How to Carry Your Phone while Skateboarding?

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Where to put your phones while skateboarding

It is the main issue while skating. Some of us use phones while skating, and the phone is now an essential part of our life.

The phone usually falls out of the pocket. Sometimes the phone broke because the skater fell. While talking to these people on skates, I learned a few things about what you do with your phone while you skate.

Where to put your phone?

The best place to store your phone is in the front pocket on the back leg. It’s hard to fall on this side unless you switch legs.

How to carry your phone?

A zippered pocket would be ideal so your phone cannot fall out of your pocket. A small bag will also be helpful. Don’t forget to zip up your bag.

Where to put your phone while skateboarding

How to protect your phone?

A hard case will protect your phone whether it gets dropped or not. Here are people who don’t like tempered glass, but it protects your screen.

What to do if it had already cracked?

I tell customers to repair their cracked phone as soon as possible as it can worsen if it drops again. Fixing the screen is much easier and cheaper than fixing the motherboard.

Is there any other tip?

There is one more tip. Back up your data or upload everything to the cloud daily. So if something happens, you still have your information.

Where to put your phone while skateboarding

How do you carry your cellphone without pockets while skating?

Sometimes clothes are design to be more fashionable and less functional. That’s why you’ll find that some pants don’t have pockets.

Women face these problems more than men. Imagine wearing yoga pants or a dress. If you carry your mobile phone in your hand, you will drop it or forget it somewhere. Plus, carrying a phone in your hand all day can be frustrating.

And don’t even think about tucking your phone into the waistband of your pants. It won’t work.

We’ve created this blog post to ensure you don’t lose your phone. We will discuss five easy ways to carry your phone without pockets.

Cellphone lanyard:

It’s a lanyard that hangs around your neck and carries your phone. It occurs in various forms.

Basic models include a string and usually a plastic bag to hold the phone. They are waterproof. Some lanyards are bungee cords that wrap around your phone.

On the more expensive side, you get more stylish ones that make your phone look like a camera or wallet.

They are effortless to put on and take off. These are like neck whistles, but they are also very stylish.

But, their most significant drawback is usefulness. You can use these only if your work does not need a lot of movement. And if you like to run a lot of work in a blue-collar field, they will only get in the way.


A bracelet is a simple accessory. It’s an elastic band that you clip on your arm to hold your phone. There are different sizes of wristbands available in the market. So you can find the one that fits your phone.

These wristbands are great for running enthusiasts. If you are walking or running. You can look at your phone without stopping through the transparent plastic window. They also have a hole for the headphone cable. They come in various styles, so whatever design you choose is up to your preference.

Several traditional models stick to your arm. Some advanced models allow you to detach the phone. you can detach phone from the arm without removing the entire strap.

Some traditional models also allow access to the phone’s touch screen. But, they work best with smaller phones. Larger smartphones tend to be bulkier and move or slide up and down your hand more. This option will only work if you are dress for exercise with your arms exposed.

Where to put phone while skateboarding

Garter bag/Garter purse:

It’s an excellent way to carry your phone while wearing a dress. Besides dresses, yoga pants, and shorts, there are a few outfits you can wear them with; think of them as a leg band.

Some garter bags come with laces, while others are plain. Make sure you get one that can hold your phone because there are mini wallets out there that aren’t big enough.

A lace garter bag will be better if you wear it under your dress. And the regular one would be better if you wore it over yoga pants. In the end, it’s your personal preference. Who wants to wear their phone under their clothes anyway?

Cellphone holster:

A cell phone case provides extra security for your cell phone like no other method. If your pants don’t have pockets, you can carry your phone in a case. You can pick up calls and because you have the phone on your belt.

Let’s compare it to the other items on the list.

First; the case and the mobile phone lanyard are stylish. But you will not be able to do the tasks of the blue-collar professions with the mobile phone lanyard. But, the case will keep your phone safe in any work environment.

A mobile phone holder may not suit you if you are not a runner.

So the best way to carry a cell phone with or without pockets is with a case.

It’s great for:

1. moms

2. dad’s

3. Travelers

4. Teachers

5. Blue collar professionals

6. Tourists

7. Sports fans

8. Or anyone who wants easy and instant access to their phone


Skateboarding is one sport that most kids start enjoying at an early age. During skating the problem which trickles into the mind of skaters is. Where to put your phone while skateboarding. This article related to this significant problem. So, go through it and solve your problem.