What is a light BMX frame? Check them out!

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Arguably the most important part of a BMX bike. Many people don’t realize this, but hundreds of BMX frames are released in every color, from matte black to oil stain, and in many different materials. Professional riders are always signed and released, and the big thing they all like to do is create a signature frame. Adam LZ is one of the most recent and controversial people to get signed and design a signature frame. He runs his own BMX clothing company and YouTube channel called LZ BMX.

This list is by no means a complete list of all BMX frames, signature or otherwise, made in 2022, although they are some of the most popular and my favorite frames of the past year. Consider this article a big 2022 BMX frame review.

1. Fit Hangman BMX Frame 2022:

Fit’s new Hangman frame, released in July, is a great, clean and raw frame. You either love them, or you hate them. The Fit bike co Hangman frame features those awesome burnouts on every joint.

With his aggressive riding style, Jordan Hango designed this frame to suit his needs perfectly. It included a larger ½” down tube and much thicker ¼” dropouts to give the frame more strength to withstand heavy loads. Thanks to the thicker tubes, manuals, and pumping are easily done on this frame.

What is a light BMX frame

This is a frame to check out if you are a bigger or more aggressive rider and enjoy that raw, classic feel and look. It was made by a great American company for an amazing Canadian rider.

At $360, it could be a worse price for the extra power, and with such a great full-frame slider design, dimensions are certainly nothing to worry about.

2. Stranger LZ frame – Adam LZ Signature Frame:

After following Adam LZ for several years through his YouTube channel and clothing range. I find it quite interesting that he is starting to design his BMX frame with Stranger Co. Only very recently, he released his much-awaited frame for all his fans worldwide. No doubt there are thousands of people who are ecstatic to be riding for Stranger, but a few other riders have had a few issues with it, and one rider has even left the team—made entirely of 4130 crmo tubing with a 75.5-degree head tube angle.

I believe the frame uses a hydroformed top and down tube similar to the Envy frame from Wethepeople.

According to Adam, the frame will have the same specs as the Crux frame but will be lighter.

3. Fiend Reynolds Frame V2 – Best BMX Frame:

Garrett Reynolds, one of the best and most famous street BMX riders, currently rides for Fiend and is probably their biggest asset. He again made from heat-treated 4130 alloys with an internal spline in the top tube and an external spline on the down tube. Garrett is such a humble rider that he waited for the entire Fiend pro team to get their signature frame before he even started designing him, it took three years, and it went so well that he is now on version two.

4. BSD Passenger V2 – Kriss Kyle Bike Frame:

Kriss Kyle’s signature frame is made from solid Chromoly tubing with an integrated head tube drilled for gyroscopes. It’s a progression from the Trailer Parks geometry, but with a few other changes like a steeper head angle, taller head tube, taller stand, and thicker tubes.

5. Verde Oxbridge LTD Bike Frame:

A great signature frame by Matt Priest and Lima. Unlike the Fit bike co Hangman frame, the Verde Oxbridge is built to suit the faster, more technical riding that Matt and Lima subscribe to. This frame has a slightly longer head tube than most other frames, eliminating the need for headset spacers when your bars are higher.

What is a light BMX frame

Both of these riders are not afraid to go high; Matt is more of a dirt rider, and Lima is more of a ‘go big or go home park rider and dirt rider; the two fit together really well and look like they would easily make a brilliant Verde Oxbridge frame. Verde BMX is already a big successful BMX company, and these frames are reliable.

6. We The People BMX Awake Frame:

I’ve always loved WeThePeople parts and bikes, and the Awake frame is a great new frame from the company. The specs show that this is a contender for the best street frame. “Our most responsive street frame yet” -WeThePeople

Ed Zunda designed this street-specific frame with all the technical street tricks in mind, and it shows an extremely steep 75.5-degree head tube, and the rear end has also been beefed up to handle those bigger turning tricks in the environment it was riding. Ed and the We The People team are so happy with the frame that they offer a lifetime warranty on every frame. Unlike some companies that only offer two light colors for their frames, the Awake frame offers everything from a gorgeous matte black to a strangely translucent frost blue.

7. Kink Titan Great BMX Frame:

What does everyone buy after riding a new set-up bike? Chain tensioners! Don’t worry. They are already part of the Kink Titan BMX frame.

“It’s a very durable frame that reacts to light and bends easily.”

So it’s clear that this is a purpose-built street frame, and with its double Chromoly, it’s also strong enough to cope with the park and off-road jumps.

Nicely priced at around $250, and it comes in Black Chrome, Chrome, ED Black, and raw, so there’s plenty to choose from if you need it to match the rest of your freestyle BMX.

8. United Region BMX Frame:

A great new frame from Tom Sanders was an essential part of creating this frame. Originally from the areas surrounding Hull, England, Tom tore up street spots all over the North of England and became known as a BMX street killer.

Sanders got the name Region very simply. He didn’t believe his name on the front of the bike would help United sell the frame, so he came up with a regional name that could be associated with the street riding he’s famous for. As you can see, the spec under the rear is quite large, so the frame jerks less and loosens the head tube for a more traditional feel. Tom said the frame makes him feel much more in control of the bike and is much less unpredictable than the Dinero frame he has ridden in the past.

In a recent interview, Tom talked about his new frame and said he loved the 9-inch standover, which eliminated the scooter-style look and helped taller riders.


A light frame would likely be like 3-4lb titanium or Premium Guttershark. 5lb is average, so anything above or below that would be heavy or light. The frame’s weight doesn’t matter; the rotational weight of your wheels is much more important.