What type of BMX shoes youth want? BMX bikes!

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Well, first of all (you probably already know this, but if you don’t, it might hurt your feelings), there is no such thing as BMX shoes. I believe Dave Mirra had a signature Adidas model, but what we’re wearing are skateboard shoes. There aren’t shoes specifically made for BMX that we’re perfectly fine using skateboard shoes, and skateboarding is more popular.

Skateboard shoes offer skaters the same protection that BMX riders need. So a skater’s board would be the pedals of a BMX bike. In principle, shoes for both activities must have the same functionality; they must withstand a lot of abuse, provide excellent grip, protect our feet, and help cushion our body weight.

Let’s go to the review of selected shoes. We’ll review each make and model individually to see what each offers.


Vans has been around for a long time and is one of the most popular brands in BMX. They have tons of models and a huge color palette. I love them because not only do they make amazing shoes, but they support BMX more than any other shoe company.

Old School Vans Classics:

Okay, I have to be honest; these are at the top because they are my favorites. I love everything about them. They are gorgeous, light, and flexible, and I love how they feel on my feet.

Youth BMX shoes

But I’m trying to be a bit objective; they provide great support for the toes and heels and are very strong.

There are also “pro” versions that look very much the same but have a different insole, preferably cushioned. Many riders prefer them, but I like these classics better.

Vans Era:

I have a few of those too. I love Vans, as you can tell. These are other classics. They are super light, fresh canvas, and have great ankle support with that padding and great heel support. They’re also vulcanized, like the Old Skools, so they’re very flexible and provide a great pedal feel.

The only thing about canvas is that it doesn’t last very long. It depends on your driving style, but I usually have to repair or replace it. Every 6-8 months.

They come in many colors, but the ones I have in the picture are blue. Yes, I’m the classic type.


The brand of three stripes never disappoints. They have some great models for SB/BMX with different materials and features. Out of all of them, I chose Daily and Seeleys.

Adidas grand court sneakers:

It is another classic. And are amazing shoes that can adapt to many preferences. They come in canvas, suede, and leather, each in different colors. I love canvas, but suede and leather are more durable. They also provide a different feel; suede and leather can be less flexible.

These also work great as protection as they come with a cushion around the collar and have great heel support. Additionally, they are outsole and come with their Cloudfoam insole for shock absorption.

Original Seeley Adidas:

When we talk about riding boots, of course, we’re talking about boots that will stand up to heavy abuse, right? If you consider them a “disposal,” they are some of my favorites. Why? Because they are in a great price range.

They have no padding, get straight to the point, are super light and flexible, and provide a great pedal feel. They come in canvas and suede, and many different colors.

What to focus on when choosing BMX shoes?

These are important things for our daily riding. If you’re an experienced rider, you probably already know them, but it’s a good idea to keep them in mind, just in case.

Flat soles:

Most SB/BMX boots on the market are aware of the need for a flat sole, but some brands seem to ignore this so that you may find some models with different heights or steps or even their logo coming out a bit. Any bump can be an obstacle for the pedals.

Youth BMX shoes

Wide platform:

The larger the area of ​​the sole, the more area of ​​the platform will be in contact with the pedals. It doesn’t have to be huge; make sure it’s not too shapely. Most SB/BMX shoes will be fine, but keep this in mind if you plan to move a bit from this branch.


Both vulcanized and capsules can have great cushioning, vulcs with a special thick insole and capsules with additional foams inserted into the sole. There are some differences, so you have to try both to see which one you like best, but you’ll be fine with both, make sure you avoid ‘regular’ shoes like Converse, which have a very thin sole.


But the more padding the shoes have, the more your feet will be protected. Some shoes also have padding on the sides. It depends on your preference; remember that each filling adds a bit of weight. Look primarily for padding around the collar, back, and tongue. Your ankles and heels will thank you.

Tips for buying BMX shoes:

What to look out for when buying BMX shoes.

Youth BMX shoes

Quality over quantity:

Buying BMX shoes is an investment. Of course, your budget will have the final say here, but in my experience, quality trumps quantity. In other words, you get what you pay for, and sometimes cheaper is more expensive in the long run.

Darker colors:

I love my white shoes and clean them a lot to make them shine, but I don’t ride them. Your riding boots will smell bad over time, so it’s better to ride in dark boots—Brown, dark gray, black.

Buy two pairs:

If you see the ones you like on sale or sale, try to buy at least two pairs. This way, you can save some money (you’ll need new shoes in a few months anyway) and keep one pair to go out before replacing them.


Youth BMX shoes are an important thing nowadays. Youths can do all possible things to get the perfect accessories for BMX. The style, color, and brands all depend on the youth and what they want for their perfect fit.