my bike, I bring my headphones with me and play some love songs or chill songs. 

Most of the skateboarders use headphones, and some use Bluetooth speakers. However, using headphones might risk your mobile phone from getting broken. That is why it is best if you have some money to spend on wireless headphones or earphones. 

Also, no one will complain about the music or song you have selected since you are alone. You can play whatever artist you are vibing at the time and even whatever volume you want. However, keep in mind that you should never do this in public. Some people may get annoyed with your song choice. 

If you have no Bluetooth speaker, you can buy cheap headphones or earphones at the store. However, as I have said, it is risky to use headphones or earphones. That is why I recommend wireless headphones or earphones. The best artists I could recommend for you are Mac Miller, Eminem, Vince Staples, Chris Brown, and Brockhampton. 

7. Never Be Scared Of Skateparks

Skateparks are the best place to skate. There are many obstacles designed to be skateable. The concrete is smooth, and no cars or other people are walking that you should avoid. 

If you are skateboarding alone, it is easy to run away from skateparks because you never want other skateboarders to see you alone. It is crazy! Yes! It is intimidating and scary to go to skateparks alone or if you are a beginner. But it should not be. There are lots of skateboarders going to the skatepark alone. You should not be ashamed of going by yourself. 

If you want to meet new friends that also love skateboarding, it is essential to go to skateparks alone. Just be friendly and never be afraid to ask for help or if they try to correct your mistakes. Most skateboarders are friendly to new skateboarders.  

8. Never Care What Other People Or Skateboarders Think

There are lots of people or skateboarders that might see you skateboarding alone and stare at you. They might see you fall or worse, laugh at you. I am not trying to scare you. It is just an insight so that you could be ready. These laughs or judgments might come from other skateboarders, but it does not matter. 

What skateboarding means to you is the most important thing. People will judge others all the time over things they can’t even control. There are many people out there that will judge you. But don’t wipe your hands because you judge other people too. We all judge. We think that people have no feelings, that is why it is fine with us to judge them. 

However, how come successful people become successful if there are many judges or righteous people around them? Simple! They don’t care what other people think! They focused on their goal and committed themselves to it. 

Whether you are skateboarding alone or pursuing your dream, never care what other people think or say about you. Focus! Commit yourself to your goal, not to other peoples’ judgments. 

9. Skate In Public 

When you are skateboarding alone, it might be because you are introverted or anxious around other people. However, if you desire to fight this anxiety, you might face it. 

That is why skateboarding in public is a good idea if you are skateboarding alone. However, keep in mind that there are many other people in the public that you might hit while you are skateboarding. 

When skateboarding in public, make sure to watch out for children, pets, elderly people, and cars. You might hit and hurt them or get yourself injured when hitten by a car or a motorcycle. So be very careful when skateboarding in public. 

10. Understand The Freedom

Let me tell you one fact that might surprise you. Skateboarding embodies freedom itself. The whole sport was born of counter-culture groups. This counter-culture attitude took hold in skateboarding in the 1990s and still exists today. 

Skateboarding is one of the best ways of expressing yourself, finding your style, and spending time away from problems and the reality of life. Skateboarding will help you to forget all of your problems for some time. 

So when you are skateboarding alone, embrace your freedom. You have complete control over your life. It is you who choose when, where, and how you should skate. Also, you are the one who chooses the style, color, wheels, and grip tape of your skateboard. 

Whatever kind of clothes you want to wear while skateboarding is perfectly fine as long as you are not hurting other people. You are free to skate whenever you want! Even if you are stuck in a bad day job or family problems and feel that there is no way out. There is a way out. In the meantime, let skateboarding help you with this. 

Final Verdict

The ideas and tips I have listed above are my personal and my friends’ experiences. I talked about these things to my friends and asked them if they could lend me some tips about skateboarding alone, and here it is. I hope these tips help you while you are skateboarding alone. Cheers!