When and how to watch skateboarding Olympics? Amazing tricks!

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When and how to watch skateboarding Olympics

What about the Olympic Games? The Olympic Games is the festival for international sports. In contrast, this festival is on every four years. It is the goal of the cultivated human beings; through sport. It contributed to the world peace summer and winter game. When and how to watch skateboarding Olympics whether anyone. Who wants to watch skateboarding from the Tokyo Olympics live. It’s time to find out your cable/ streaming login on air on NBCSN and NBC.

When and how to match skateboarding Olympics. While Olympics is an international game organized for skateboarding. Also, Watch on Raku if you have an account with peacock, DIRECTV stream, Fubon tv, sling tv, YouTube tv, and VPN. The world skates street skateboarding championships Olympic debut at Tokyo 2020. And it is back from the Paris 2024 qualifying point on the line.

Olympic Skateboarding Tokyo 2020:

Skateboarding is a famous Olympic game. Competition is the youngest player in the Olympic stadium in Tokyo 2020. The women compete at the age of 14 years. In comparison, the men’s competition saw thrills, spills, and plenty of skills. The world’s best skateboard player on the Olympic stage.

Furthermore, Tokyo Olympics are a colossal event competition the skateboarding. But we still have more to come, the park section is about the women’s event taking place. The discipline of all park events will feature a course. It resembles a large basin with lots of dips, twists, and turns. But, the Tokyo 2020 is about the trick and run scores between 0 and 10, with the best four scores between 0 and 40.

Olympic skateboarding qualifying event Paris 2024:

The first skateboarding qualifying competition event in Paris 2024 begins on 26 June. Find out everything you need to know about the sport in our handy guide to skateboarding on the street or park.

Although the qualifying game competition provides their trick. besides it also helps to run with each other scores between 0 and 100. The one run and two tricks count towards a final scoring between 0 and 300. At the same time, they change their competition effect. It provides more equality between their value of the trick and run phase.

When and how to watch skateboarding Olympics

What will the skateboarding event be like at the Olympics?

When and how to watch the Olympic skateboarding event features two disciplines.

1- Park.

2- Street.

The Olympic event is a park competition. It will take place on the hallowed course. It features a complex series of twists and turns on the skateboard. A park event course resembled the large bowls with steep sides, vertical at the top. While the skater is at dizzying heights. It performs jaw-dropping spins and the trick midair. They bring it towards themselves and back down to the bowl again around the other side.

Moreover, the street completion feature is the more uncomplicated course. Like; stairs, handrails, benches, walls, and slopes to mimic a real street. While this kind of skateboarding characterizes by skateboarding. The skateboard riding along with curbs rails and leaps into the air. It is without using their hands, and the everyday grind of the board on metal.

Olympic skateboard experience:

Olympic skateboarders are lots of experience and some movement freedom. They get from their home parks and streets. There are accessible to many choices in the course to cover the trick to perform and music. It will go with each rider to maintain their feeling of the sport.

When and how to watch skateboarding Olympics

How many athletes are on the Olympic skateboard?

There are 80 skateboarders available at the Olympics. It event from 26 countries scheduled for 40 men and 40 women. In comparison, skateboarding is a sport already sparking interest in the fans. Who has long-anticipated its arrival at the game?

How will athletes be judges?

The athletes look after the scoring based on speed. Moreover its difficulty, originality, timing, stability, and performance flow. One of the crucial judges’ skills is looking for the ability to seem suspended in midair.

The top trick to know about skateboarding in Olympics:

There are many tricks of Olympic skateboarding as follows.

When and how to watch skateboarding Olympics


They are looking after the rotation of skateboards. During the Paris 2024 while the skateboarder is rotating. Their whole bodies and skateboards to different degrees. At the same time, it could be common to move their skateboard. In 180 and 360-degree skateboard rotation. It is the best will be an attempt to drop a 540 in a competition.


There are a massive variety of grinds in skateboarding. In contrast, the athletes use different. It is parts of the boards to slide down rails or the skateboard edge of the other obstacles. Besides, the skateboard part included in trucks, front of the neck, and back of the deck. One truck, both trucks, or many other variations to produce jaw-dropping tricks.


Grabs involve your grabbing board with your hands in midair, either in front or behind your legs.


One of the best tricks about skateboarding is that the alley-coop is like the rotation. But involves stalling in a similar rotation but the air at the top.

Hand plants:

Hand plant involves a skateboarder inverting their position. So a one-handed handstand holds them up with the skateboard stuck towards their feet.

Foot plant:

A foot plant is a skateboarder often referred to as a no comply. Like the trick towards the hand plant but using their foot.

Final words:

You understand that this article is about. Where and how to watch the skateboarding Olympic event competition. It is easy to watch on NBC and USA and stream on peacock. In contrast, all Olympic figure skating will be live on air linear television. Whether the other time on NBC or in the early morning hours on USA networks