When should I get a new skateboard deck? Major Reasons

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When should I get a new skateboard deck

When should I get a new skateboard deck? Because it depends upon a no of factors like how often your skateboard, the condition of the local skating spot, and how well you take care of your skateboard. However, generally speaking, the skaters will need to replace their deck every few months to a year.

Furthermore, if you have a causal skateboard while riding only occasionally, you have to get away with their longer lifespan for your deck. However, the wear and tear from skating will take its toll on the deck, causing it to deteriorate over time.

How often should you get a new skateboard deck?

Twisted or bent deck:

If you have a deck or your deck is visibly twisted or bent, then it’s time for a new one. Weather, a bent or twisted deck is caused by a loss of balance and a fall in their riding.

A bent or twisted deck often makes it less stable and harder to control. If you see any visible damage to your skateboard deck, it is best to replace it as soon as possible.

Warped deck:

A warped deck is a new skating experience that can be less stable and harder to control. If you are a beginner skater so can make a complicated task less enjoyable. If your deck might be warped, take it to a skate shop, ask about skateboarding, and confirm whether it is warped or not, and it’s time to get a new one.

Splintered deck:

It takes a lot of abuse, and that is not unusual for the wood to start showing signs of wear and tear after a few months of skating. If skateboarding is splintered or cracks in your deck for the time, get a new one. Furthermore, the new deck is a better pop which is helpful for land tricks. That trick can help control your board, for the deck is in good condition.

Changes in pop:

If you have a deck that doesn’t have the same pop used, it may be time for a new one. Because the top part will refer to the springiness of the wood, this pop will be diminished over time.

Deck soaked in water:

If skateboard decks are soaked in water, that time for a new one because the water will be made up of the wood fibers to swell and change shape, which means it will no longer pop as used. Furthermore, a worn-out deck is not less effective at performing tricks, but it will be caused to could lead to serious injury.

The benefits of a skateboard deck replacement:

Replacing is most important for safety. There is a high risk of cracking your deck as you land if you keep using worn-out decks. Accidents and more severe injuries could cause that.

Over time, the best deck will start, shown on the sign of wear and tear. It is beneficial to replace the deck to enjoy a great skating experience. There are the following reasons why replacing a skateboard deck is essential.


Safety is one of the main reasons you should replace a worn-out deck while it will start to break down which is unstable and dangerous.

When should I get a new skateboard deck

Keep your board in good condition:

If your skateboard wants to keep in good condition, it is most important to replace the deck while it starts to show signs of wear and tear; that could avoid damaging other parts of the board that are repaired most costly.

Improve your skating experiences:

A perfect skating experience is the most fundamental reason for a new deck that can help improve your skating experience and affect the way the board rides and performs. While, if you could replace your deck, that can help back to enjoying a smooth and responsive ride.


Performance is another reason for replacing a worn-out deck that is starting to break down; it loses some of its pop, and another won’t be as responsive—That’s why the skater provides less fun and can even affect your ability to do the trick.

Choosing the right skateboard deck:

There are many parts of skateboards, but the deck is an essential part of a skateboard. In comparison, the skate deck is a flat board that is stood on the skateboarding. A short board is opposite to the other longboard or cruiser; it is ideal for street skateboarding and vert skateboarding, which is the best trick for beginners and pros.

Furthermore, a few things are considered to build to complete your skateboard, so first, picking the right deck size and choosing board shape and the length, width, and material is also most important for a skater that all things are perfect.

What size of skateboard does it need?

The skateboard deck is available in different sizes. While its width is the most important part of choosing a skateboard deck, the width is 7.5 to 8.25. That width is depended upon the height, shoe size, skating style, and others.

A full-size is 7.5 or more significant than a skateboard deck is used for all skaters over age 13 taller than 5, 3 with their shoe size of 9 or up.

  • Mid-size deck width 7.3 for use in 9 to 12 years old skaters 4’5 tall size shoes 7-8
  • Mini deck width 7.0 for age 6 to 8 year old between 3’5 and 4’4 tall shoes size 4-6
  • Micro deck width 6.5 to 6.75 use 5-year-old or younger skater shoes size is three or more minor.

There is a different kind of skateboards available.

  • Dark star skateboards over print white/blue skateboard deck RHM -8, 31.6, which price is PKR 7,987.13
  • Plan B team red skateboard deck is 7.75 – 31.625 a price of the skateboard is PKR 11,182.90
  • Dark star skateboards to overprint white and lime skateboard deck RHM 8.25-31.5 a price of this skateboard is PKR 7,987.13
  • Zoo York skateboards OG 95 tag white and black skateboard deck – 8.25 -32; the price of this skateboard deck is PKR 7,302.33
  • Real skateboards doves redux skateboard deck 8.25- 32 a price of a skateboard deck is PKR 9128.48
  • The heart supply Chris chin mirror skateboard deck 8.25 -32 the price of a skateboard is PKR 12,780.78


Getting a new skateboard deck is beneficial when the other old ones become too warped or chipped. It ensures their smooth ride that can perform a trick with ease. Make sure you understand this article about the deck, which kind of deck is used, and the best in quality material for the best performance.