Why Are BMX Bikes So Heavy

Why Are BMX Bikes So Heavy? This Is Why!

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BMX bikes are one of the well-known types of bikes in today’s generation. They are small so that riders can easily execute a trick out of them. However, even though BMX bikes are smaller than any other type of bike, they can still weigh heavy. So, why are BMX bikes so heavy? Here, let me give you an answer. 

Why are BMX bikes so heavy? The reason why BMX bikes are so heavy is because of the wrong choice of parts by an owner. The things that can make BMX bikes heavy are the frame, handlebar, pedals, seat post, and saddle. Freestyle riders started to make their BMX bikes lighter in the past 10-15 years. 

The reason why BMX riders start to use lighter parts is that it is essential for them. It makes it easy for them to carry their BMX bikes and perform arduous BMX tricks. If a BMX bike is heavy, it may be harder to perform such tricks. 

Today, we will talk about BMX bikes and their weight. We will learn if BMX bikes are supposed to be heavy and how much a BMX bike really weighs. Also, I will give you tips on how you can make your BMX bike lighter! If you are ready, let us move on!

Are BMX Bikes Supposed To Be Heavy?

No! BMX bikes are not supposed to be heavy! The reason why is because if BMX bikes are heavy, how can one perform arduous tricks properly? Some tricks of BMX require riders to carry their BMX bikes. If it is heavy, how can riders execute the trick properly? 

BMX bikes should be lighter so that riders can execute BMX tricks easier. However, how much does a BMX bike really weigh? It is what we will talk about next! I will tell you how much your BMX bike should weigh!

How Much Does A BMX Bike Weigh?

Riding BMX bikes is a healthy form of exercise. It is fun and enjoyed by many riders, old or young. Most BMX riders are conscious of their bike’s weight so that they can perform BMX tricks easier. They worry about the weight of their BMX bikes. However, how much does a BMX bike usually weigh? 

A basic BMX bike weighs around 24-25 pounds. However, the lighter BMX bikes weigh around 20 pounds depending on the parts. Usually, the lighter the BMX bike, the more expensive it will be. Lighter can make a difference and make BMX better. You can reduce the weight of your BMX bike by upgrading with lighter equipment. 

If you desire to make your BMX bike lighter, you have to consider buying lighter components, which can cost more than usual. Later, I will tell you how to make your BMX bike lighter. But for now, let us compare lightweight and heavier BMX bikes. Let us go! 

Lightweight Or Heavier BMX Bike?

Let us take a look at the pros and cons of lightweight BMX bikes VS. heavier BMX bikes. I checked the opinions of people from various forums, and these are what they said. 


  • Lighter BMX bikes are faster.
  • Lighter BMX bikes are suitable for racing purposes due to their speed.
  • Lightweight BMX bikes cost more if you sell them.


  • Lighter BMX bikes can cost you more money.
  • They are twitchy.
  • Lighter BMX bikes are sensitive to road bumps.
  • Lighter BMX bikes are not suitable for off-track roads.
  • Lighter BMX bikes are only for smooth roads.

Now that you know the pros and cons of lightweight BMX bikes, let us move to the heavier BMX bikes. 


  • Heavier BMX bikes are more durable.
  • Heavier BMX bikes are cost-effective.
  • Heavier BMX bikes are suitable for all kinds of styles. 
  • Weight results in more stability.


  • Heavier BMX bikes require more energy and effort from the rider.
  • Heavier BMX bikes are not great for racing.

Choosing between lighter or heavier BMX bikes depends on the preference of an individual. Some riders feel that lightweight BMX bikes tend to be unstable and not durable. As a result, it costs them more to release more money to buy another one. 

You might have thought that heavier BMX bikes make it harder to perform stunts since they require more effort and power to control. It is somehow true! However, it still depends on the skill of an individual. If a BMX rider is adept already, it is easier for him/her to perform a stunt on a heavier BMX bike. 

While researching, I have found out that the majority of the BMX riders prefer balance when it comes to the weight of their BMX bikes. They think more about the quality of the BMX bike than the weight. Yes! Quality matters more!

