Why are skateboarders losers? Astonishing reasons!

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why skateboarders are losers

What is skateboarding: skateboarding is the most popular sport among youth. In which a person is riding standing balance on a small board mounted on wheels. It is also called extreme sports, weather, and skateboarding as a professional sport. Which is the range of competitions including vertical and street-style events. As well, why is skateboarder loser Skateboarding stupid? Four wheels, a piece of wood, “tricks”. There is nothing serious about it. That’s ridiculous. And yet, if you don’t take it serious, it will hurt. If you get distracted while skating, you will get hurt. If you hesitate while skating, you will get hurt. Skateboarding is a joke that requires absolute mental. And as well as physical concentration and Absolute seriousness in absurdity.

Why adult skaters are losers:

Why are skateboarders losers? First, adult skaters and kid skaters are losers because of kids and teenagers. They are often unable to understand the consequences of their actions. Still, adults should realize where to skate without harming themselves, People.

Why are skateboarders loser

Furthermore, another thing about adult skaters is that. They often act very aggressive and instigate incidents with security guards. there is plenty of evidence of this on YouTube in the so-called “skaters vs angry people”. Compilation where skaters drive through malls/government buildings. And start a fight with security, for example. There are also tons of videos of skaters jumping on the hoods of parked cars.

Why are people scared of skateboarders?

Why are skateboarder loser or scared? Fear of skateboarding often stems from pushing yourself too hard. you bought a skateboard last week, and today, you’re trying to jump off a ramp. If you are afraid, it may be too early to try jumps.

Five best things about why skateboarder’s losers or ordinary people don’t understand:

Why are skateboarders losers

Test trick with our hands:

When a spot catches your eye, and you HAVE to go to it and start imagining all the trick possibilities? And then you raise your hands and pretend. You have a giant invisible fingerboard underneath. And start “demonstrating” the tricks you have planned? Yeah. It doesn’t go our way but to anyone else in functioning societies.

  • Jeremy Wray – Ollie’s Water Tower (1997) …
  • Tony Hawk – 900 (X-Games 1999)…
  • Tony Hawk – The Loop (2001)…
  • Chris Cole – 360 flip Wallenberg (2003)…
  • Bob Burnquist – The Loop of Death (2003)…
  • Danny Way – The Great Wall of China (2005)…
  • Dave Bachinski – Kickflip El Toro (2006)…
  • Neen Williams – Heelflip Burbank 16 (2011)

Wear shoelace belts:

Wear shoelaces belts are most important to wear in skateboarding. If these belts forgotten, that is not doing ordinary people. These skateboarders spend money on an accessory to keep their pants up. While we proud trot around with some cheap thong that looks like a thong when bent. It’s always funny when you bring a girl back for the first time, and she goes to unbuckle your belt.

Wax stuff:

Wax stuff is most beneficial for skateboarding people. Who grow up and aspire to be teachers and contribute to a functioning and healthy society. At the same time, most professional skaters have grown asses. Who stuff cheap candles in their pockets, rub wax on public cement slabs. When no one is looking, and crush them with a toy invented in the 60s.

Publicly at inanimate objects:

Most people get frustrated with publicly inanimate objects like. Printers or remote controls at home or in the office, but they’re always a little embarrassed about it. But it’s perfect normal for a skateboarder to talk into a crack in the sidewalk or kick a curb. Or scream at the top of their lungs into a railing in the middle of a busy pedestrian zone.

Have strange little rituals:

Skateboarders are a neurotic bunch. Everything has to be perfect, how we like it; otherwise, we can’t “perform”. We have to use our custom adhesive turn the wheel graphics inside out. Put our nuts and bolts in a particular order, and glue our boards “perfectly”.

The correct ways of skateboarding:

The correct ways of skateboarding are to help beginner skaters get off on the right foot. Goofy or regular, and reduce the chance of these mistakes. We’ve created the Beginner Skateboard Pack. It contains a fully assembled skateboard specially designed for beginner skaters. Who want to master the basics of skateboarding and continue. Learning new skateboarding tricks.

Moreover, the perfect for skateboards and the mastered foundations of skateboarding. They are start learning new tricks with confidence.

New trick of confidence with skateboarding:

Learning new tricks of confidence with skateboarding considered a few things.

why skateboarders are losers

Having reasonable expectations:

Where younger skaters say, “I can’t do that,” or “Yeah, well, never.” Skating begins with conceptualizing what’s possible. About taking something in your mind that you’ve never done and updating it into a trick. Stay positive and believe.


Consistency is like a craft. When you have to spend time learning about skateboarding. So if you are only skating for one day a week or two weeks. It will be much more difficult to build confidence on a skateboard.

Skating about having fun:

The best skater is the one who has the most fun.” If it were all about skill, many skaters wouldn’t be able to love skating as much as they do. There is art, community, philanthropy and sportsmanship in all aspects of skating.

Disadvantages of skateboarding:

Why skateboarders are losers
  • Learning to skateboard can be tricky.
  • It can be pretty exhausting.
  • It can lead to severe frustration.
  • Skateboarding is not a team sport.
  • It can be challenging to find a skate park in your area.
  • Injuries are pretty standard.
  • Skateboarding can be time-consuming.
  • Salaries are not high compared to other sports.

Final words:

You all understand that the above article is about why skateboarder losers are. As skating grew in popularity and skate videos became more watched. Companies could tap into the lucrative youth market. Leading to clothing sponsorships for celebrity skaters and events. Such as the VANS-sponsored Warped Tour music festival.

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