What are lightest BMX bikes? Check them out!

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BMX bikes are commonly used for short-distance cycling but mainly for racing and performing stunts. To race and perform tricks quickly and easily, it needs to be comfortable and flexible in your favor.

So most BMX bikes are designed with a lighter weight than other bikes. However, their importance is not the same due to the brand and its components, which makes them different and unique in terms of racing, performing tricks, and experience. And for that reason, how much should the lightest BMX bike weigh?

How much should the lightest BMX bike weigh?

Most BMX bikes weigh 20-28 pounds on average. On average, at the top level, 28 pounds is the heaviest, and 20 pounds is the lightest, commonly used by professional BMX riders. But for children, you can find the most delicate, weighing between 9 and 12 pounds on average.

However, it depends on the size and components of the BMX bike, which mainly contributes to its weight.

Lightest BMX bikes

Therefore, when choosing the best and ideal BMX bike, you should consider factors such as who will be using it and its weight, components, and materials used for construction. Below is the standard weight of BMX bikes concerning their sizes.

Size Weight in pounds:

1) Micro Mini ` 9 to 12

2) Mini 13 to 15                                                   

3) Junior 16 to 20

4) Expert 20 to 24

5) For 21 to 25

6) For Extra Large 22 to 26

7) For XXL 24 to 27

8) For XXX/Cruiser 25 to 28

What is the importance of weight for a BMX bike?

The weight of a BMX bike has a more significant effect on maneuverability when racing.

The lighter the bike, the easier it is to perform tricks with high-performance skills, allowing you to easily control the bike with high precision.

Most professional BMX riders prefer light bikes over heavier ones. The advantage of heavier wheels is that they offer better stability and carry weight.

Conversely, lightweight wheels are a bit flimsy in terms of stability and won’t carry much weight.

The importance of size to weight is a crucial feature that should be prioritized for the ideal BMX bike. For example, Mini and Micro mini BMX bikes can hold up to 110 pounds, suitable for kids, while Pro XXL and Cruisers can hold more than 160 pounds.

Riding a bike that cannot support your weight will cause the bike to not race at high speeds, and any part of the bike can easily break from the pressure. Therefore, it is not safer to run and perform tricks.

Use the chart above to find the ideal lightweight bike to handle your weight so you can ride at high speeds and perform stunts precisely and worry-free.

Does weight affect the price of a BMX bike?

Yes. The price of a BMX bike varies among all brands due to the construction quality. The brand’s popularity in the market.

Nevertheless, a light BMX bike will cost you more than a heavy one due to the complexity and type of material used for construction.

Therefore, you will have to dig deeper into your pocket to buy the lightest BMX bike for its intended purpose.

How to make a BMX bike lighter?

Riding a BMX bike is fun, but unfortunately, your bike is heavy, and you don’t have enough money to buy a new one; what would you do?

There is no need to buy new ones, as BMX bikes can be customized to your preferences by replacing their components with new ones that are perfect for your condition.

Lightest BMX bikes

However, replacing the components will cost you much less than buying a new BMX bike. Follow the steps below to help you replace parts on your BMX bike.

1. Get rid of excess components:

A BMX bike has a lot of components, but these add a lot of weight to your bike, making it heavier and inconvenient for its purpose.

Things like chain guards, dropouts, reflectors, and many more are undeniably crucial to your bike, but they add a lot of weight. Therefore, you should remove them to make your bike lighter.

However, before removing them, you should be careful not to interfere with other parts for safety measures. If the redundant components you want to remove are vital to your needs, you should replace them with lighter ones.

2. Replace the handlebar stem and wheel axle bolts:

If the handlebars of your bikes have heavy and solid stem bolts, you should replace them with hollow ones.

The best and light stem screws for this purpose are hollow and made of aluminum material that is strong enough.

3. About pegs:

Due to their durability and resistance, many BMX bikes have pins made of stainless steel. However, they are heavy, which adds to the enormous weight that makes it difficult for you to maneuver quickly and comfortably.

To improve maneuverability, you can use shorter pins, replace them with plastic types, or use aluminum pins, which are lighter than those made of stainless steel.

4. Change the frame:

The frame is the largest and heaviest component of any type of bike, making it complete. Changing the structure of your BMX bike will significantly lighten your bike.

However, replacing it with a lighter material will increase the cost, as a material like titanium, which is mainly used to make the most lightweight BMX bikes, is expensive due to the quality of the material.

If the price of the titanium frame is on the high end, I recommend you use the chrome steel frame, which is cheap but lighter, strong, and durable.

Don’t go for steel frames, as they are heavier and more expensive than Chromoly frames.

5. Get rid of the stainless steel pedal:

If your BMX bike pedals have stainless steel, it’s high time you got rid of them. A stainless steel pedal adds weight, making it harder for you to ride as the topography gradually changes.

The ideal pedals are either plastic or aluminum, but make sure the pedals are hollow. Hollow pedals are essential because they reduce the weight of the crank arms.

In conclusion:

Generally, the lightest BMX bikes are best for racing and testing your stunt skills, but is your bike flexible and comfortable enough for racing?

If not, you can consider lightening it by replacing its components or buying a new one with smaller pieces and making sure it is made of aluminum, chrome steel, or titanium.