Why are skateboards so expensive? Ultimate detail!

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Why are skateboards so expensive

Why are skateboards so expensive? the question revolving every skater so here is the detail. Short answer: expensive to make. Long answer: (Good) skateboard decks are made of 5-7 layers of high-quality pressed maple wood, so the cost of materials is already evident. And the actual process of creating a board is also expensive.

Is it more expensive to buy a skateboard?

Skateboards may be expensive, but you get good advice from people who know what they are talking about, especially when starting. Amazon has a cheap finish, but many online stores also offer it. If you want to buy a skateboard online, there are a few places you can go.

What is the most expensive type of skateboard?

Why are skateboard so expensive

Supreme Mundi

British artist Adrian Wilson has created — and sold — what he calls the “Most Expensive Skateboard in the World:” $ 20,000 Supreme Mundi. The deck is made of a wooden art palette and is adorned with a knockoff logo of the Supreme skate.

How much did skateboarding cost in the ’90s?

With inflation, $ 50 in 1990 equals $ 80 today, so after 20 years of X games, video games, and energy drinks, why has the deck price not changed? A little research was needed, so I asked a few reputable sources in the industry for their two cents.

How much does a pro skateboard deck cost?

Skateboard brand name decks cost around $ 49.99 and up. As with any brand-name product, you pay more for a pro model, image, or unique technology. Empty is a less expensive option, and one of the wisest alternatives comes from a reputable brand.

Why is a skateboard so expensive to buy now?

Skateboards have not increased in price much since the 80s, and what you find is a huge advantage today. Skateboards are usually made of wood by hand, glue sticks that take at least a few minutes to assemble, and then a few on the skin. Each minute of production time will result in a higher sales value.

What are the pros and cons of skateboarding?

Another benefit of skateboarding is that you can also significantly improve your overall fitness level. Often, in our modern society, not only our children but also adults are not exercising enough. Many of us work long hours instead want to spend night on the couch instead of going to the gym.

What are some mistakes you can make on a skateboard?

You may make mistakes such as picking up too many or too few trucks. You can also choose wheels that are very large, very strong, very soft, etc. If you are new to skateboarding, you should not go all out. You may not even like skateboarding and quit after a few weeks.

why are skateboards so expensive

Why is it expensive to buy a skateboard?

Suitable bearings can last for more than a decade if you take good care of them. Skateboarding is expensive if you break a deck every month or your board has low-quality components. To save money, it is crucial to get quality parts at the best price over time.

Do you think skateboarding is a personal action?

For those who think skateboarding is a personal act, it is not. There is a large community skating on a skateboard and connecting because of this common interest. The skateboard board has a large population according to geographical location and connects skis men worldwide. See here for more information. 5.

Which is better, a complete skateboard or a custom skateboard?

Get the perfect skateboard for beginners. Pre-assembled skateboards are cheap and suitable for beginners. You will not hear the difference between the expensive and the cheap parts. Get the best quality parts when you can slide with confidence. Get a custom skateboard if you know what you need.

You may make mistakes such as picking up too many or too few trucks. You can also choose wheels that are very large, very strong, very soft, etc. If you are new to skateboarding, you should not go all out. You may not even like skateboarding and quit after a few weeks.

Why have skateboards cost 50$ for 30 years:

Before me, I have the September 1989 issue of Transworld Skateboarding. Gary Owens slips into a lake in Hawaii on the cover; inside, there is a photo of Mark “Gator” Rogowski standing in the middle of a shirtless shop, wearing swatch knee pads, cross necklace, sunglasses, and a side artist’s cap. When I turn around, some ads order via skateboard decks. The moving price, depending on the model, is about $ 42.

Although some aspects of skateboarding have changed dramatically over the past 28 years, board costs have remained the same.

When I first bought skateboards in the late 90s, pro model decks were priced at $ 45. The shops I grew up with in East County San Diego are all closed, but about 20 minutes later, there is a store called Pacific Drive, where professional models are still $ 45. I live in New York now, where skateboards are less expensive; at Labor in Chinatown, $ 53, and KCDC, near the VICE office in Williamsburg, they are valued at $ 55. (For example, almost everything is costly in New York; the Chipotle burrito is $ 1.55 more than the national average.) Every skateboard producer I know — from all over the world — has had the same experience. Forty-two dollars in 1989 is equivalent to $ 84 today, but somehow, give or take a few dollars, skateboards always have the same price, almost completely resisting inflation. While there are many possible reasons for fixed prices, it seems to be an extreme version of what economists call “price sticking.”


The demand for skateboarders has increased, driving up the price. If you want to save money on a skateboard, make sure, first and most importantly, that the cost of a metric has gone up in recent years. This skateboard is not available cheap, And in the end, the increasing demand for skateboards also increases their price. To save money the skateboard and buy for the sales.