Am I Too Heavy To Ride A BMX Bike? 

You are not heavy to ride a BMX bike as long as you can still jog without resting every 60 seconds. There is no human being that is too heavy to ride a BMX bike because BMX bikes come in varying frame sizes that are customized depending on your personal preferences and requirements. 

Different BMX bike frames can support different weights. So even though you think you are too heavy to ride a BMX bike, do not fear. I know some BMX bike riders that are heavy as a cow, but it does not stop them from riding their BMX bikes. 

  • A micro-mini frame can support a person that is 60lbs.
  • The junior frame can support a person that is 100lbs.
  • The expert frame can support a person that is 150lbs.
  • Pro frame can support any person.

So if you think you are too heavy to ride a BMX bike, you are completely wrong and delusional. All you have to do is to visit your local bike shop and ask for their advice. 

How Much Do Pro BMX Bikes Weigh?

Pro BMX bikes have been popular and loved by many BMX riders because of their ability to be ridden on dirt tracks. The pro-sized BMX bikes are designed for riders aged thirteen and above, with a height of five feet six inches to above six feet. 

The basic BMX bikes usually weigh between twenty-three to twenty-four pounds. However, this still depends on the customization of an individual. Road racers prefer bikes that are around twenty pounds. On the other hand, off-track BMX riders prefer heavier BMX bikes because heavier BMX bikes are more durable and stable. These weigh around twenty-five pounds.

Should I Make My BMX Bike Lighter? 

It depends on your personal preference and style of competition. If you are into road BMX racing, it is essential to get a lighter BMX bike. But if it is off-track or on the dirt, heavier bikes are the best because of their durability and stability. Also, if your weight is heavy, it is better to get a heavier BMX frame to avoid accidents and sudden deterioration. 

How To Make My BMX Bike Lighter?

The weight of your BMX bike solely depends on the type of components you use. However, if you want a lighter BMX bike, you can replace certain parts for lighter parts that make your BMX bike heavy. However, keep in mind that it might be expensive. I know many friends of mine who love to make their bikes lighter, and guess what? They spend tons of money! 

Light BMX bikes are usually used for competition purposes. BMX riders that go racing or performing stunts choose lighter BMX bikes as they are efficient in these cases. Many factors add up to the weight of your BMX bike. I will tell you them one-by-one. Let us start with the frame of your BMX!


The frame of BMX bikes is considered the heaviest and largest component. Frames that were made out of titanium are usually the lightest. These can weigh between fifteen to sixteen pounds. However, these frames are not cost-effective. Because of this, Chromoly designed BMX bikes are the best because this specific alloy is lighter and substantial than steel. 

Hollow Parts

Light BMX bikes usually have hollow stem bolts. The reason why is because solid stem bolts weigh down your BMX bike by adding unnecessary weight to it. If you want your BMX bike to be lighter, replace it with this one. Also, lightweight BMX bikes are constructed with hollow wheel axles instead of solid aluminum. 


Grinding pegs are components you can see with many BMX bikes. They are made out of stainless steel to increase durability. If you want to make your BMX bike lighter, pegs could be replaced with lighter counterparts. Instead of using stainless steel pegs, plastic and aluminum are preferred since they are much lighter. However, not everyone loves plastic pegs because plastic is not that durable. 


Pedals also add a significant amount of weight to your BMX bike. Lighter BMX bikes have pedals made of either plastic or aluminum, while heavier BMX bikes have steel pedals. 

Pedals that are hollow and compact are the musts to cut down the weight on BMX bikes. However, many riders still prefer to buy steel pedals because steel pedals provide more grip and a longer lifespan. Many BMX riders complain that plastic pedals lose their grips quickly. 

Final Verdict

The reason why BMX bikes are so heavy is because of the components. Heavier components mean heavier BMX bikes. Heavier BMX bikes are not great if you want to go racing or want to perform BMX tricks. However, it still depends on your personal preferences. If you prefer to have a heavy BMX bike because it is much more durable, go for it.