Why do road bikes use Presta valves? Know the difference!

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Why do road bikes use Presta valve

Presta valves can hold more pressure and do so more reliable. Because the air pressure alone seals them tight. They are also lighter and improve the rolling resistance of the wheel. Besides, Presta valves can be easy extended with adapters. So the same valve or tube can used on different types of rims.

The difference between Presta valves and Schrader valves:

While Schrader and Presta’s valves do almost the same. They have more differences than similarities.

Presta has other parts:

  1. 1. Valve core

2. Valve retaining ring

3. Lock nut

The valve core on modern Presta valves is removable and can replaced. If the tire starts to leak air or if you stick the body when adding tire sealant. The valve retaining ring sits on the outside of the valve. It screws to secure the valve to the rim and prevent it from moving up and down. Finally, a lock nut sits on top of the valve and holds the valve core together. You need to unscrew it when pumping air or changing the body.

Why do road bikes use Presta valve

But, Schrader valves are much simpler than Presta. They made of an outer shell, a removable core, a sprung check valve, and a plastic cap.

Presta vs. Schrader: which is superior

Because Presta valves designed specific for bicycle use, they are the best. Presta valves are also narrower. They requiring a smaller opening in the rim. With less disruption to the rim’s structural integrity than Schrader valves.

But, Schrader valves may be preferable for novices. Because they are simple in design. Allow for tire inflation at available gas stations, pumps, and air compressors.

How to select a bicycle pump?

Most bike pumps today are compatible with both Presta and Schrader valves. They called double-head designs and come in three main types:


This type of bike pump comes with Presta and Schrader ports. So you can choose which one you want to use.


This pump has all the necessary parts to inflate Presta and Schrader valves. But, they are inside the pump head and need to reversed. It can done in seconds without the need for special tools.


This bike pump is the most convenient type. Because it impulsive adjusts to Presta or Schrader valves. You don’t need to take further steps – connect the pump head to the valve and start pumping.

We recommend adjustable, replaceable bicycle pumps and keep both models in stock. Stop by Bikes Palm Beach to pick up a new bike pump today to repair all your bikes. Whether they have Presta or Schrader valves.

Reasons why we use to stop Presta valves:

I know it’s borderline sacrilege around these parts. But I have a few technical issues with the Presta valves. Although it seems counter intuitive. Keeping tires inflated is the last giant hurdle for bicycle technology.

Why do road bikes use Presta valve

For all the material wizardry, electronic precision of power trains. Demanding driver training regimes, a simple flat tire can make or break an entire career. Life’s ride can unravel because of air loss.

Why do these weird valves exist?

It’s history and lack of options.

As manufacturers sought further weight savings. Wheel rims made narrower, and the Schrader valve (8 mm vs. 6 mm) took up too much rim space. Making the most fragile part of the rim (around the valve hole) even more prominent. So a new valve solution needed to deal with this – the Presta valve.

But now (finally!) bike and bicycle companies have recognized the benefits of wider rims and tires. And have the manufacturing know-how to produce them at the required weight. Today’s road rim widths are more expansive than MTB rims 10 years ago that used Schrader valves.

Why do road bikes use Presta valve

Presta valves are also supposed to be easier to pump to higher inflation. But that doesn’t add up when you think about a rear shock that routine sees upwards of 200 psi or more. Plus, it’s less of a problem as road riders take advantage of lower tire pressures.

Then there’s the weight. Due to the everyday use of the Presta on more excellent bikes. Tube manufacturers offer lighter-weight versions. But that could change pretty quick if the market needed it.

And sure, a Presta valve weighs two or three grams less than a Schrader, but , are you that big? If two or three grams are a concern, blow your nose or spit.

And the final consideration is valve length. Tube manufacturers could make longer Schrader valves. There are 48 mm Schrader valves; if needed, a valve extension could used for extra height.

Why Presta valves need to retired:

Presta valves are fragile:

That’s my biggest annoyance. Once unscrewed, the Presta valve stem is a fine aluminum rod. Bending or snapping happens, and it can ruin the ride.

Maxxis marketing man Bobby Brown acknowledged this, saying:

“Presta valves are great. Because the valve cores are easy to replace without a proprietary tool. But valves replaced more often due to damage.”

Presta valves need an adapter:

I know the bike industry loves standards and special tools and ways of doing things. But does it have to extend to what should be the most straightforward task of all – adding air to tires?

Why do road bike use Presta valve

You as like you not know what’s on almost every corner in every city. Let me tell you; it’s not a bike shop. It’s a gas station where they often have an air hose. But if your bike’s tire is low and you have Presta valves. An air hose is practical worthless without a small adapter.

Air retention is the same:

As for air retention, it’s more of a tube or tubeless setup than a valve. “Both (valves) test similar in the air retention rating,” says Maxxis Brown.


The main reason Presta valves used on a mountain bike. They are compatible with tubeless tires. Getting your tires down to a low psi while maintaining that air is essential. And the Presta valve makes that happen to gain more knowledge about the Presta valve.