Trinx Mountain Bike vs Foxter

Trinx Mountain Bike vs Foxter (Which Is Better?)

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Picking the right brand of mountain bike is essential so that your money will be worth it. If you need to decide between a Trinx mountain bike or Foxter, you probably wonder which brand is better. When I was picking a bike before, I had the same question and this is what I found out. 

Trinx vs Foxter mountain bikes which is better? When you see the price range of the Trinx mountain bike and Foxter, Trinx is better. Both Trinx and Foxter are durable brands but if you are looking for a cheaper mountain bike that is durable, Trinx is the best! 

However, it still depends on the bike model and price. You can’t compare a Trinx mountain bike with a price of $200 to a $500 Foxter mountain bike. Both of these brands are cheap but durable mountain bike brands, let us check out the differences these brands have. Let us go!

The Differences Between Trinx Mountain Bikes And Foxter

Both Trinx and Foxter are good bike brands that have cheap prices but are durable. For $100-$400, you may get an awesome mountain bike that will last for so many years! Both bike brands have produced crappy and best mountain bikes depending on the price range. If it’s $100, it means that it’s more crappy compared to their $800 mountain bikes. 

Trinx bikes are made in China and their main headquarters are located in Taiwan, Russia, Iran, and the Philippines. Foxter is made in France and they are not that widespread around the world. However, even though they are not yet widespread, their bikes are very durable! I can see that they will become bigger in the coming years. 

Both brands have good suspension forks. The most important thing in a bike is the frame, and both companies offer great and elegant frames but with small differences. Both companies also use Shimano as their stock groupset. 


Both of these companies offer a cheap price on their mountain bike. These two bike brands are the best if you want to go trailing but don’t have enough money to buy expensive bike brands like Giant. You can use the mountain bikes made by these two brands in trailing!

However, even though they both have a cheap price that will not give a hole in your pocket, not both of them have an attractive frame design. In my personal opinion, Trinx is the best bike for you if you want an attractive but cheap mountain bike. 


Like I have mentioned above, not both companies offer great and elegant mountain bike frames. In my personal opinion, I think Trinx has the most attractive design when compared to Foxter. Some Trinx frames are designed in Italy and we all know how creative Italians are. 

Trinx mountain bikes are widespread and I think the main reason why is because of their attractive designs. Foxter has beautiful designs too and actually, some people said Foxter is better than Trinx when it comes to frames. 

However, the attractive frames of Foxter are more expensive than the attractive frame of Trinx. For $100, you can have a beautiful Trinx mountain bike frame. When it comes to the durability of the frames, both companies offer it. You can use their mountain bikes on mountain biking. 


Both Trinx and Foxter perform excellent depending on the bike and your personal preference or body weight. Trinx and Foxter are so durable that they can support heavyweight cyclists. However, it still depends on how you set up your bike. The more you pay, the better the performance your bike will give you. 

It means that if you pay $200 for a bike, never expect that its performance will be like the $1000 bike. You always get what you pay for. If you are in a rush to buy a mountain bike, I would suggest that you save a little bit more. 

Never buy a cheap mountain bike if you want an awesome performance. Stay away from cheaper models unless you will only use your bike as your transportation when you go to school or at work. 


Both Trinx and Foxter offer cheap components that are durable when you buy one of their mountain bikes. Yes! Even their $100 mountain bike has good components. However, the components of $100 cannot be compared to the durability of the components of their $500 mountain bikes. But if you want to buy cheaper components, buy them from the main manufacturer directly. 


Both Trinx and Foxter mountain bikes make great designs and this is really a personal preference. Like what they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. For me, Trinx mountain bikes have the most attractive style when compared to Foxter. However, it still depends on you. 


Trinx has a better reputation because they hold a large number of professional cycling events and non-professional mass cycling activities in your current country and abroad. Trinx wants to spread a riding culture among the public. Trinx made lots of profit in many countries and regions around the world. 

Also, Trinx was founded long ago before Foxter came into action. Foxter was founded last 2010, while Trinx was founded last 1992. So I think it’s obvious already who has the best reputation among the two brands. However, Foxter bikes are starting to improve and they can become widespread around the world as Trinx does. 


Warranty is only limited to defects in material and workmanship. Damaging your bike by your own fault is not covered. You have to make sure to read the policies carefully to avoid confusion. 

The warrant of Trinx and Foxter mountain bikes depends on the bike shop you bought it. However, usually, the Trinx bike has a five-year warranty on the frame while it has a three to twelve months warranty on the fork, rims, stem, seat post, chain, brake levers, and FD. 

Foxter offers a lifetime warranty and free tune-up services. However, the warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, damage because of the accident, improper follow-up maintenance, and improper assembly. You have to keep the receipt or warranty papers once you buy a bike so that you can use it if there is some factory defect from your bike.  

Suspension Technology

Both Trinx and Foxter have their own versions of suspension technology. That is why I cannot say who is better. However, my suggestion to you is to pick the expensive one to make sure that the suspension will give you the performance you desire.


So, after knowing about these two brands, you ask next “where should I go?”. Actually, it depends on your budget and your personal preferences. It is hard to pick a winner here. Both brands offer their mountain bikes at a cheap price, and their durability is astounding! But if you are on a tight budget, it is obvious what brand you will pick.

When it comes to design, Trinx is my winner. I like the design of Trinx mountain bikes more than Foxter. I owned Trinx and some of my friends own Foxter mountain bikes. That is why I am ready if they argue with me once they read this article. My bias is Trinx!

My suggestion to you is you test both of them. This is the only way to find out what fits your riding style best. I don’t suggest you rely solely on articles on the internet like this and on what your friends say. The most essential thing is to get the best mountain bike frame and parts that won’t give you a hole in your pocket. 

But if you would ask me, I would suggest a Trinx mountain bike to you. Trinx mountain bikes are durable, and they have a cheaper price compared to Foxter. Also, the reputation of Trinx is better than Foxter since they were established first before Foxter. But, it is still your choice. I am just trying to help you out.